Saturday, January 21, 2017

Comic Book Review: Super Powers #3

By: Jerry Montgomery
January 21, 2017

Super Powers #3
“Super Powers!”

Written by: Art Baltazar
Art by: Franco

Super Powers is a whimsical and stylized look of the Justice League, made for kids of all ages, especially in the wake of DC’s more mature movie and comic book offerings. The problem being is that as we grow up, we want our comic book heroes to grow up with us. So in this time of gritty and brooding super heroes, we forget that comic books were first created for kids and Art Baltazar  and Franco have teamed up yet again to remind us of that fact, having done so before in DC’’s Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures.

Super Powers #3 in a 6 issue series features the members of the classic Justice League (Minus Batman…he’s in outer space. You’ll have to read it to find out why!) and Supergirl.  There’s action, sure, but nothing too violent as the city takes on the giant villain, Brimstone.  There’s plenty of familiar characters in the setting of Metropolis, ranging from Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to Lex Luthor and Darkseid. There’s even a side-story about New Krypton  featuring Superman, his father Jor-el and his Mother. Kal-el is surprised to find out that he has a green little  brother,  Pryme-el, who is growing up an alarming rate. Hmm…something’s fishy here. What do you expect from being in the Negative Zone?! Brainiac and General Zod are also hanging with the els but you can be sure all that they’re up to no good! It’s scrapping is all in good fun with a dash of humor thrown in. I especially find the visage of Darkseid particularly funny. Don’t ask me why, it just must be all those episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory I watched years ago.

The Verdict: This is a great title for children and adults of all ages, especially if you’ve got a little one interested in comics and superheroes or for a chance to read with them. No gross violence in the action and it maintains a light and fun atmosphere throughout the issue…even the villains are funny in appearance and never take their defeats or victories too serious. The artwork is reminiscent of many of the current offerings that The Cartoon Network provides, so the style is easy to enjoy. I recommend Super Powers! for all ages, but you better hurry, there’s only three issues left in this limited series!

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