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Geektified Gaming: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tips & Tricks

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Tips & Tricks

With the newest update dropping a few days ago, Galaxy of Heroes just keeps getting bigger and better. The ability to now modify your characters' specific traits and strengths makes the game increasingly more addicting. If you haven't gotten a chance to play Galaxy of Heroes yet, let us tell you that it's well worth the download. Galaxy of Heroes gives you the control of a variety of characters from the ever growing SW universe in the style of a turn-based RPG. Trust me, when you're in combat with some of your favorite characters and you hear the classic score from the movies, your inner child will emerge. Galaxy of Heroes does not require your hard-earned cash (it is optional), but it does take some well-devoted time if you hope to get to a competitive level, but we're here to give you some tips & tricks to help you have the upper hand against infuriating AI and even other players. Let's do this! 

Saving Currency

Within Galaxy of Heroes there are several forms of currency, not including real money. Every one of them have their benefits and can only be spent on certain things at certain times. Being strategic about when and where you spend it can change the course of the game for any player. Types of currency include Credits, Cantina Credits, Guild Currency, Arena Tokens, War Tokens, Ally Points and Crystals. 

1. Credits - this is your basic currency in the game that allows you to spend on things like daily shipments, but it's also required when leveling characters up. In later levels, you'll need a good amount of credits for this, so make sure if you unlock a lot of characters, to focus on your dream team in terms of ranking. Credits are distributed like candy, but it can also leave as quickly as it arrives. Just keep an eye on how much you have and what's important to spend it on. 

2. Cantina Credits - these credits are earned through two game types. Cantina Battles and Mod Battles. Cantina Battles are a more difficult game type where you take your higher levels to a new challenge. There's a page where you may spend your Cantina Credits on things like Ability Material and Character Shards specific to this store only. These items are fairly expensive, so have a goal. 

3.  Guild Currency - Galaxy of Heroes has added the ability to join a Guild and do raids. When you contribute to your Guild and the raids, you gain a good amount of Guild Currency, but obtaining this is more far and few between, so be very strategic about what you'd like to spend it on. Character Shards cost about 400 Guild Currency and that's the cheapest items in the store. 

4. Arena Tokens - these tokens are given daily so don't worry about having to win a bunch of Arena fights, of course, doing that also helps in acquiring more. The Arena store's inventory includes different Character Shards and Ability Material. 

5. War Tokens - the Galactic War game type lets you take your characters across a track of progressively more difficult battles. The best part? Your characters' health at the end of each battle carries over to the next battle. The rewards for each battle is exceptional in that it not only gives you War Tokens, but regular credits and Ability Material among other things. The store also has specific Character Shards that cost about 400, but in some cases you can win 200 from just one battle. The track resets daily, so if you get stuck it's just a matter of waiting and you can reap the same rewards over and over. 

6. Ally Points - this currency is easy to acquire and does not give much in terms of reward, but it's still something. Winning missions and daily rewards give you plenty of Ally Points, where you can spend them on Data Cards. 

7. Crystals - building up crystals can be very tricky and take some time if you're not willing to spend real money, but their usefulness is infinite. They can be spent on several different things, but these things cost a good amount of crystals so decide what you want to spend them on. Saving up 350 of them can get you a new character or a decent amount of Character Shards, or you can spend them on 20 SIM cards in the Shipments, which I highly suggest.

Character Upgrades 


Upgrading characters can be overwhelming as there's a lot to it, but it's not hard! Never fret! Just multiple ways of doing so which include Ability Material, Gears, Training Droids, Mods and Character Shards. 

1. Ability Material - your characters all have specific abilities based on their character type. If you're a tank (e.g. Chewbacca), you can upgrade the ability to take in all the fire from the enemy, diverting attention from your healers and attackers. If you're a healer, of course you should add Ability Material to their healing. Whatever you feel is your biggest weakness when in combat, upgrade that ability. 

2. Gears - these items are collecting through playing Light Side and Dark Side missions. Your characters have 6 slots for gears, once those slots are filled with different upgrade gears, you upgrade them to the next tier. Once to tier 7, you gain an extra bar of protection above your base health that must be emptied before your health is even touched. Gears are important in adding to your characters' physical damage, agility, intelligence and strength among other things.

