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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid”

Welcome back Rebel fans to another recap on Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid.” This episode was a lot of fun to watch because it centered around AP-5 and Chopper whose dynamic is like C-3PO and R2-D2.  This episode also had some new imperial characters that I hadn’t seen before and some familiar rebel faces who brought the heat. Let’s just say this episode showed us what happens when you cross Hera and by far the best part of the episode. So, without further a due let’s dive into the recap a SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.

The episode starts off with Wedge Antilles getting an undercover mission to Killun Station to retrieve Imperial codes for an upcoming attack on Lothal.  He is accompanied by AP-5 and Chopper on the mission, and neither of them can stop bickering about who’s the better droid to lead the mission.  AP-5 keeps insisting that Hera put him in charge and commands Chopper to follow his lead for the mission. If you know Chopper and we all should be aware by now, that wasn’t going to happen.
 They reach their destination and are brought in for a landing and Wedge stays aboard while AP-5 and Chopper head into the base but first must go through a scan one at a time. AP-5 goes through first, and the scanner glows green meaning clear, but when Chopper goes through there is a delay. The Stormtrooper pay no attention to it, and the two droids continue through, but the scanner then glows red and catches the attention of someone else and someone worse.  Enter the new Imperial characters, and we see an Imperial listener ship who have identified Chopper.


These group of people whose purpose is to gather intelligence are led by Controller LT-319 who enacts a plan to use Chopper to find the rebels base.  Instead of warning the base they decide to wait for Chopper to plug in so that they can take control of him and extract the coordinates to the rebel base. Meanwhile, on Killun Station AP-5 and Chopper decide to go their separate ways to find the codes on their own.  AP-5 successfully downloads the codes and heads back in the direction we last saw Chopper. And our favorite little droid has been reprogramed and taken over by the Imperial intelligence officers.

When AP-5 finds Chopper the first thing that he says is an imperial term which raises a red flag for AP-5. AP-5 shows Chopper that he extracted the codes which make him the better droid then Chopper. The Controller LT- 319 deduces that they are 80% more likely to find and report the rebel base than the rebels using the imperial codes and getting away from them. The two droids return to the ship and Chopper proceeds to apologize to Wedge and AP-5 which is another red flag for AP-5, but Wedge sees nothing wrong with Chopper’s behavior.

They regroup with the Ghost and give Hera the Imperial Codes. AP-5 brings to their attention again that Chopper could be hijacked by Imperials, but they push his warnings aside.  Hera goes to see Chopper and places the Codes down on the control panel. She notices Chopper acting strangely and proceeds to restart him, but he leaves before she can.  She rejoins the rest of the crew and tells AP-5 she believes something is wrong with Chopper.  They decide to all go find Chopper and are then all trapped not the smartest idea. Chopper then opens the doors causing them to hang on or be pulled into the vacuum of space. Hera closes the doors, but they are still trapped.

So, Hera volunteers AP-5 to go outside onto the ship to override the controls before the imperials gain the information to the rebels’ base.  Unfortunately, Chopper sees AP-5 outside and grabs two blasters pistols and starts to shoot at him but he frees the other before he shoots him into space. Chopper then returns to retrieves the information to the rebel base. Zeb then zaps him with his bo-rifle, and Hera then gets revenge for her droid.

She reverses the feed, and the ship explodes, and it was glorious.  Meanwhile floating in space AP-5 is happy with the silence and starts to sing but is rescued by the rebels and is welcomed back by Chopper who starts to hit both Wedge and AP-5.  The episode ends with Hera saying, “Don’t mess with my droid” or she will blow you up literally. This was a great episode, and on Saturday another sure to be great episode will have the moment we all have been waiting for since December. Will it be the final showdown between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul let’s find out Saturday at 8:30 PM on Disney XD Star Wars Rebels “Twin Suns.”

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