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Archer Review: Archer Dreamland: Auflösung

All good things must come to an end and this season of Archer was one of my favorites. The season finale aired last night and had many shocking twists, laughter, and intense action sequences.  The scenes were more intense which could be the reason the show went to FXX allowing it to get away with more adult content.  Once the review is concluded you’ll see the content of which I refer to, so without further a due let’s discuss the last episode of Archer Dreamland, “Auflösung.”  There are SPOILERS ahead you have been warned.

The previous episode ended with Trexler telling Archer that Mother had killed Woodhouse. This episode picks up moments after with the entire car in silence. Poovey speaks up first which causes Archer to point his gun at her and ask Trexler to repeat what he said. Trexler says that she didn’t kill him directly but probably had that big henchman do the dirty work.  The scene changes to that henchman rubbing Charlotte's head and Mother asking him to tie up loose ends which involve killing Charlotte. So, he goes downstairs to retrieve a shovel.

Back to the car with Archer but now everyone is now tied up, and Archer announces they are heading to Dreamland. After some irritating remarks, Archer then gags everyone with a sock and tells another joke. No one can answer because they're gagged, but it doesn’t stop Archer from answering his joke.  The next scene shows Dutch who’s is stealing a car by throwing the driver out of the car. There is still a woman in the vehicle with him as he drives away. Once again, another woman is forced to jump out of a moving car.

We find Krieger making more of the blue stuff that Dutch needs to survive, and he is interrupted by the henchmen. He came down for a shovel, and Krieger yells at him in German not to get it dirty or least clean it when he is done.  But that doesn’t matter anymore has they hear Archer voice coming from upstairs. He has Lana, Trexler, Poovey, and Cyril tied up on the stage and removes the gag as Mother and Charlotte enter. Mother immediately ask what is going on here and Archer points the gun at her and Charlotte motioning them to sit on the stage as well.
Archer also takes more drugs as Mother tells him that Trexler is lying about her involvement. The discussion goes back and forth with each throwing blame until there is a massive crash. The entire front entrance is torn apart by non-other than Dutch who is here for the blue stuff. So, it is an unfortunate coincidence for our gang that brings them all together.  Krieger pops up with the blue stuff that Dutch needs and shows everyone his involvement in making Dutch a robot.
The henchmen attempt to take down Dutch and is thrown to the side very quickly. Which causes Krieger to think again about giving Dutch the blue stuff if he is a killer.  Dutch is about to take the blue stuff then Archer intervene and is thrown into the bar. Dutch then reveals that he killed Woodhouse “just to see is lights go out,” which makes Archer furious. Dutch takes the blue stuff and then grabs Archer by the throat and starts choking the life out him and enjoying every minute of it.  Krieger who is reluctant to kill his creation orders his robotic dogs to kill Dutch. They tear him apart and break his neck in the process which kills him instantly.
The dogs continue to rip him apart even when ordered to stop by Krieger. So, Charlotte has a bright idea to throw a chair at them. That causes them to turn their attention to the others and as they are about to attack the henchmen intervenes. He kills both dogs which were hard to watch as he rips their jaws all the way back.  That was the content that I mentioned earlier which was intense.  The henchmen then demonstrate to Charlotte his affection which she rudely rejects.
During the chaos, everyone is untied by Poovey which leads Cyril and Poovey to try to walk away with the ransom money. They are stopped by Lana and Poovey reveals she is a T-man and Archer clarifies that it is treasury agent.  Mother grabs Archer's gun and points it at Lana.  Mother ask if she been spying on her operations and planning to take her down. Lana calmly tells her that her colleagues know where she is but there is a bang. Lana is shot by Mother right in the gut which shock Mother because she didn’t mean to shoot. Apparently, the gun has a hair trigger which Poovey doesn’t believe. So, Poovey takes the gun and ends up shooting Lana another six times. 
Lana dies in Archer's arms which leaves him to say things that stood out but not sure yet how they could be important later. He tells Poovey no one can survive being shot seven times not even in a parallel universe.  Is this about Archer’s condition back in the real world?  After mourning Lana’s death for 10 seconds he goes to the ransom money and finds that there is none, the bag is filled with pornographic incest magazines. The scene moves to Cecil who is marrying Trinette at the hospital.
The next scene shows Archer at Woodhouse grave as he pays his partner respect. The final scene is with Poovey who returns home to find all the Chinese women gone which causes her to break down in tears. The credits roll, and we see that the show was dedicated to George Coe who played Woodhouse and passed away a few years ago.  That wrapped up Dreamland which was a crazy ride but was very enjoyable. I’m not sure what next season will bring, but I do know that there is only two season left in this series. So, there is a conclusion in sight by the creators, and I trust they have a satisfying ending for Archer in mind.  Till then I’ll look forward to entering the danger zone again with Archer and all the other insanely funny characters next season.
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