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The Geekcap: Killjoys "Schooled"

Somewhere in the galaxy, a man is being held in captivity. Back on Lucy, Dutch and D’avin begin their spar training, marked by a move D’avin learned from his mother. In the meantime, they discuss their complex relationship made even more complicated by Alvis. Dutch reminds him that Alvis is back at the monastery learning more about the Scarback history on Arkyn, but D’avin adds that Alvis would be the simple choice. Before they go further, they are interrupted by a transmission from Turin. He informs them that he has found the location of the transmission: Prodigy, a school for gifted Westerly children. He has secured the group a warrant in escorting three children out of Westerly but warns them of doing anything too far from the warrant’s request. Since one of the first stops is in Old Town, Dutch remarks that they could use the time to pick up John, who should have secured Pawter by now.

The two enter the Royale where they interrupt a live performance. There, they request Pree’s help to search for the remaining parent. Pree introduces them to his new assistant named Sabine who recognizes the man as a local miner and the Prodigy program. She also remarks that Prodigy is among the only good shot that the Company gives for Westerly citizens. They receive the location back east in the tenements and also ask for Pawter and John’s whereabouts. Pree informs them that Pawter escaped Jelco by planting a bomb in his chest and has since been captured. John is on the path to save her.

John tracks down Pawter’s location to a tent settlement in the middle of the desert. From there, he discovers that Pawter is about to be sold to a local gang. Her only way out is to win an arm wrestling match with the female leader. Against odds, Pawter manages to win and makes her way to John. Secretly, she reveals to John that she won by a covert nerve pinch designed to numb the area. Unfortunately, this is overheard by the woman, who now demands the doctor as her son’s wife. John fires back at the gang and provides the distraction for the two to escape.

Making their way to the tenements, Dutch discusses John’s relationship with Pawter to D’avin. Dutch remains concerned that John’s involvement with Pawter could prove to be dangerous, but D’avin is more optimistic about John’s consideration for others. He defends John’s compassion and advises Dutch not to do anything to stop it.

D'avin: You lead, I shoot, Johnny gives a shit.

Pawter walks on her own in the desert until she is stopped by John in his vehicle. He questions why she was so quick to leave when her Qreshi blood protected her in Westerly. Pawter then reveals her own plan upon discovering the Company’s latest plan. She hands him the input of data that includes records of the Company’s plans for walls all over Westerly. Neither Pawter nor John understand what the Company could want with the walls, but Pawter is determined to save the towns in danger, starting with the community from which they just escaped. John still offers to help her, despite the Killjoys’ vow to remain neutral.

Dutch and D’avin find the house of their last escort, a boy named Jake. However, Jake’s father is more adamant that his son remains in Old Town. He reveals that Jake’s older brother Olin had already been taken by Prodigy three years ago and never returned. Jake, however, wants to go to Prodigy for the chance to see his brother, but his father is skeptical on the real reason why. When Jake’s father slams him back, D’avin fights the man down, ordering him to hand the kid for the warrant. Jake goes with Dutch, but his father questions that, after the loss of his son to the school and his wife to the bomb, how much more will the Company take from them.

The Killjoys gather the three children on Lucy. Right away, John tells D’avin to keep Jake in order as he seems to be less intelligent than the other two girls. Jake confides in D’avin how nervous he is about seeing his brother again. D’avin reassures him that brothers will always be glad see each other, using himself and John as examples. John agrees, even though D’avin has stabbed him in the back.
John then moves to speak with Dutch on the cockpit. She quickly asks how long he believes Pawter will be onboard their ship. John reminds her that he didn’t say anything about her bringing Alvis. Dutch allows John to keep an eye on Pawter but warns him against anything that could jeopardize their plan to find Khlyen’s connection to what happened on Arkyn. Lucy then makes the announcement that they are approaching Prodigy. John gives Dutch and D’avin devices that will be able to detect the transmission from Red 17.

When the group enters Prodigy, they are surprised to find the facility completely empty. The Killjoys cautiously guard the children as they search the grounds. Suddenly, an announcement for the school blares on the screen bearing the face of Delle Seyah Kendry who appears to run Prodigy. With Delle Seyah in charge of the school and the students missing, the groups split up to look for answers.

Dutch and John search through an empty classroom only to find containment pods. Without knowing why a class would need containment pods for schooling, the two carefully examine the pods and find them empty. They are then interrupted by Delle Seyah and her guard. She demands to know what happened to the children since she claims she was not responsible for their disappearance. Dutch and John reply that they don’t know but then notice a ring of blood near the door. Delle Seyah activates a lockdown on Lucy to prevent them from leaving until they discover what happened.

