Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Patriot"

At a ceremony honoring Daisy’s heroics, a sniper takes out a security agent, forcing Coulson and Mack to evacuate with Mace and Agent Burrows on a quinjet. Daisy stops the sniper and brings him back to the base, but the quinjet is shot down, sending Burrows flying out to his death. Coulson, Mack, and Mace quickly find themselves surrounded by ex-Hydra agents looking to kill them with Mace desperate to find the case with Burrows. Meanwhile, Radcliffe and AIDA continue to hold May hostage as a May LMD stays at the base and begins to question her background, not knowing that she is an android. While Fitz and Simmons disagree regarding Fitz’s actions regarding AIDA, they attempt to work with Talbot to locate their missing friends. With no connection to the others, Simmons forces Talbot to tell the truth regarding Mace’s background.

Mace finally admits to Coulson and Mack that his powers were only simulated from scientists commissioned by Talbot to create an enhanced director. Burrows kept a case with the serum responsible, until the agents destroy the substance. To survive the attack, Coulson concocts a plan for Mace to keep his appearance while Mack provides an assault. Fortunately, Simmons is able to track their location through the captured sniper, leading May and Daisy to rescue their friends. Returning to the base, Mace prepares to hand over his leadership to Coulson, but Coulson declines the offer, preferring Mace to keep up his political image while he makes the inside decisions. Behind the scenes, Fitz secretly keeps the dismembered AIDA head onboard the base. Meanwhile, May attempts to escape her captivity only to be captured by AIDA once again. Connected to that, the LMD May notices her metal frame within her wounds.  


  • Daisy refers to the Battle of the Fridge when interrogating the sniper. That battle took place in the season one episode “Providence.”
  • Simmons refers to Project Patriot as recreating the Erskine experiment, named after Dr. Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Captain America project.  
  • The term “Project Patriot” refers to Jeffery Mace’s alter-ego in the comics The Patriot.
  • Talbot reveals that the serum used for Mace was partially adapted from the serum developed by Daisy’s father Cal.
  • The exploding bullets shot at Mace somewhat resemble the Judas bullets used against Luke Cage in Luke Cage

Photo Credit: ABC/Marvel

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