Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup

The Flash "Into the Speed Force"

Barry plans to enter the Speed Force himself to rescue Wally while the rest of the STAR Labs team monitor from Earth-1. Once entering the Speed Force, Barry comes face to face with Eddie Thawne who warns him that Wally is being kept prisoner for Barry’s actions. In response to Barry’s actions for Flashpoint, the Speed Force then confronts Barry as Ronnie Raymond and Zoom to punish him. Barry fights them off to find Wally trapped in an endless loop of watching his mother’s death. Though Barry tries to rescue Wally, he is stopped by a figure of Leonard Snart who freezes him until they are stopped by Jay Garrick who was vibed in by Cisco to provide assistance. Meanwhile, Jesse encourages Cisco and the team to try and track down Savitar using the piece Barry broke off him. When they refuse to act without Barry, Jesse takes the piece herself to find Savitar. Though she struggles in their encounter, she manages to stab Savitar through his armor, forcing him to escape.

In the Speed Force, Jay ultimately takes Wally’s place to allow the two to escape, leaving behind his winged helmet as a memento. Barry and Wally return to Earth-1 where Wally decides to take a break from his duty after the trauma he’s faced. Jesse, however, reveals to him and the team that she plans to travel to Earth-3 to take Jay’s place as The Flash. Fortunately, from Jesse’s encounter, the team soon deduce that Savitar rather than being a god is still a man who can feel pain, meaning that they can still find a way to beat him. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris discuss their relationship after Iris discovered the reason behind his proposal. Though the two still have feelings for each other, Barry agrees to give her space by moving in with Cisco.


  • Eddie Thawne and Earth-1 Ronnie Raymond make their first appearance since the season two premiere “The Man Who Saved Central City.”
  • Barry encounters the Black Flash who was previously seen in Legends of Tomorrow.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Moonshot"

In 1965, Rip places Nate’s grandfather Commander Steel to safeguard a piece of the Spear of Destiny. For safekeeping, Henry placed his piece inside the flagpole Neil Armstrong left on the moon in 1969. In 1970, the Legends find Henry working on the Apollo 13 mission. When Henry explains that the launch went off perfectly, they realize that history has been changed. From this change, the team learns the Eobard Thawne snuck onto the spacecraft disguised as an astronaut aiming to steal the piece on the moon. Fortunately, Ray is able to sneak onto the ship with his suit, but he is quickly found out, leading to a fight that separates their craft from the main ship. Meanwhile, Henry is resentful of Rip for sending him on a mission away from his family, and Nate and Amaya debate on whether Henry should risk an aberration by returning, leading to Amaya revealing Henry’s future to Henry himself.

Ray retrieves the piece of the Spear of Destiny from the moon, but damage from a meteor shower prevents his ship and the Waverider from departing. Reluctantly, Ray and the team are forced to trust Thawne to repair both the Apollo 13 and the Waverider in order to survive. Despite his help, Thawne escapes from the team’s grasp, revealing himself to be a time remnant that should not exist. Although reluctant to take Rip’s mission, Henry sacrifices himself to open the Waverider’s cargo door to help Sara pilot the ship back to Earth, leading Nate to relay the news to Henry’s young son and his future father. As the team regroups, Rip acknowledges Sara’s own success as a much better captain. In the end, Amaya apologizes for her behavior towards Nate but secretly asks Gideon to pull up the records regarding her granddaughter Mari.


  • The disastrous Apollo 13 is turned to a success by aberration. 
  • Ray reenacts the first footprint on the moon during his escape.
  • Stein shows off some more of his singing ability, which should come in handing for the musical crossover in next week's episodes!
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Checkmate"

Oliver travels to a snowy mountain where he finds Talia Al-Ghul who reveals her lineage as well as Adrian Chase’s identity as Prometheus after training him. When Oliver confronts Chase as the Green Arrow, however, Chase reveals that he is holding Susan captive, threatening her if he does him any harm. The team works to track down Chase through his mother and wife, but Chase remains one step ahead of them at every turn. With news about the Green Arrow confronting Chase grows, Oliver is forced to call for the vigilante to turn himself in or risk being shot on sight. Meanwhile, Felicity is introduced to the workings of Helix who are eager for her to repay them for their help in tracking down Prometheus. Five years ago in Russia, Oliver and Anatoli plan to go after Gregor with Oliver disguised as the Hood.

After hacking Homeland Security files for Helix, Felicity is given enough information to incriminate Chase to Captain Pike, but Chase moves to take him out before the arrest. In a final move, the team discovers where Chase is holding Susan and plan to use Chase’s wife against him. Unfortunately, Chase further surprises them by murdering his own wife. The rest of the team manages to escape Prometheus’s clutches after Oliver rescues Susan. However, when Oliver confronts Chase once again, he is knocked out by an arrow fired by Talia. Once the team regroups, they discover both Oliver and Chase to be missing. In Russia, Oliver fires several arrows into Gregor who recognizes Oliver as he plans to kill the man. In an empty cell, Talia and Chase hold Oliver captive. 


  • Chase’s real name is revealed to be Simon Morrison, named after DC writer Grant Morrison.
  • Oliver dons his original Hood costume in the Russia flashback.
  • In the flashback, Oliver states that it would be impossible for someone to hack a bullet-ridden laptop. This is the similar to the case of the laptop Oliver brought in for Felicity to scan back in season one.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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