Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review for the final "Logan" trailer

By Jim Scroggs
January 24, 2017
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In less than 2 months, we'll have our final chance to see Wolverine on the big screen and with what was in the first Logan trailer, it's safe to say that this could be an emotional ride for all fans. The grittiness, the sadness of an aging Charles and the song choices have been on point as well. The red band trailer shows a lot more blood and even some cursing but it's not blatant and kind of funny.

The trailer opens with a little girl walking around a middle of nowhere convenient store opening food, drinking what she can get her hands on and even trying on some cheap sunglasses. At first glance, it seems like a slight comparison to Stranger Things but that's probably just a coincidence. The attendant there tries to stop her, not knowing what she can actually do so she retaliates, flips him over and it looks like she's about to end him until Logan stops her, tells her that's not ok and then leaves the store before he does a little stealing of his own. I think that's a solid opening to what kind of humor we could get in this film. It's revealed that in this timeline (and since it's the X-Men, who knows what timeline this actually is) the X-Men are immortalized in Comic Book form, Logan pulls out the little girls book and tell's her that some of the stories are true but it's not even close to what happened because in the real world, people die. We get a better look at the Reavers, the villains in this movie,  and they are looking for the little girl. Some of them go into a barn of some sorts with a pair of handcuffs to apprehend her and after a loud scream, she walks out by herself, reveals her claws and reveals herself to be X-23, Laura Kinney. She proceeds to take her aggression out on one poor soul and slices his neck, takes out another guy and Logan is just left amazed and maybe confused. Professor X tells Logan "She's like you. Very much like you" Logan looks to plead with her saying" I am not whatever it is you think I am." Logan might not be sold on her and probably wants to leave her behind but Charles tells her that it's Logan's responsibility to help her. A monologue from Charles closes out the trailer with shots of Logan and X-23 having a little incident, the shot from around the table in the previous trailer with everyone smiling, maybe X-23 trying to get to a captured Charles and then some shots of a battle in the woods between the Reavers and Logan, joined by X-23. The trailer closes out with some nice comedy from Charles comparing the ages of him and X-23.

I'm ready to see this movie and give Hugh Jackman a standing ovation for his performance. I'm fully convinced that he's going to put every ounce of energy, emotion and time into making sure he's fully satisfied with his performance. He's been at the forefront of this franchise for so long that kids what were born in 2000 are about to graduate high school. Hell, I was in high school when I first saw X-Men. He isn't as comic accurate as some would like but he's made the role his own so I can't wait to see how he goes out.

Logan hit's theaters on March 3rd, 2017

Logan Extended Trailer 2

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