Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review: Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #4

By: Jerry Montgomery
January 21, 2017

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye “4
“City of Ghosts”

Written by: Jon Rivera
Story by: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera
Artwork by: Michael Avon Oeming

Mention the likes of Batman,  Superman, Wonder Woman…even Aquaman and just about anybody could tell you who they are. But Cave Carson? Who the hell is that?

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye is one of four new titles published by DC as part of their Young Animals Imprint. Comics labeled for “dangerous humans “. Not dangerous as harmful to others, but dangerous in the way of making us think. Making us see the world differently. Cave Carson is definitely one of those comics. But once again, who is Cave Carson and why does he have a cybernetic eye?

Cave Carson was a character created during the early 1960’s, the Silver Age of comics. He was a husband, father, adventurer and spelunker. He assisted DC superheroes now and then, so he always had one foot in it wIth those blessed with super human powers, yet was only human himself. Now, after ten years after retirement,  mourning the death of his wife and trying to reconnect with his college age daughter, Cave is called back into action when he learns that the birthplace of his wife, the subterranean city of Muldroon is in peril. All this and having to deal with that damn eye! You see, its constantly analyzing, recording, scanning and to complicate matters even more, it’s making him hallucinate images of his dead wife,  Eileen/Mazra. “Rot with us Cave, down here, beneath the dirt.”

Issue #4 finds Cave, his daughter and buddy, Mad Dog in the eerily deserted underground city of Muldroon,  having stolen the Mighty Mole vehicle from his employers, EBX, whom as it would seem, have had their hands in all this. Signs of a great struggle are evident and Cave is able to see the carnage that ensued with his eye. Where will this mystery take him and his companions? What is causing mortal men to change into fungus monsters?! (What??!!) And what is EBX’s role in all of this? It was revealed in earlier issues that they traded regularly for minerals with the underground city. Could they have brought down with it the onset of its doom? You know they’re not going to let Cave and his daughter, Chloe  find out that easy!

The Verdict: I love this comic book! Gerard Way and Jon Rivera have taken one of DC’s obscure characters and breathed new life into him. The artwork of Michael Avon Oeming  is angular and stylized and reminiscent of the cool Jack Kirby comics of the 1960’s. Combined with the great coloring of Nick Falardi, the panels take on a psychedelic head trippy look. The Young Animals Imprint line is putting out some quality work and well worth the read. If you are seeking out something out of the superhero blueprint, look no further. Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye will not disappoint!

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