Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nightwing #1: "Better Than Batman, Part One" Review

Review: Nightwing #1
Submitted by: Theresa Stier, Comic News Writer
26 July 2016

“Better Than Batman, Part One,” by Tim Seeley with artist Javier Fernandez, takes the reader through the start of Nightwing's next journey. Being a fan of Nightwing, I was excited to read this and it did not disappoint. We are shown Nightwing in Greece, attending a council of The Parliament. He is told that he has to work with The Raptor, but right away declines in a classic Nightwing fashion. He goes back to Gotham to ask Bruce for advice (which he doesn't get) and to say goodbye to Barbara before leaving for Moscow (on another mission). While speaking to Barbara, they hear something on the scanner that interrupts their meeting. It wouldn't be a comic if the two heroes that have a love interest were interrupted.

After his mission in Russia, Nightwing goes to Fallen Monument Park and keeps his guard down.....which is a big mistake. This is where he meets The Raptor for the first time and it's not a friendly meeting. The Raptor brings up Barbara, which causes Dick to fight him. The Raptor, clearly, knows about Dick Grayson and the people in his life (which we know is usually not a good thing).

This comic is a great start to a series. It gives the reader a little backstory on Dick, so a first time reader will not be left in the dark. For long time readers, it gives a sense of familiarity: this is the Nightwing we know and love. I always felt like Nightwing was one of those characters that DC could have done a lot more with, so it was a pleasure reading this comic.   

The Verdict: This is a comic that either a first-time or a long-term reader will enjoy. It gives a nice introduction to what is coming for Nightwing.

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