Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Warhead”

Welcome back rebel fans to another recap for Star Wars Rebels episode “Warhead.” With the series, halfway through each episode answers questions, continues to boil to a climax, and gives more character insight.  Although this episode did not feature much of our main character, it did not disappoint in leaving us in suspense. This episode does feature Grand Admiral Thrawn which promises always to be a treat and had the best line in the episode.  So, for the remainder of this recap SPOILER ALERT is not in effect do not continue if you have not watched this episode.

The episode starts with a ship hitting chopper base and a protocol droid being attacked by the spiders. Hera takes everyone on training operation except for Chopper and Zeb. She leaves Zeb in charge of the base's security while she and the rest of the ghost crew are away. Zeb not liking being left behind with Chopper and another droid by the name of AP-5 must make the best out of this annoying situation. But has the episode progresses it is far from boring.  Ap-5 ask for help in counting the inventory and Zeb and Chopper both refuse and investigate a meteor crash instead.

This meteor is a ship that crashed at the beginning of the episode, and Zeb finds the droid and decides to bring back to base. The droid is damaged, and shutdown and Chopper believe that it should be thrashed and not restored. Which would have been a good idea but Zeb is in charge, so he brings it to AP-5 for observation. AP-5 glances it over thinking it is harmless and restores its power but the droid memory was damaged so it can’t answer any questions. Instead, it counts the entire rebel inventory in seconds which Zeb points out is faster than what AP-5 is capable of accomplishing.

Zeb likes the new droid, and Ap-5 wants him as his assistant to get these rebels organized. Zeb is pulled away to receive a message from fulcrum who we know is Agent Kallus. He reports that E-XD infiltrator droid did not check in and is extremely dangerous.  Zeb hears the warning loud and clear and runs back to take care of the droid before he can remember its function. Unfortunately, when AP-5 mentions the rebels, the E-XD infiltrator droid starts to remember its programming and changes into battle mode. Zeb rushes in, and injury’s the droid but it runs off, and they are forced to think of a new plan.
Zeb, says he will hold the droid down, and AP-5 must shut it down.  Once they catch up to it, Zeb holds it down while AP-5 very slowly shuts it down and another problem reveals itself. The droid armed with a proton warhead and the countdown has started. Chopper pauses the countdown, but now they have figure what to do with the droid. Zeb asks AP-5 to reprogram the droid to return to its base with the warhead still armed. Which would destroy any information it acquired about the rebel base and destroy an empire base.
The droid does return to the empire base and once it plugged in for downloading the warhead goes off and destroy the base. Agent Kallus across the way can see the damage down by the rebels and is pleased and impressed by their actions.  Hera returns to learn of Zeb faced Trojan horse scenario and pulled through a victory.
But when Agent Kallus reports to Grand Admiral Thrawn who is also impressed by the rebels he learns that the rebels base must be at one of the planets he sent the E-XD infiltrator droids. This narrowed down his search and is also a win for the empire. Stating that they may have won the battle but the empire will win the war.  That concludes this rebel recap and stay tuned in for another episode tonight on Disney XD at 8:30 pm and destinies will be fulfilled.
Photo Credit: Star, Disney, Lucasfilm
Created by: Jasmine Yard

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