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Ringside Seat: This Week In Wrestling (July 18-24, 2016)

Hello I'm Sylvester Barzey and welcome to the very first "Ringside Seat" Where we recap the biggest news in Pro-wrestling this week, and oh what a week we had! There were three WWE title matches, A Brand Split, and more! So lets start things off with the franchise! What went down in the world of The WWE and NXT This week:

The world of the WWE was up in the air on Monday Night Raw, with the draft just one day away there was no telling what the future was going to look like for Superstars like The New Day, Kevin Owens, and Sasha Banks. The whole world waited to find out just who the McMahons were going to pick to be GM of Raw and GM of Smackdown Live.

Now thanks to the beautiful spoiler known as the internet, close to everyone already knew that Daniel Bryan was going to be Shane's pick for GM of Smackdown Live but I don't think anyone saw Stephine McMahon calling out Mick Foley as her GM of the flagship show Raw. While the crowd was excited to see the two shows fall in great hands the drafts was still running through our minds.
Tag teams could be split up, titles could be lost, rivaliries ended all in one night. So with the scent of the unknown in the air, the last thing you want to do is put your title on the line just nights before having to defend it in a triple threat but that was just what Dean Ambrose did as he took on "The Man" Seth Rollins in a one on one match for the title. The match was amazing, just like everyone knew it would be, Dean and Seth put on a great show everytime they step into the ring. What took the WWE universe by surprise was how the match ended.

Both superstars came off the top rope with Seth giving Dean a superplex, when they hit the mat both stars hooked each others legs and went for the pin. The ref, who was recovering from being knocked out, counted to three and had the bell rang, but no one knew for who. Not even the Ref! who starts counting but doesn't know who they're counting for? While the new GMs and the McMahons argued at ringside, Stephine grabbed the title and declared Seth Rollins the new champion. 

And that kids is where it ended if you didn't pay your 9.99 for the Network. Those of you good little boys and girls who do have the network saw that the ref requested a replay of the match and after see it the Ref decleared it a draw, and we all know a draw is not a win, if you're not first you're last. After they annouced the winner Seth attacked Dean and walked out with the title anyway. 

Now you would think they would settle this at Battleground when Roman came back after his, umm Vacation? But no! There was a rematch for the title on the First Live Smackdown.

My Tag Team partner Keila Cash has the full rundown on Smackdown Live and the draft in The Smackdown Files check it out and now let's dive into Battleground!

I'm just gonna hit all the key parts here, so you know what's going on before Raw Tonight, and because well you have the network after all, so you can watch it anytime right? Right?!? Okay we opened up with the WWE Women's Champion Charlotte not defending her title at a PPV, she's not a Bella Vince we don't need tag matches every PPV to keep the title on her. So anyway, it was Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks and a mystery partner. Who could Sasha team with that would put on a great show and shock the world? Who could it be? Okay if you didn't think it would be Bayley then you just haven't watched enough NXT.

The four horsewomen of NXT have always put on a good show, and it's always been a dream to have all four on the main roster. Now as of right now we don't know if Bayley has been called up or if it was just for the night but it was still amazing to see the crowd go wild!

Okay I'm done marking out lets hit the bullet points:

  • Sasha Banks & Bayley def. WWE Women's Champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke
  • The Wyatt Family def WWE Tag Team Champions (non-title match) The New Day (Also this is the last time The Wyatt Family will be fully together due to the draft. Check out The Smackdown Files)
  • (United States Championship Match) Rusev (c) def. Zack Ryder
  • Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens
  • Natalya def. Becky Lynch
  • (Intercontinental Championship Match) The Miz (c) Vs. Darren Young ended in a double DQ
  • John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass def. The Club (Also the last time The Club will be fully together. Check out The Smackdown Files seriously)
  • This!!!! Welcome To Viperville 

Now what everyone has been waiting for! Breezango def. The Usos on the pre-show! Okay yeah as surprising as that was, I know you didn't read all the way down for that. I'm sorry, Here's your main event:

Ever since Seth Rollins took a chair to the backs of his brothers and dismantled The Shiled, the world has been wait for this match. All three members have fought they're way to the top of the WWE moutain (some got to ride Vince's ski lift but that's another story for another day......Roman!) This momement was only made sweeter by having the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship on the line, with the brand split (see The Smackdown Files) this match was going to make or break Smackdown Live. 

The whole locker room was looking to Dean Ambrose to bring home the title, but with Roman and Seth fighting for Raw it wasn't looking good.  Both Raw and Smackdown Live GMs and Comissioners were at ringside to cheer on their superstars.

They put on one hell of a show but when the smoke cleared only one flag was still flying and that was Dean Ambrose's flag! To say I was surprised was and understatment, but Smackdown needed this win. Now what's going to happen on Raw, will they make a new title? Will they force Dean to do both shows? Find out Tonight!

  • NXT Champion Samoa Joe def. Rhyno (Non-Title Match)
  • The Authors of Pain def. American Alpha
  • Austin Aries def. Patrick Clark
  • Bayley def. Nia Jax
    CWC TOURNAMENT as of 08/20/2016

    If you're not watching The Cruiserweight Classic then you are missing out on some amazing wrestling. Check it out on The WWE Network to see Superstars like Brian Kendrick and Tajiri make their WWE in-ring returns, every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. 

    Now let's hit the bullet points for the world outside the WWE!

    • Mike Bennett def. Jeff Hardy in the semi finals of the Bound For Glory Playoffs
    • Matt Hardy def. James Storm in the semi finals of the Bound For Glory Playoffs
    • Gail Kim challeges Sienna for The TNA Knockouts Championship only to be knocked out by Madison when Maria puts a bounty on Kim's head.
    • Drew Galloway def. Bram in the semi-finals of the Bound For Glory Playoffs

    In some big TNA news TNA Champion Bobby Lashley def. X Division Champion Eddie Edwards in a Title vs. Title Six Sides of Steel main event to become both TNA and X Division Champion. Great job on your win Bobby. Check it out here:

    • War Machine def. Brutal Bob & Ken Hughes
    • Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus def. Moose, Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara
    • ROH World Champion Jay Lethal def. Kyle O'Reilly in a title match. 

    Well that's all I got for you guys this week, be sure to watch Raw tonight and Like and Follow Geektified on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

    I leave you with my number one moment of the week:

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