3. Training Droids - being a dime a dozen, training droids are probably easiest to acquire. You must have a good amount to level up the characters, so let them amass before using them. One thing that also helps is using all of them on one character, bringing them to your overall level (there's your level then there's the characters' levels). If your characters are the same level as you, then they'll be as strong as they can be in that regard. One by one, level up your best characters to get them up to par. Spacing out the training droids to keep all of your characters at the same level may take entirely too long. You also want to choose a tank or a healer to be the higher levels to support the rest of the team. 

4. Mods - the newest addition to character upgrading is the modifiers, which can only be accessed when a character reaches level 50, so beef them up so you can beef them up even more. Mods can only be obtained through the Mod Battles. The Mods upgrade very specific traits and strengths of each character. Meaning you can upgrade your tank's defense and protection, making them unstoppable on the battlefield, or you can upgrade your attacker's physical damage. You are not limited to what you can upgrade either. If you want your tank to do more damage, then you can choose the right Mod to do so, it's up to you, but in my experience with the game my suggestion is to only add to certain character's strengths. 

5. Character Shards - last but not least, there's the Character Shards. These are used to either unlock a character you do not have, or to promote characters you own. The best option is to have your base team, then pursue Shards for them and them alone as Character Shards are a bit expensive. Once you promote a character, they go up a star. If you play competitively, 4-star characters are a good place to start. Promoting characters can take a long time, but it's well worth the wait. 

*Final note on upgrading, stack up on the SIM cards, which is something used to speed up the upgrading process. You can use them to gain rewards from missions without even entering combat, but you must get 3 stars on that mission to use a SIM card. Once you have SIM cards in the hundreds, upgrading is 10x easier. 



This can be very tricky for different reasons. It's not just about attacking the other team and hope that your characters happen to be stronger, it's about strategy. Make sure that you have a variety of character types. Always have a tank and a healer (or 2). Attackers are useful, but not without the support from the other types. Upgrade the support first, then the attackers. That aside, here are some tips when it comes to initial combat. 

1. Attack the healers first - if there's a healer(s) present, then go for them first. If you go for the tanks or the attackers first, then they'll just get their health back when it's the healer's turn. It's frustrating so don't put yourself through that stress. Go for those healers. Cut off the enemy's support system, then hit the attackers. Sometimes though, the tank will use their ability to take in all of your attacks and damage but that's inevitable, just work around it by using multi-enemy attacks. Some healers even have the ability to resurrect dead characters (e.g. Ewok Elder, Old Daka). If you come across this, then take them out first, because no matter how many healers you take out, these characters will resurrect them. Stop that from happening right from the start.

2. Attack the weaker characters next - looking at the health bars of your enemies, you'll notice that some of them have more segments to their health than others. The ones that have the least segments are the weaker characters. Get them off the battlefield first, as that will lower the amount of turns your enemy has. Though they may be doing the least amount of damage, they still have more turns which will hurt you more in the long run. 

3. Attack the OP characters - you are going to come across some very overpowered characters that give you a hard time. If this is the case, then disregard the previous tip and go after these OP enemies. Some that have given me trouble are Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, Savage Opress and even Tattooine Luke. They deal a devastating amount of damage and need to be rid of immediately, right after the healers of course. 

4. Have Multiple Healers - Once you reach a higher level, playing Galactic War and the Arena can become more and more difficult. The best way to keep yourself alive as long as possible is having multiple healers. I believe all players start out with the Jedi Consular, who is a healer. Keep this character on your dream team at least until you find one that can replace him. Upgrade him, promote him, do what you have to do to make them worth their weight. Some healers can heal your team at the expense of their own health (Talia), but if you level them up enough and place Ability Material in the right places, their health will stay in the green. Characters like this can gain health from just attacking an enemy, but it's not enough to keep them going through a hardened battle, so having two healers is always a plus. 

Hopefully these tips & tricks have been helpful as you play Galaxy of Heroes. Again, if you have not gotten the chance to play it, stop what you're doing and download it now. It's nothing but amazing Star Wars nostalgia and fun addictive gameplay. If you have other questions or want to start a discussion, go for it in the comments. 

Written by: David White

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