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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "City of Lost Children"

After a confrontation with a victim, James questions whether Guardian can inspire the city like Supergirl. Suddenly, a telekinetic alien begins an attack downtown, beginning a hunt down for the woman. James becomes involved in the investigation and discovers the woman’s son Marcus. Because Marcus is unresponsive to everyone at the DEO, James attempts to bond with him to learn more about his mother. However, as James shows Marcus around CatCo, Marcus begins an attack on the building, forcing Supergirl to bring him back to the DEO. Meanwhile, Lena continues to work with Rhea on constructing a portal that could lead Rhea back to Daxam. However, the particles used in the portal are revealed to be influencing the mental state of the telepathic aliens, forcing them to attack. When Kara discovers the particle influence, she contacts Lena, only to be surprised to hear Rhea’s voice.

Rhea threatens the safety of Earth in revenge for Kara taking Mon-El with the use of Lena’s portal. James finally helps Marcus open up and lead James and Winn to his mother. Unfortunately, they discover a room of telepathic aliens who all soon become susceptible to the changing particles of Lena’s portal as Rhea activates it. Despite the threat of the alien attack, James manages to calmly reach out to Marcus who calms the other aliens telepathically. Using the signal, Mon-El, Kara, and J’onn track Rhea to the location of the device. As Kara tries to destroy the gate, Rhea uses White Martian technology to trap J’onn is his own mind, and Mon-El confronts his mother at gunpoint. Knowing he could never kill his own mother, Rhea reveals that she has used the gate to prepare an invasion of Daxam forces on Earth.


  • James and Winn reference Batman as Clark’s “frenemy” who also wears a mask.
  • The Phorians could be a reference to the Euphorians, a telepathic and telekinetic alien race from the Green Lantern comics.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Cause and Effect"

Savitar reveals himself to be a time anomaly from Barry’s actions and quickly speeds off after a brief fight with Barry. Back at STAR Labs, Barry informs the team of his discovery, leading Cisco to come up with an idea to use a device erase Barry’s short-term memory to affect or possibly erase Savitar. The device erases Barry’s memories which affects Savitar but also gives Barry total amnesia. Unfortunately, this comes on the day Cecile requires Barry to testify against the criminal Heatmonger in court. Cisco, Julian, Joe, and Iris attempt to help Barry through the process, but he ultimately fails in his testimony, forcing the judge to dismiss the charges. In the meantime, Iris spends more time with Barry to help jog his memory as HR spends some time with Tracy to help complete a device to stop Savitar. Suddenly, the team at STAR Labs is confronted by Killer Frost who reveals that the effects on Savitar has also caused Wally to lose his powers.

With Killer Frost’s help, the team begins reconstructing the machine to regain Barry’s memories as Barry practices his speed. After the testimony fails, Heatmonger takes to the street and begins burning an office building, pushing Barry to act unprepared. However, thanks to Cisco’s machine and an encouraging reminder of his true self from Iris, Barry regains his old memories, and he and a newly-powered Wally take down Heatmonger. With Savitar also regaining his memories, Killer Frost once again leaves STAR Labs despite the pleas of her friends, though she shows some reluctance. Tracy reveals that she has finished the Speedster trap for Savitar but admits that the power needed for it would be more than what’s available in the Sun, the same power source currently being kept by King Shark.


  • Savitar is revealed to be a time remnant, a concept first introduced in the season two finale.
  • In the comics, Heatmonger is a villain from New Earth, but she is actually a woman.
  • Tracy’s weapon is the same one used by HR in Barry’s vision of the future.  
  • Cisco references the warning from future Barry given to the team in Legends of Tomorrow, revealing it to be referring to Savitar.
  • Cisco references his hate for spin-offs, even though The Flash itself is a spin-off of Arrow.
  • Barry references the name Bart, a shout-out to Barry Allen’s grandson Bart Allen.
  • Without his memories, Barry suggests The Streak as a hero name, the original name given to him in season one.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Return"

Coulson and May fight off various Ivanov androids in the underwater Russian site as the remaining SHIELD team maneuvers around his forces on the Zephyr. Free of his restrictions, Ivanov sets off torpedoes to take down the site, killing Coulson, as the team race to rescue their friends. Meanwhile, Aida adapts to her emotions, taking Fitz to an undisclosed location to learn them, but Fitz convinces her to help the others as a sign of empathy. Though Aida cannot stop Ivanov without his restrictions, she manages to rescue Mack’s body as he remains in the Framework, taking them all to the destroyed base. Simmons, however, ices both Fitz and Aida as the team struggles with how to deal with the two. The conflict becomes worse as Talbot and the military confront Coulson and the others upon learning about the infiltration within SHIELD and Mace’s death.

Aida speaks to Fitz who reveals to her that while he cannot forgive himself for the things he did in the Framework, he still has feelings for Simmons, setting Aida off on an angry rage. The team try to fight off Aida, but her new abilities gained from the Framework prove to be too powerful against them as she kills the military soldiers. In a last effort, the agents escape on the Zephyr to regather their forces. Finally alone, Fitz and Simmons reconcile their relationship as Coulson and Daisy discover that Elena has plugged herself into the Framework to rescue Mack. From an undisclosed location, Aida returns to Ivanov as they develop new plans to change the world and make the agents suffer. As Talbot examines the base, the portal begins to spark to life, bringing back the Ghost Rider with a fiery chain. Meanwhile, in the Framework, Elena wakes up strapped to a table in a burning building.


  • Coulson references the Inhuman Gordon with Aida’s new teleportation powers.
  • Fitz and Simmons reconcile with the same familiar touch from the season two episode “Shadows.”

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Honor Thy Fathers"

At City Hall, Oliver receives a package containing a corpse buried in concrete. Dinah and Lance soon discover that this body was a politician murdered by Robert Queen fifteen years ago, much to Oliver and Thea’s shock. Meanwhile, Dinah and Curtis investigate the return of Derek Sampson, and Rene prepares for a custody hearing for his daughter. They soon discover Sampson to be working with Chase as Oliver finds a USB drive containing video proof of Robert inadvertently causing the death of the councilman. Though Oliver and Thea are dismayed to learn about their father’s past actions, Felicity reminds Oliver that despite Robert’s past, he still inspired Oliver to help save the city. Now, he needs to move on from his father’s legacy and live up to his own. Five years ago, Anatoly and Oliver travel back to Lian Yu and prepare a plan an alibi for Oliver to be rescued.

Felicity locates Sampson’s chemical agent in an applied sciences division named for Robert, and Oliver once again dons the Green Arrow suit to confront Prometheus while the team stops Sampson and his gang. Though Chase taunts Oliver for both of them living under their fathers’ legacies, Oliver fires back that Chase is only upholding the legacy of a man who abandoned him. Defeated, Chase asks Oliver to kill him, but Oliver chooses to capture him instead, bringing him to justice. In honor of Robert’s memory, Oliver gives Thea Robert’s last video dedicated for her and gives a press conference confirming Robert’s role in the death but reaffirming Robert’s role in serving the city. Meanwhile, Rene chooses to miss his custody hearing, believing his fight for his daughter to be too traumatizing for her to face. Five years ago on Lian Yu, Oliver is knocked out by Kovar who followed him to the island. Locked up in his cell, Chase secretly relishes in listening to Oliver’s speech, hinting at more to his plan.


  • Robert’s video for Thea from the season three episode “The Return” makes an appearance.
  • Derek Sampson from the episode “A Matter Of Trust” returns.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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