Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

Kara fights against Superman after discovering that he has been infected by silver kryptonite by Rhea. After narrowly defeating him, they make their way to the Fortress of Solitude where they recuperate and create a new plan. Reviewing the Daxam archives, Kara chooses to invoke the ancient act of Dakkam Ur, a battle to the death against Rhea for the sake of the Earth. Meanwhile, in attempt to patch her relationship with her daughter, Lillian offers Lena a device created by Lex which could be reengineered to infect the atmosphere with lead. The device could prove harmless to humans but force the Daxamites, including Mon-El, to leave Earth. Despite the risk to Mon-El, Kara accepts the device and gives it to the DEO for an emergency use. Fortunately, thanks to a telepathic connection to M’Gann, J’onn wakes up from Rhea’s device.

Kara and Rhea begin their fight, but the Daxamite Army begin an attack on National City despite the combat. Clark, J’onn, and Mon-El provide protection against the army until M’Gann arrives on Earth with her own White Martian army to even the others. Kara is initially weakened against Rhea’s kryptonite-infused blood but manages to overpower her in the end. Unfortunately, Rhea vows to continue fighting, setting her armies against the weakest of National City. Reluctantly, Kara activates Lena’s device, poisoning the Daxamites including Mon-El. To save his life, Kara places Mon-El on her pod, sending him off the planet for his own safety. Although Kara mourns the loss of Mon-El, J’onn and M’Gann reunite while Alex proposes to Maggie. In a flashback, on the day of Krypton’s destruction, a group of Kryptons load an infant onto a ship, feeding it blood and vowing that it shall conquer Earth. 


  • General Zod makes an appearance as a vision of Superman’s after being exposed to silver kryptonite.
  • Clark references his experience on Warworld while training with Kara.
  • The infant on the ship could likely refer to the character Reign, an alien created by rogue scientists on Krypton who later interacted with Supergirl in attempt to conquer Earth.
  • It is revealed that once again, Cat Grant correctly guesses Kara’s secret identity as Supergirl.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Finish Line"

HR is revealed to have switched places with Iris, disguising himself to be killed by Savitar in her place. Without Iris’s death, the team figures that Savitar will eventually fade from existence having never needed to be created. Nevertheless, Savitar takes the Speedforce weapon and Cisco, revealing his plan to use it as a quantum splicer to make him ever-present in the past, present, and future regardless of his fading from existence. Despite the threat, Barry offers a chance at redemption for Savitar. Although he considers the offer, Savitar ultimately rejects the idea, believing that there is no place for a time remnant among the group, even if he could survive. He sets the Philosopher’s Stone off in an explosion, allowing him to escape. Meanwhile, Julian reveals that he and Caitlin’s mother have constructed a possible cure for Caitlin’s abilities if they can find her, and Harry arrives to encourage Tracy to continue to help the team stop Savitar.

As Savitar and Killer Frost set up the Speedforce weapon, Gypsy returns to Earth-1 to rescue Cisco. Together they, along with Barry and Wally, confront Savitar. Before Savitar can fulfill his plan, the weapon opens a hole in the Speedforce, allowing Jay Garrick to escape, and the team fights off Savitar. Caitlin soon turns on Savitar after the latter threatens Cisco, regaining some control. Barry ultimately subdues Savitar but refuses to kill him and prove the villain right. When Savitar attempts to strike back at Barry from behind, however, he is then shot and killed by Iris before he fades from existence. Afterwards, the team holds a funeral for HR. There, Harry reveals his plans to stay to fill the void on the group while Caitlin, though free from Killer Frost, chooses to leave the city to discover herself. Outside the city, a Speedforce storm rages without a speedster to stabilize it. As penance for his role in Flashpoint, Barry willingly leaves Central City to take his spot within the Speedforce.


  • Savitar references future villain Devoe, otherwise known as The Thinker.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Lian Yu"

With a team of Malcolm Merlyn, Digger Harkness, Nyssa al Ghul, and Slade Wilson, Oliver begins a mission to rescue his friends that starts with Chase’s team destroying their plane off the island. They locate Curtis, Felicity, Thea, and William’s mother Samantha trapped in cages and fight off Talia and Artemis to reach them, soon discovering Harkness to have aligned with Chase. Reunited, they begin searching for the rest of the team and Oliver’s son. As they travel, Malcolm is killed setting off a landmine to protect Thea, and the group locate a monastery where they believe the others are being kept. Oliver finds Diggle, Lance, Dinah, and Rene but is soon knocked out by Slade who seemingly betrays him to Chase. However, it soon becomes a ruse to release the others as Dinah fights off Black Siren and Nyssa fights her sister Talia. Oliver confronts Chase who claims he will have to be killed before giving up William. Meanwhile, five years ago, Oliver fights off Kovar and his men on the island.

Felicity and Curtis attempt to restart an old plane but soon discover the island to be covered with hundreds of explosive set to go off if Chase is killed. The others manage to escape captivity as Oliver fights and chases after Chase to find his son. Meanwhile, five years ago, Oliver fights and kills Kovar, beginning his plan to signal for help to leave the island and return home. On the boat, he calls his mother Moira on his return. Back in the present, Oliver follows Chase onto a boat where Chase reveals to be holding William, threatening to kill him unless Oliver kills him. Instead, Oliver shoots him the leg to reach William, refusing to prove Chase right and risk his friends and family. Chase then shoots himself, triggering the explosives on the island and leaving everyone’s fates in the air.


  • Moira makes another reappearance since the 100th episode.
  • The scene of Oliver signaling a Chinese boat from the island is the same one used from the pilot.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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