Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Archer Review: Archer Dreamland “Gramercy, Halberd!”

The penultimate episode has aired and the season finale will air this Wednesday. This episode was non-stop humor and action, and the animation was fantastic and expressed the story perfectly.   The episode revealed some jaw-dropping secrets that I can’t wait to talk about in this review. So, without further a due let discuss the episode before the season finale, Archer Dreamland “Gramercy, Halberd!”
The episode begins where the other stopped at, with one of the creepiest scenes ever to air on Archer. The dead bodies positioned to look like the Last Supper and Dutch walking up to the rest of our characters with a lighted cigarette. Of course, Archer opens his mouth and says something stupid to Dutch about his outfit being lame. Hearing Archer’s voice again pushes Dutch to realize that Archer was responsible for running over his feet which in turn made him into a cybernetic freak. So, he punches Archer so hard that he tossed across the room over toward Trexler.


Dutch then switches his attention over toward Poovey and is about to reveal that she was also behind the missing Chinese women. But before he can Poovey points a gun at him and shoots which missed him completely. Dutch starts dodging all their bullets like Wonder Women with her bracelets.  That blocking resulted in Cecil getting shot three times. While Dutch was distracted, Archer took Trexler to the pantry in the kitchen and grabbed some meat for his badly bruised face.  Archer then starts to smack Trexler with meat to get him to get ahold of himself. He then asks if his face looks bad because he can’t feel much after getting high on two drugs that probably shouldn't be mixed.


With Archer and Trexler hiding out the others try to escape from Dutch by blocking the door and handcuffing his arms. Neither works, and they realize that he is a robot which brings us back to Archer and Trexler. He reviles that he found a guy through another guy who is Nazi scientist who made Dutch the way he is now.  The others finally get outside, and they decide to take Cecil to the hospital, and they send Trinette in Cecil’s car to take him there. The others are in Mexican standoff because Lana wants to arrest them. But they continue to make fun of her being T-man which is a Treasury agent and not Transvestite which they keep alluding to when that is brought up.

Meanwhile back in the house, Dutch is looking for Archer and Trexler who are going upstairs instead of leaving the house because Archer is still high and shouldn’t be making the decisions. They hear in the distance Dutch breaking and smashing thing with a halberd. While he is doing so, he talks about losing track of time and not knowing when he needs the concoction that will keep alive.  Archer and Trexler are shimming down the drain pipe, and Dutch appears and breaks the pipe sending the two crashing down to the ground.

There is a quick scene with Mother talking to the bouncer about tying up loose ends by killing Charlotte. The bouncer seems sad for a moment because he has grown to like her which seems unlikely to fall for that crazy lady.  But whatever floats your boat, right? So back at the house Archer and Trexler run up to others yelling at them to get in the car. Lana says they are under arrest, but Archer says if you want to stop someone arrests him referring to Dutch. He jumps from the balcony like a comic superhero. Which causes them to get in the car quickly and Archer drives the car into Dutch before pulling out into the street. Unfortunately, Dutch is still hanging on to the car with his halberd.

They get him to let go, and then Lana goes back to talking about taking them to her headquarters but is interrupted by Dutch following behind on his motorcycle. Cyril starts to fire but of course, he misses, and the other do the same. Leaving Archer to tell Lana to grab the wheel so he can jump onto the motorcycle. The others find that too crazy to believe and Dutch uses the halberd and smashes it into the car. Then Archer uses that against him and causes Dutch to crash onto the road. Archer then starts to run over Dutch repeatedly and telling a knock-knock joke at the same time.  The others are shocked, and Archer yells out that this is typical which leaves them to ask how that was typical. He explains that he does things like this that bring him far away from what he was supposed to be doing like finding his partner's killer.
Trexler who is a little stunned still, tells Archer that Mother killed woodhouse.  I was yelling out after that reveal because he has been helping his partner’s killer this entire time. Which must be such a slap in the face for Archer and I’m not sure how is going to react to this news in the season finale. Will he kill Mother, or will Dutch kill him before he gets a chance? Will Archer awake in the hospital bed telling his friends and family that he had the strangest dream and they were all there; we will find out in the season finale of Archer Dreamland. It will air this Wednesday at 10:00 pm on FXX in the episode titled, “Auflösung,” which means resolution in German.
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Created by: Jasmine Yard
Here’s a preview for the final episode of Archer Dreamland: #Geektified #Archer #Sterling Archer #FX #FXX

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