After showing the warrant, Delle Seyah is more confused remarking that the current class is supposed to continue for another six months. Moreover, they’ve detected an additional ship within the perimeters just twelve minutes before Lucy arrived, hinting that someone else is plotting against Prodigy. Delle Seyah brings up the most likely suspect: Malta Chambers, the children’s guardian who has worked there for eighteen years. Moreover, footage from the room has been stolen, and the station blocks any life form scans. Delle Seyah then confronts on what Dutch really wants.

D’avin works with Delle Seyah’s guard in the search while guarding the children. The guard pokes fun at the Killjoy’s occupation, remarking how he himself was rejected by the RAC. In the meantime, all he is doing now is looking for missing children. Jake reacts badly to the news that his brother is missing and runs away from the group. D’avin quickly follows.

John and Pawter examine the pods to determine when the kids were taken. While they work, Pawter describes her own experiences with Delle Seyah. Since they were part of the Nine, they grew up together but also tortured each other. Delle Seyah once dyed Pawter’s skin, and Pawter retaliated by adding a chemical to her shampoo, making the woman’s hair fall out. The two open the pod to find pipes in the machine. Pawter remarks that they must have been neurofeeding the children in their sleep.

Pawter: Chemistry's a bitch, and so am I!

D’avin catches up to Jake after finding his bag filled with rocks from his home. He then finds a pendant from the Nova scouts in the bag and confides in Jake that he too was a Nova scout as a kid. Jake remarks that his father thinks that the scouts are suck-ups leading the two to bond over their asshole dads. D’avin promises that they will find his brother. Suddenly, D’avin spots a woman down the halls. Before he can catch her, she seems to disappear. He alerts Dutch and Delle Seyah that he may have spotted someone. Delle Seyah tells her guard to hold his position, but he, instead, runs out to find Malta Chambers. Chambers bellows out that she knows what they’ve been doing to the kids. The guard rushes to her only to be caught in an electrical field. He is shocked to death as the feed is lost. D’avin locates the rest of the kids on Lucy as they move back to the group.

In examining the pod, Pawter then discovers a mess beneath the surface of the pod. From the evidence, she believes she found the missing kids: they never left the pod.

The team regroups for Pawter to confirm that the guard is dead. Dutch orders Delle Seyah to evacuate the place, but Delle Seyah refuses to leave until Chambers is captured. Pawter confronts Delle Seyah on neurofeeding the children, an act that is illegal. Delle Seyah clarifies that it is not called neurofeeding anymore, and the children come out as experts in their fields. Pawter just adds that they’ve been using Westerly kids since the Company considers them expendable. Just then, the screen reignites with the image of Malta Chambers. She desires revenge for what happened to the children and demands that Delle Seyah come to Level 9 alone as retribution. John questions why she wants revenge when she was the one who murdered the kids in the first place, but Dutch insists that Delle Seyah goes for the purpose of using her as bait. Delle Seyah refuses, but Dutch fires a blast into the woman’s leg to force her compliance.

John rigs up a couple of motion sensors to track Chambers in the area. D’avin then notices Jake mourning the loss of his brother likely lost in the pod. He reassures the boy that Olin was probably asleep when it happened, so he felt no fear. D’avin promises that they will find whoever was responsible, but Jake responds that they’d promise they’d find his brother. Jake runs from D’avin.

They follow through the plan by having Delle Seyah walking towards Level 9. While she is walking, Delle Seyah once again questions what Dutch is here to do. Dutch reveals that they were after a transmission that was transferred to the school. Delle Seyah admits that the transmission from Khlyen is earlier than expected, revealing that she has been communicating with Khlyen for a while. Even more curiously, the transmission was detected in a different location: the room with the kids. In an instant, Delle Seyah is confronted by Chambers who seems to have avoided the sensors. In desperation, Dutch rushes at Chambers, moving right through her. John discovers that Chambers has been a holographic image the whole time. With that knowledge, the children could be in danger.

D’avin discovers the communications link to be down as a result of a recent hacking. Suddenly, the kids walk out of the ship, claiming that there was an announcement to meet at the loading bay. Before D’vain can force them back to the ship, a small machine comes and shocks him to unconsciousness.
John locates Pawter in the pod room and tries to evacuate her. However, she reveals another discovery. In her analysis, she found Chambers’ DNA mixed in with the children. She couldn’t have been threatening Delle Seyah because she was dead the whole time. More importantly, Pawter notices that one child was missing: Jake’s brother Olin who arrives to take back his brother.

