Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wonder Woman # 3 Review

Review: Wonder Woman #3
Submitted by: Kelly Aliano, PhD, Comics News Editor
26 July 2016

Wonder Woman #3 continues our favorite Amazon’s quest to find Themyscira again, this time teaming her up with Cheetah.  The issue is action-packed, tracing not only their battle against a beast-like enemy, but also presenting a team of military explorers, attempting to assist locals.  It is an enjoyable issue, if a bit light on plot, and a must-read for any followers of Wonder Woman’s story.

The issue, entitled “The Lies: Part Two,” written by Greg Rucka with Liam Sharp as Artist, picks up the story from where we left off in the last issue.  Wonder Woman attempts to recruit her former foe Cheetah to assist her in finding her homeland.  But Cheetah does not feel in control of her own existence.  She is seen as a goddess by the followers of Urzkurtaga, the being that turned her into this anthropomorphized cat.  Cheetah strikes a deal with Wonder Woman to help her, if she can free Cheetah in return.  There is a minor subplot, involving four soldiers, who are attempting to help the locals, when they are confronted with the true wildness of the landscape.

The best part of this issue is the team-up between the two women.  It sets readers up for a powerful partnership in the subsequent issues, one that emphasizes the strength of women, not as princesses, but as teammates and compatriots, reinforcing the important geek girl theme of friendship.  This sort of message is perfect for a female-led book.  The Verdict: If you love Wonder Woman (and who doesn’t), check out this issue, as it seems to set up where the story will head next.

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