Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Justice League trailer that almost broke Comic-Con

By Jim Scroggs

July 24, 2016

Many fans waiting in Hall H for the DC/Warner Brothers panel in San Diego for Comic-Con hoped that some sort of Justice League footage would be shown and even when Zack Snyder teased that there would be something for the thousands in attendance, I don't think many expected or were prepared for what they would see.

The footage that was shown, including parts of the scene with Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne that was shown to the press on the Justice League set a few weeks ago, has instilled faith that the new direction the DC Film slate is one for the better. We see glimpses of Arthur Curry/Aquaman as someone who doesn't want to be found and will make sure it stays that way, even roughing up Bruce Wayne when he comes looking for him, the first shots of Victor Stone in a Gotham City University Jacket and as Cyborg admitting to Batman that he didn't think he existed and Bruce Wayne sharing moments of levity with Diana Prince and Barry Allen, who looked great in the new Flash suit and wasn't as clunky as I had previously expected.

Most, if not all, fans knew that Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman were going to be great characters in this DC Film universe but even with the small amount of footage that we’ve seen from the other team members, I think the rest of the cast will certainly hold their own and get their moment next November. I’m really excited to see the dynamic that Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman bring to the rest of the team and if all 6 of them can truly coexist as a single unit. The other unknown is where will we see Superman in this film? While the 3rd act seems like the most likely place, It’s hard to believe that the most iconic DC character could be hid away for that long in a Justice League movie. Considering this is the first movie that started filming post Batman v Superman, I have to believe the criticisms, praises and everything else that was said about that film had to be taken into. That said and based off the 2 minutes and 40 seconds that was seen, which included the very well used “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes, this looks like it's going to be really fun and what a Justice League movie should be.

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