Thursday, July 21, 2016

Game Reviews: Arkham Underworld

Geektified Game Reviews: Arkham Underworld

The newly released mobile game, Arkham Underworld takes place in the universe of the Arkham games but with an interesting twist: you get to play as the criminal underworld that Batman has so eagerly fought to keep down. Much like other mobile conquest games, you build your reputation, armies and base (in this case a safe house) across the city of Gotham. The leveling up is basic and to the point, gaining XP from missions and upgrading your safe house and other items, which happens with cash and diamonds. These items are earned when missions are completed and with a little added bonus when certain side objectives are completed as well. Very much an Arkham quality. 

One of the greatest perks of the game is being able to choose a famous villain from the Batman universe to lead your goons into battle. Everyone from the Riddler to Harley Quinn, each character has their own abilities and special attacks, giving the player a wide variety of playability. Using the different villains for various scenarios has it's upsides as well, so you must use strategy to determine which psychotic criminal gets the chance at beating up some thugs and stealing their money. It may sound as though the gameplay can get repetitive, but it changes and evolves as you move along. Some missions will have more than one way to go about things, forcing you to make choices as a criminal mastermind in Gotham, though, those choices can seem very limited at times. A small price to pay for a fun mobile experience. 

Though this game has similarities to previous mobile games like it, it stands out among the rest as it really feels like an addition to the Arkham universe. Everything from the sound effects to the level design is reminiscent of the acclaimed Batman series. Even the characterization of your favorite villains will make you feel right at home, not straying away from their familiarity. Though small, the story wrapped around the game feels like it belongs in the series, especially with the short cut scenes that bring the world to life. Of course, it's not a full fledged campaign story like previous console Arkham games so don't expect much in that way. 

Having gotten some time with it, I can honestly say that it's a great download for a DC fan. With the new Suicide Squad movie dropping in theaters this August, a game like this can only add to the hype and excitement for the DC universe. It's a free download so don't worry about spending actual money, though that may be the case the further you progress. If you've never played an Arkham game before then do not fret, it follows little to no continuity from them. Give the game a shot and let us know what you think. 

Geektified Score: 8/10

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