Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Geek Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

Well hey there fellow Geekers! My nerdy film geek mind ventured into the Imax Theater with the expectation that this film would be a complete reboot of the movie I loved as a child (giving my age away here) and lo and behold, the movie did not disappoint! Ghostbusters remake successfully stuck to its nostalgic roots while maintaining comedic moments on its own.

Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon have amazing chemistry as three scientists and a history-loving MTA employee who take on the ghosts of New York City. All actresses are Saturday Night Live veterans, which helps to solidify that, if nothing else, you will be thoroughly entertained. Ghostbusters managed to please me much better than those pesky bad reviews that preceded its release led us to believe.

The film begins with an eerie opening scene of a museum tour guide who is attacked by a ghost after closing for the night. Wiig and McCarthy play scientists rekindling their friendship after their book on the paranormal puts the two on completely different paths (Wiig a scientist with a prestigious university and McCarthy and McKinnon as scientists working on a college campus akin to Animal House).
If you're geek eye is in full force, you'll notice a quick nod to the negative comments made online regarding the movie (we see what you did there Ken Feig).

Chris Hemsworth is hired as a ditzy receptionist for Ghostbusters, Inc. and provides doses of comedic and klutzy eye candy. Through strategic cameo placement and nice CGI effects, Ghostbusters is a fun ride as long as you remember that this is a reboot and not an exact remake of the original movie. Both Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon stood out in this film in almost each scene they were a part of. 

A few middle fingers and breast references need not deter the kiddos, fellow Geeks. The little ones may not understand the throwback inside jokes, but they will love all of the ghosts in their CGI goodness.

But dang it....no Keymaster?

Overall, I give the reboot  a grade of A-. Cameos from the original cast and nice homage paid to the original? That's two thumbs up. Now….who ya gonna call?


Writer: Quandria Stephens


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