The Killjoys regroup to wake up D’avin. One of the kids realize that Olin had used a higher frequency on the announcements so only the children could hear him. Even worse, Olin has shut down the life support system, draining their air supply. The group splits up with Dutch and Delle Seyah moving to restore life support, D’avin and Pawter attempting to save the remaining children, and John trying to save Jake and Olin who have taken Lucy.

Jake tries to reason with his brother and his plan to leave the others to die. Olin reminds him that the others were Killjoys. They can’t possible care about them. Without warning, Olin then has flashes of what looks like Arkyn, though he doesn’t understand what he sees. Regardless, he reminds him that he promised to come back for his brother, and now they’ll leave together.

Delle Seyah: I guess Daddy likes me best.

As Dutch and Delle Seyah move to the controls panel with less air, Delle Seyah decides to play a game of two lies and a truth with little time left. One, she drinks the blood of the innocent. Two, she loves Dutch’s hair. Three, the Prodigy program is actually a human seed back program to preserve Qreshi culture. Dutch remarks that there is only two reasons to preserve culture: winter or war. Without Khlyen’s transmission, they have no knowing of which one it is.

On the air lock, John meets up with Jake, who escaped the ship. He asks the Killjoy for help since his brother keeps seeing things and acting strange. With Jake’s help, John assures him he will save his brother.

Near the pods, D’avin and Pawter preserve the kids since the pods still contain life support. D’avin worries about the possibility of vaporizing the kids, but Pawter reminds him that it was only because of the massive data surge. D’avin then pieces that the data surge occurred at the same time as the transmission from Red 17. He realizes where the transmission went: inside Olin’s head.

John and Jake confront Olin before he can rewire Lucy. Olin shouts at his brother for betraying him in a way that could send him back to the Company. John reveals the truth of what happened. Chambers did not kill the kids but was likely attempting to rescue them after the data surge. When she opened the pod to save Olin, he pushed her into a pod, vaporizing her. His revenge is otherwise meaningless. Nevertheless, Olin threatens to blow up the ship.

With only twenty percent of the air supply left, D’avin advises Pawter to get into the remaining pod, but Pawter refuses to move. Instead, she takes the time to remark that his brother John is a good man. D’avin agrees, though adds that John snores like an old man.

Dutch and Delle Seyah make their way to the control panel. Dutch is forced to carry Delle Seyah as their life support very nearly runs out. She quickly asks Delle Seyah how to reactivate the systems when Delle Seyah responds by kissing the other woman. In her nearly last breath, Delle Seyah reveals that the system can be reactivated using her DNA. Dutch uses Delle Seyah’s breath to reactivate life support.

John finally brings up to Olin that he would be a terrible older brother to Jake if he is willing to blow up the ship than be there for him. John reveals that the Jake with them is only a hologram, proving that they were protecting Jake all along. Olin then relents, feeling that he does not want to appear as threatening to his own brother. 

D’avin offers his thanks to John for talking down Olin himself. John responds that he was defending his girl: Lucy.  D’avin then teases John over his clear feelings for Pawter.

Meanwhile, Delle Seyah confronts Dutch over keeping Jake and Olin when the information inside Olin’s brain was meant for her. Dutch fires back that if she were to take Olin back to her home, word would get out among the Qreshi people. Dutch then responds with her own game of two lies and a truth. Olin would be safer in her hands, any information found will be shared with Delle Seyah, and she actually didn’t hate the kiss. Delle Seyah then allows Dutch to keep the children but warns Dutch that from now on, they are allies.

On Leith, the group leave the brothers at the monastery in the hands of Alvis. Alvis assures their well-being, but Dutch secretly advises him to continue to mine for any information that came from the transmission. Alvis then tells Dutch that, while the code from the monk’s skin is an old language, they have managed to work through the writing. However, they have discovered that the code is encrypted and requires a key for translation.

Meanwhile, Fancy protects Khlyen, who has been present in a pod, by killing guards surrounding him to enter a ship. He awakens Khlyen who then orders to be flown to Old Town. There, he believes he can discover the meaning behind D’avin’s immunity.

Level 6 Notes

  • This is Delle Seyah Kendry's first appearance in season two.
  • John refers to the time that D'avin stabbed him from the episode "Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye." It was indeed in the front.
  • Did anyone catch the secret look that D'avin gave Sabine at the Royale? 

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