Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Resist"

Rhea unleashes her army against National City, forcing the DEO to regroup in the alien bar without J’onn for guidance. Within the chaos, Lillian Luthor offers her assistance in order to rescue Lena and eliminate the alien threat. They initially refuse, but their decision is interrupted when President Marsdin challenges Rhea on Air Force One, accompanied by a returning Cat Grant. Supergirl rescues Cat and is surprised to discover the president to be an alien from the planet Durlan. She reveals a plan to use the DEO’s positron laser to shoot down the ship, despite Mon-El and Lena still being onboard. With some further advice from Cat, Kara chooses to go with the plan but only after using Lillian’s help to sneak on the ship and rescue the others. Meanwhile, Rhea reveals her own plan to make her conquer of National City more legitimate by forcing Mon-El to marry Lena.

With a distraction from Cat and Winn in the form of an inspirational speech, the city begins to fight back against their alien invaders, and Kara, Lillian, Alex, and Maggie sneak onto the ship with the help of their portal and Superman’s Phantom Zone projector. While Daxamite soldiers attempt to kill Cat, she and Winn are rescued by the Guardian, whom Cat instantly recognizes as James Olsen. The team takes back Mon-El and Lena and successfully leave. Although Lillian plans to leave the others behind, Kara reveals an additional exit for Mon-El to escape the ship, designed by Winn. However, Kara stays on the ship to attempt to peacefully settle with Rhea, but Rhea reveals that she had planned for their weapon and has her own force against them: Superman.


  • Superman’s Phantom Zone projector makes an appearance in the episode.
  • Cat Grant makes her first reappearance since the season two episode “The Last Children of Krypton.” 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Infantino Street"

With the threat or Iris’s death coming closer, Barry and Cisco try appealing to Lyla Michaels at ARGUS for their power core to power their weapon. However, she refuses based on Barry’s past actions regarding Flashpoint. Under desperation, the team plans to steal the core themselves but find the security fortified against Barry’s powers. With no other choice, Barry appeals to a past Leonard Snart from the Legends’ Waverider for a thief’s expertise in how to steal thee core. Working together with the help of HR’s face-technology, Barry and Snart sneak through the security but come face-to-face with the main security of the power core in King Shark. Meanwhile, Joe and Wally take Iris to Earth-2 to hide from Savitar, taking refuge with Harry as HR and Tracy continue their work on the weapon to stop Savitar. Unfortunately, Savitar continues his goal to kill Iris after discovering Barry’s plan to create the weapon to stop him. 

Using Snart’s cold gun, they successfully distract King Shark with enough time to steal the power core. However, security is immediately alerted, and the door seals off, trapping Snart inside for Barry to escape. Despite having the chance, Barry stays behind to help Snart escape King Shark’s grasp, an act that surprises Lyla and convinces her to trust Barry with the power core. Back at STAR Labs, Barry arrives back questioning where Iris was taken, leading HR to reveal her location on Earth-2. Sadly, this Barry is revealed to be Savitar who travels to Earth-2 to fight off Wally and Harry to take Iris. The real Barry returns to STAR Labs, and he and Cisco travel to the city to face off against Savitar and Killer Frost. Although they attempt to use the Speedforce weapon, they fail to capture the villain, leading Savitar to finally kill Iris.


  • Inside ARGUS, there are nametags reading memorable names including Grodd, Cheetah, and Cupid, a villain featured on Arrow.
  • Infantino Street is a reference to Carmine Infantino, a comic book artist who helped usher in the Silver Age of comics.
  • Lyla Michaels, John Diggle’s wife on Arrow, makes a reappearance.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "World's End"

Robbie returns to fight off Aida, but she uses her abilities to escape. She then enacts her plan with Ivanov as they use an LMD of Daisy to shoot Talbot and other intelligence officers, framing SHIELD and the Inhumans in the process. Working with Robbie, they interrupt any further deaths but fail to stop the growing distrust of SHIELD after witnessing what appears to be Daisy going rogue. Fortunately, they regain the Darkhold, planning to set a trap for Aida. Meanwhile, Elena is rescued by Radcliffe in the Framework, and the two find their way to Mack, but he is unable to recognize her as the world continues to disappear around them. In the real world, Aida arrives on the base to confront Fitz, threatening Simmons’s life for the Darkhold. Fitz offers Aida a chance at the Darkhold, revealing Coulson to have it, but Aida seemingly kills Simmons anyway and confronts Coulson.

Simmons, however, is revealed to be alive, using an LMD decoy to distract Aida as Coulson reveals to have made a deal with the Ghost Rider to kill Aida. Their trick is successful, leading Robbie regain the Ghost Rider and return to another dimension. While the Framework continues to disappear around them, Elena refuses to leave Mack as he refuses to leave his daughter. However, as his daughter eventually disappears, the two escape the Framework moments before its destruction. Although Fitz steps up to take the fall for creating Aida, Daisy and the others refuse to abandon their friend and plan to turn themselves in as well after going out for a meal. At a diner, they are approached by a shaded man wielding strange technology. In the final scene, Coulson wakes up in a cell overlooking what seems to be outer space.


  • Robbie creating a portal resembles the effect used in Doctor Strange.
  • The final shot has Coulson in outer space. Could this be hinting towards SWORD?
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Missing"

In celebration for capturing Chase, Felicity throws Oliver a surprise birthday party with the team. However, the night takes a rough turn when Dinah and Curtis are knocked out and kidnapped by Talia al Ghul, enacting Chase’s latest plan to make Oliver suffer by taking away his team. Because of this, Oliver plans to have Diggle, Felicity, Lance, and Thea move to an ARGUS safe-house to hide, but Lance and Thea are quickly found and taken by Evelyn and Black Siren, the latter whom has a tense standoff with Lance. As Diggle and Felicity begin to leave town, they are also stopped by Talia and the remaining members of the League of Assassins. As Oliver attempts to predict Chase’s next move, he’s approached by Malcolm Merlyn who offers to help Oliver to rescue Thea. Meanwhile, five years ago, Kovar chains Oliver and injects him with a drug known as Red Death which forces him to relive every pain he’s experienced.

After Oliver discovers Chase has also taken William, he and Malcolm fight off ARGUS guards to have him released, only to have Chase escape and warn Oliver that he’ll “see him on the boat.” Using Felicity’s technology, Oliver tracks down Chase’s location and recruits Nyssa to help rescue the team, though he avoids telling her that they are facing her sister. Meanwhile, five years ago, Oliver is tortured by the drug and experiences a vision of Yao Fei urging him to end his life to end his pain. Before he can kill himself, a vision of Laurel encourages him to hold on for his friends and family, giving him the strength to overpower the drug. Both Oliver and Chase’s teams begin arriving on Lian-Yu to plan for a final confrontation as Oliver recruits his final ally: Slade Wilson.


  • The name Lord Mesa Bakery refers to DCTV artist Lord Mesa. 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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