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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Twin Suns”

Welcome back Rebel fans to another exciting recap of Star Wars Rebels, “Twin Suns” which depicts the conclusion of one of my favorite Star Wars characters. This episode is the last one before the season finale which airs today so stay tuned for one epic finale. So, without further a due let’s dive into this recap and from this moment on SPOILER ALERT is in effect for the remainder of the recap you have been warned.

The episode opens with Darth Maul in the deserts of Tatooine wandering around searching for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he is wasting away and the only thing keeping him afloat is his hatred for Kenobi. So, with no point continuing to wander aimlessly, he devises a plan to call Kenobi out by using Ezra as bait.  The next scene shows Ezra being awoken by a familiar voice coming from Kanan’s room. The Holocrons are calling out to him. First the Jedi Holocron plays a message from Kenobi and then the Sith Holocron has Maul yelling out which leads Ezra to believe Kenobi is in danger.

Once he brings it to Hera and Kanan’s attention they believe it to be a trap and that he should remain here on Chopper Base for preparation to liberate Lothal.  But of course, Ezra disregards the warning because he believes Maul is his responsibility and proceeds to take a ship to Tatooine. Ezra is accompanied by Chopper who sneaks onto the ship to watch out for Ezra.  He uses the Holocrons as a tracker to find Kenobi, but once he lands he is ambushed by Tusken Raiders. The ship is destroyed, and Mauls helps by taking out the Tusken Raiders but keeps hidden from Ezra.

Ezra is now left to wander as Maul did along the deserts of Tatooine. He tells Chopper to find help, but Chopper refuses to leave Ezra alone to the mercy of this unforgiving sandstorm.  So, the two venture out into the storm and eventually Chopper shuts down, and Ezra passes out but not before he sees a glimpse of a figure. That figure being the one only Obi- Wan Kenobi who as rescued both Ezra and Chopper from the storm.

When Ezra comes back to consciousness the first thing, Kenobi says, “You’re in the wrong place, Ezra Bridger.”  As soon as I heard that line spoken two things stood out, the first being the voice which sounded so much like Alec Guinness, and the second was this character is Ben Kenobi and not Obi-Wan Kenobi.  This scene transported me back to New Hope and had to be one of the most satisfying scenes in Star Wars Rebels thus far.


Once Ezra knows it to be Kenobi they are interrupted by Maul and Ezra says he will finish him for he was the one to lead Maul to Kenobi. But Kenobi tells Ezra to go back home and that this is not his fight. Ezra leaves with Chopper and Maul, and Kenobi start to talk, but you know tension are high. When Maul begins to question that being here was not just to hide but to protect something or someone. Kenobi unleashes his lightsaber right away because the secret that we all know must remain secret. So, there is momentary standoff where they were starting intensely at each other before they both attack.  Then rather quickly Kenobi gives the final blow and Maul who then falls into his arms. Interesting fact Maul tried to use the same move that Killed Qui-Gon Jinn on Kenobi.

The battle is over, and the next line of dialogue reveal Maul's final words. Maul ask, “Tell me… is it the chosen one?” Kenobi replies, “He is.” Maul's last words, “He will avenge us.”  It makes me wonder if the one Maul hated could it be the Emperor the one who has been pulling strings since the very beginning. Maul can now rest knowing that the Emperor will meet his end. It has been quite a journey with this character, and I will never forget all his memorable moments especially his introduction in Phantom Menace.

On a lighter note, Ezra returns to Chopper Base and is ready to free Lothal.  The episode ends with Kenobi looking at a familiar homestead and a young Luke Skywalker running home in the distance. Another interesting fact is that Luke and Ezra are the same age give or take a day.  The episode ends on a hopeful note but the season finale which airs today looks very dismal.  The season finale will show the rebellion go up against Grand Admiral Thrawn head on at Chopper base.  So, stay tuned the episode will first air today at 11:00 am on Disney XD Star Wars Rebels, “Zero Hour: Part One & Two.”
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