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Archer Review: Archer Dreamland “Jane Doe” & “Ladyfingers”

In the words of Archer, “Are we jumping right into this?” yes so let the reviewing begin, and SPOILER ALERT is in effect from this moment till the end of the review.  We will divulge what happened in episode three and four which center around Charlotte Vandertunt. The previous episode ended with Archer and Charlotte being caught red-handed by Poovey and Figgis.  They are under arrest, and Figgis decides to book Charlotte as a Jane Doe which causes Archer to gasp and me scratching my head to why that matters. But the why becomes apparent later in the episode.  So, fast-forward to the next scene where Poovey is putting Archer in a jail cell. He asks where Charlotte is and if she knows what Figgis has planned. Because to him, it is evident that he will use her for ransom money to pay back Lex Trexler.  Poovey knows but will not get into any more trouble than she already is for helping save those women from prostitution.

Then Archer comes up with a plan to escape and save Charlotte from Figgis. Archer doesn't stop being that funny character we’ve come to know as he cracks a joke about Diabetes being contagious. This joke was told to his fellow jail mates who are band members from Dreamland including Ray who is reasonable for getting them into jail. The band is jail for multiple times being caught smoking marijuana cigarettes.  Meanwhile, since the band is in jail the entertainment for Dreamland is nonexistent, but Lana decides to do a comedy routine. A routine where every joke is about Syphilis which I couldn’t get enough of, and I need more Lana for the remainder of the season.  I can’t wait to see her and Archer reconnect because those two belong together no matter the reality they always end up together.

The next scene shows Figgis and Len Trexler, and he tells him the plan that involves Charlotte, and he is completely on board, but she needs to be brought to a more secure location. So, Figgis heads back to the jail to get Charlotte.  Unfortunately for Figgis Archer’s plan to escape is coming to fruition. Beginning with punching Ray in the stomach causing him and his band member to vomit. The guard comes to the jail cell, and Archer knocks him out and grabs the key. Next part of the plan was to be disguised as the police officer, but he was a lot bigger than Archer. He refuses at first to give the uniform to the member who it could fit because Archer wants to be in charge. The next officer they found also want work for Archer who is getting annoyed but continues to be hilarious.  They head to get Charlotte who is startled when they open the jail cell because she believes she been in there for years due to the black police officers she sees. Which is just one of many of the craziest things that come out of her mouth and the fact that these are the first black people she has seen.

They are close to escaping when they bump into Poovey who will not step aside in spite being outnumbered. We don’t see the fight, but we do see the aftermath that shows she put up one hell of a fight but was defeated. Charlotte pulls the fire alarm for a distraction. They grab her keys and steal their fingerprints and walk out the jail and escape just as Figgis is pulling in to get Charlotte. He finds Poovey handcuffed in the basement. Figgis pulls his gun out on her and shoots right beside her face.  I thought he was going to kill her, but thankfully he didn’t. During this event, Krieger manages to grab Barry from his hospital bed which we know is one step closer to cyborg Barry.  They arrive back a Dreamland and Archer describes what delayed him which intrigues Mother greatly. Which leave her to make a call and use Charlotte for ransom has Figgis had planned, but the money will go to her instead of Len Trexler.
The episode ends here, and the next episode picks it up with Mother still on the phone trying to reach the Vandertunt house.  And once she does they don’t believe that Charlotte has been kidnapped and they hang up. Mother than asking Charlotte if this has happened to her before and that her brother was the one on the phone. Which infuriates Charlotte and leaves Mother with a dark solution.  That they should cut her finger off as proof and that is what they will ask for, but Archer disagrees.   He says nobody asks for fingers which lead to a sexual joke that Mother tells, and then the opening credits roll. Then we find Archer driving again talking to a hobo on his way to Vandertunt estate.
Meanwhile, Figgis and Poovey are at Archer office looking for Charlotte and Poovey makes another dig at Figgis about his wife screwing Archer. Which Figgis hates and he tells Poovey to find Charlotte has he calls the Vandertunt disguising his voice posing as Charlotte’s kidnapper.  Back to Archer who is meeting Mr. Vandertunt and Charlotte’s brother who is weird just like his sister. He talks about incest for some reason and states that someone else has called about his sister whereabouts. So, he demands proof and that proof is a finger.  Hence the title of the episode “Ladyfingers.” Nothing else will please him but to see his sisters finger for evidence.  So, Archer and Figgis must find a finger as proof and Archer returns to Dreamland to tell Mother.  Poovey tried sneaking into Dreamland and was knocked out cold which is why when Archer returns she is there laid out on the couch.
He takes Poovey with him but not before she calls the bouncer a few unkind names. The two head to the morgue to find a finger to please Cecil who is Charlotte’s brother.  And by the way, the dad or Mr. Vandertunt looked dead, so there is some weird stuff going on in that house.  The two reach the morgue but not before Figgis does so the two disguise themselves and knock out Figgis. Poovey grabs something and starts eating it, and Archer decides to pull a prank on Figgis. So, they undress him and put him on a slab, but the next scene shows them traumatized by how blessed Figgis is if you get my meaning.  During this event, Krieger has been experimenting on Barry, and we see some flashbacks of his time in the war making enhanced soldiers for Hitler. And it is exposed that he ruined the experiments on purpose, so Krieger is not a Nazi and doesn’t; believe what they believe, hooray.  He does succeed in making Barry cybernetic arms and legs which caused Barry to snap mentally.

So, Archer and Poovey arrive back at the Vandertunt estate and proceed to show Cecil the finger. But he doesn’t want to see it he says he trust them and says he’ll wait for further instructions about the ransom. Archer is pissed because they didn’t have to go through finding an actual finger. Once he returns to Dreamland Mother tells him she wants the payment in 24 hours and that Archer will handle the exchange. He then asks afterward will you tell me about my partner who has taken a backseat with all the drama that has been going on.  Mother gives a vague response, and the Krieger flashback concludes the episode. So, with only four episodes to go the season is starting to fill out and will be coming to a resolution soon. Overall I have enjoyed this season and can’t wait for the next episode. Which will air this Wednesday, May 3 on FXX at 10:00 pm Archer Dreamland: “Sleepers Wake.”

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