Monday, July 25, 2016

The "Wonder Woman" Trailer You Didn't Know You Needed

Before Saturday, June 23 I was a normal, sane human being. I was perfectly content with everything that I possessed, all the relationships I had, and all the things that I had seen in my life so far. That was until the Wonder Woman trailer was revealed in all it's glory at Comic Con.

I honestly had no high expectations for this trailer, and I thought maybe that's why my initial reaction was a little bit too enthusiastic. But then I watched it a second time and then a third, fourth, fifth and many more times which has brought me to this ever so simple conclusion: I am ready.

Just Friday I didn't even know that there was anything to be ready for. But after pressing the play button on that trailer I had to control my mind. I now need to own everything Wonder Woman themed. Like, where can I get that golden lasso?

Needless to say, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is nowhere close to Lynda Carter's portrayal, and I say that in the most complimentary way possible. The Wonder Woman Gadot is portraying in this Patty Jenkins directed film is effortlessly badass.

We can tell this five seconds into the trailer which starts off with Diana hovering over Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who had just been washed up on the beach, initiating the "girl power" theme this movie will surely play on. Instead of Diana being the one woken up, she's the one doing the waking. She knows where she is, who she is, and what she wants.

Based off the rest of this trailer it seems that what she wants is for someone to die. Which can be seen as she destroys an entire army.

But I'm not sure who I'm more excited to see in action, Diana or these other Amazon warriors.
 Like that shot of one of the women soaring, eagle style, with her bow and arrow was just breathtaking.  She didn't just do a simple straight jump and land, she jumped and gracefully curved her angle only to float back down like a graceful ballerina.

Meanwhile Diana is deflecting bullets in the middle of a war-zone by herself, making big things go "boom" with her almighty lasso of doom, and giving Superman a run for his money with her waist of steel. We also learned one of Diana's best fashion tips: when wearing an evening gown, always accessorize it with a huge sword in the back; the more obvious, the better.

My only hopes for this movie is that they don't ruin it by having a cheesy romance between Diana and Steve who already seems pointless in this trailer (all he does is ride some stuff and lays down everywhere). I don't expect the actual movie to be too heavy on the action because it is an origin movie, so I assume there will be a lot of character development before we see many of these awesome sequences. But I am expecting this to be a better character development and build up than than whatever went down in "Batman v Superman" (which Wonder Woman also saved).

With that said, I do hope that while we all patiently wait for summer 2017 to arrive that Warner Bros. doesn't ruin the anticipation by dropping out a different trailer every month. If anything the folks at WB need to just throw in Wonder Woman's theme song in random videos because if I'm being really honest, that was the best thing of that entire trailer. (*boom boom bam boom boom boom bam boom bam*)

Wonder Woman opens June 2, 2017. 

Written By: Endia N. Mathews

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