Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Final Trailer review


By Jim Scroggs
May 24, 2017
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       The third and final trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is on the inter-webs (What, I can't make cheesy puns?) and we've got plenty to talk about this very fun glimpse into the life our favorite web slinger from Midtown High.

           The trailer opens on Peter putting on his suit from Tony and the confirmation that he does have a Spidey OS, if you will. A voice welcomes him and tells him the amount of web shooter combinations that he has available so it's a nice little touch to add into this Avengers universe. We've all seen the scene with Tony talking to Peter in the car but this time, Peter asks when the next "Retreat" is and Tony speeds away leaving Peter in the middle of the street. There's a few new shots of Spider-Man in action in the streets like stopping a bike thief and helping a woman find out where something is. She rewarded him with a churro so that's a nice comedic moment. The bank robbery scene is added with a few new shots including a look at a really intense piece of alien equipment so that could be a pretty impressive force against Spider-Man. Peter is seen admiring the Avengers facility then that's where the action picks up. Vulture snatches Spider-Man out of the sky and to everyones surprise, the fat spider on the back doubles as a parachute so Tony really has thought of everything. Vulture is seen from head to toe in his full wings and armor suit and it's quite glorious if I say so myself. We finally get to hear Atlanta's own Donald Glover speak as he talks to Spider-Man in a garage of some sort as they discuss Peter not being great at the new gig. Shot of him landing in a yard next to some kids camping is a nice touch in the edit. There are some new quick shots of Peter running down the hall taking his tie and coat of, a great exchange between Peter and "Michelle" and she wants to know where he's going and asks what he's hiding. Some quick action shots that we've already seen follows and Peter looks a little shocked. Her response: "Just kidding, I don't care. Bye." The trailer closes out with Ned and Peter trying to find out more about the suit and the see that Tony has some training wheels on it. Peter complains about how Tony treats him like a kid but a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.

        I've never been silent in my thoughts about how many trailers is too many when it comes to movies. I feel like if done right, two should be a significant number to market your film but still have some questions about the story. I think Captain America: Civil War did it perfectly so that's where I feel like the line should start. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a film I've wanted to see ever since Sony and Marvel announced their partnership and so far, the trailers have had a theme to them. The first one was an introduction to Peter's life as Spider-Man and in High School while the second one was tailored more to the villains and how they fit into the story. This third one, however, I feel gave away too many fun moments, especially in the International trailer. I won't reveal those here but I will say that I am a little upset at myself for watching both. With all that said,   I really feel like this should be a good official introduction of Peter and Spider-Man into the MCU

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July, 7 2017

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