Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Broken Promises"

While AIDA holds May captive, an LMD version of May works with Coulson, Fitz, and Radcliffe as Mace orders them to eliminate the Darkhold. In addition, Mace works with a newly-installed Daisy and Simmons to search for a missing Inhuman named Vijay, the same one Simmons assisted who happens to be Senator Nadeer’s brother. Daisy fears for Vijay since she believes Nadeer to have connections with the Watchdogs, but Mace insists they play it safe before chasing new theories. Desperate to find the Darkhold, AIDA soon invades the SHIELD base, forcing the team including Mack and Yo-Yo to fight off a hacked system. Meanwhile, Nadeer speaks with her brother and reveals, following the loss of their mother from the Chitauri attack, how she plans to kill him before he exhibits any abilities. Vijay begs to be spared, claiming to have fought off the transition to emerge the same. In a moment of weakness, Nadeer spares her brother.

However, Mace, Simmons, and Daisy infiltrate Nadeer’s home to find a group of Watchdogs and quickly take action. Vijay fights off the soldiers with surprising speed, proving to have newfound abilities that enrage the Watchdogs. Still, at his sister’s urging, he leaves with Nadeer. At the base, AIDA uses the fake May to learn the whereabouts of the Darkhold from Coulson and manages to retrieve the book. Before she leaves the base, she’s confronted by Fitz who tells her to stop before she kills someone else. AIDA proclaims her new desire to live with the help of the Darkhold before Mack then decapacitates her body with his ax. Unfortunately, this is revealed to be a ruse by Radcliffe who plans with another AIDA model to steal the Darkhold for themselves with the May model. Nadeer then finally kills her brother while the Watchdogs throw his body in the ocean. There, another terrigenesis cocoon forms over his body.


  • Mace makes a reference to Daisy "cloak and dagger" methods. This could be a quick but fun reference to the upcoming Marvel series Cloak and Dagger based on the superhero duo.
  • Coulson makes a slightly meta joke about the base being attacked once a year. 
  • Daisy also refers to Simmons being kidnapped at least three times since she's known her but once not "on this planet" in an allusion to the planet Maveth from "Purpose of the Machine."
  • Who is the Superior that Nadeer reports to?

Photo Credit: ABC/Marvel

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