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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Alex"

During a police standoff, Maggie attempts to negotiate with a hostage situation, only to have Supergirl intervene which leaves a sizable rift between the two with Alex. However, Alex is then kidnapped by former Midvale High classmate Rick Malverne who blackmails Kara with the demand to let his father out of prison. While Maggie continues to interrogate him for information, Kara immediately follows a signal sent out by Alex, but the location is revealed to be a trap that triggers Alex’s cell to begin filling with water, giving them only four hours to find her. Meanwhile, Rhea offers a business proposition for a transmatter portal to Lena at L-corp, but Lena rejects the offer after discovering Rhea’s plans have alien proponents that cannot be harnessed on Earth. Though Lena questions Rhea’s motives, Rhea insists that she has been honest in her offer and presents an opportunity without judgement. Unsure about the deal, Lena calls Kara who is too busy handling Alex’s case to give advice.

With Alex’s situation becoming direr, Maggie nearly gives in to Malverne’s deal and prepares to release his father Peter Thompson. Kara catches her in the middle of the act and, following her example, begins to talk to Thompson, appealing to his role as a father to Malverne and the devastation to turning him into a terrorist for his own sake. After hearing Kara, Thompson gives Alex’s real location, just in time for Supergirl to save her. They return Alex to the DEO where she and Maggie exchange their first “I love yous” to each other. J’onn then returns Malverne to jail after wiping his memory of Kara’s secret identity but not before Alex gives the criminal a punch to the face. Kara finally contacts Lena on her decision, but Lena admits that she no longer needs help, having already agreed to Rhea’s deal.


  • Kara references Clark’s ability to fly and turn back time from Superman.
  • Rick Malverne was revealed in a flashback to Kara and Alex’s childhood from season one.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "I Know Who You Are"

To try and stop Savitar, Barry, Cisco, and HR attempt to find Tracy Brand, the scientist who helps Barry trap Savitar in the future. Unfortunately, they find that Tracy has not even completed her dissertation yet, years away from helping them. Nevertheless, she soon finds herself being hunted down by Killer Frost who has orders from Savitar to kill the future scientist. Although she is apprehensive about the situation, Tracy opens up to HR about her research regarding speedsters, revealing her own knowledge about the Speed Force. With Caitlin now working with Savitar, Cisco and Julian debate over how to deal with their former friend with Cisco unable to fight Caitlin. Meanwhile, Joe struggles in his relationship with Cecile after she tells him she loves him.

The team ultimately reveal the future to Tracy Brand in hopes that she can expedite her work, but the impact of the future intimidates Tracy, leading her to leave. HR eventually finds her and persuades her as the team soon discovers Cecile has been kidnapped to exchange for Tracy. The group confronts Killer Frost with Cisco successfully incapacitating her before Savitar speeds her away, leaving behind a sample of her blood that Julian hopes to help cure Caitlin. After the rescue, Tracy soon theorizes that perhaps the team could use Savitar’s armor to turn on himself, trapping him in the Speed Force. To help his relationship, Joe ultimately confesses his feelings to Cecile and reveals Barry and Wally’s identities as the Flash and Kid Flash respectively. Upon realization, Barry confronts Savitar once again, revealing he knows his true identity: Barry himself in the future.


  • Wally reveals to have been visiting Earth-3.
  • Savitar is revealed to be a future version of Barry Allen, though his identity in the comics is actually an unnamed Cold War pilot.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Farewell Cruel World"

Elena and the remaining SHIELD agents are forced decloak the ship to power the virtual device as they wait for Daisy and Simmons to return from the Framework. This act leads to them being tracked as they try to fight off the threat. Inside the virtual world, Daisy reveals Aida’s plan to Simmons, and the team begins to plan to move to Radcliffe’s backdoor. Simmons, however, becomes determined to reach Fitz and confronts his father at gunpoint to meet him. Unfortunately, Fitz’s father fights off Simmons, forcing her to shoot him in defense. Against Madame Hydra’s orders, Fitz begins a hunt after the agent behind his father’s death. Under Fitz’s threat and the promise of new world, Radcliffe reveals the location of the backdoor to Fitz. As the team regathers at the backdoor site, revealed to be a steel mill, Aida prepares her machine to create a new body.

Hydra agents swarm the team as Daisy opens the portal through a molten pot. In the fight, Coulson makes it through the portal, causing a ripple effect that reveals the Framework’s digital creation to May and Mack. Fitz then corners Simmons, threatening to kill her despite her pleas. Radcliffe then turns suit and forces Fitz through the portal to the real world, revealing his betrayal of Fitz to Simmons and reassuring his good nature. Despite learning about the Framework, Mack declines to leave, preferring to stay in the same world as his daughter. Daisy returns to real world just as Fitz wakes up with Coulson and May, horrified at the things he did. Aida then enters the room, revealing to now have a real body. Before the others can react, Aida grabs onto Fitz, and the two disappear.


  • Coulson briefly remembers his death from The Avengers after being shot in the Framework.
  • Trip references looking good in a uniform, the same reference he gave in the season two episode “Heavy Is The Head.”

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Underneath"

Chase sets off an EMP that takes out all electronic devices in the bunker, including the spinal chip that allows Felicity to walk, and traps Oliver and Felicity inside with the doors sealed. The rest of their team eventually discover the trap and race against the clock to rescue them before they run out of air. Meanwhile, Lyla and Diggle argue over their compromised morality they’ve experienced in their work. Oliver attempts to escape through the elevator shaft despite Felicity’s warning, but a trap set by Chase sets off, wounding Oliver. Another attempt to restart the power leads to a methane pipe explosion which As Oliver begins passing out from the effort, he reveals to Felicity his confession to enjoying killing his victims. Felicity responds that despite his experiences, he never turned into a monster, showing that he is better than he believes. In a flashback eleven months earlier, Oliver and Felicity reexamine their relationship which leads to an impromptu date and sex inside the bunker.

Using Curtis’s T-Spheres, the rest of the team is able to provide an exit for Oliver and Felicity, but the mainframe is set to cause an explosion. The team then rushes to manually turn the vents back on as Diggle goes to retrieve the two. Despite his exhaustion, Oliver is able to help Felicity escape before he is rushed to emergency surgery. Lyla offers the use of ARGUS for a temporary base as Diggle apologizes for his lack of trust. In the flashback, Felicity ultimately still rejects a new relationship with Oliver after his lack of trust in revealing his son but keeps the option open for the future. As Oliver recovers, Felicity apologizes for working with Helix, saying she finally understands his own unwillingness to trust. In the final scene Chase finds Oliver’s son William. 


  • Oliver's son William returns for the first time since the season four episode "Taken."
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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