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Geektified's review of Spider-Man:Homecoming Trailer #2

By Jim Scroggs
March 29, 2017
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The last time we saw Peter Parker, he was trying to deal with high school and trying to be the best superhero he could be. Even Tony Stark was able to get him a new suit but it seems like things have taken a bit of a serious turn for our favorite wall crawler so let’s swing (see what I did there) into what our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man has to offer in this second and possibly final trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The trailer starts with Peter running across a New York city street into an alley to put on his suit. I like how when the suit is off, it’s really loose not that spandex material we’ve all been used to but there’s a little bit more footage of how the suit forms to Peter once the spider emblem is pressed, which is really cool. He swings through the streets and greets some on lookers in that typical Spider-Man fashion. Peter’s talking to Tony in the back of Tony’s car and Peter’s got a lot of questions, mainly about how to become an Avenger. Tony pushes back and says “ Can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?” as Peter webs across trees, onto a roof and into a pool party. Tony then suggests “Just stay close to the ground” The same sequence of Ned Leeds finding out that Peter is in fact “The Spider-Man” follows. Peter and Ned are in science lab and Ned is peppering him with questions like “Can you summon Spiders?”, “Do you know him?” as they watch a Captain America fitness challenge video in gym class, which is just as campy as it sounds but it’s awesome to see. Peter, of course, mentions that he stole Cap’s shield to Ned and his final question is one we all have asked and that’s “Can I try on the suit?” We do see Ned Leeds in the mask for a brief second, which is a fun moment.

The tone changes when the voice of Adrian Toomes, played by Michael Keaton is talking about how people like Tony Stark “The rich and the powerful, they don’t care about us”. Someone's also holding the front plate of the Iron Man helmet. Based on the info that John Watts mentioned on Vulture's story, that's probably the helmet that Hulk ripped off in Avengers and the company that Toomes is involved in, picked it up after the battle. There’s an extended section of the scene with Donald Glover and I think,  The Tinkerer, shooting a weapon near a bridge and Toomes goes on to say” Times are changing, boys. It’s time we change, too” A quick shot of the Vulture suit is shown along with some other shots that has already been shown in the previous trailer. There’s a new section that takes place on a Ferry with Spider-Man encountering some bad guys saying “The illegal weapons ferry was at 2:30. You missed it” as he takes those guys out and one in a no look web shot, which sticks the last guy to the wall. The Vulture is shown with a similar weapon as the Tinkerer but flying through the ferry and splitting it in half. Spider-Man quickly swings to the impact point to try to hold the ferry together, which is a great shot but this is where I first noticed a possible unfinished CGI shot where it looked a little too animated.  I’m not a trained GFX artist by any means but I hope they can clean that up. Spider-Man is holding on for dear life but Iron Man is there to help keep the ferry together.

There’s another tonal shift here where Tony scolds Peter for being reckless. He asks “What if someone had died?” and Peter said that he “wanted to be like you”. Tony says “ I wanted you to be better” and he demands the suit back. Peter is devastated saying he’s “Nothing without this suit” This is where I think we get the MCU version of the great power speech. Tony then says “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it”  We all know Ben Parker has already passed so Tony is Peter’s father figure now and it just makes sense that this is how Peter needs to be taught a lesson.

From here on out, a majority of the Spider-Man shots are in his prototype costume from Civil War so I really think Peter will have to rely on his brain and instinct. Aunt May tells Peter “You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” and Adrian Toomes is telling Peter that he would do anything to protect his family. Obviously, Peter feels like he needs to protect Aunt May and his friends which is one of the best traits about him. At this same time, we see the Vulture suit lower down onto him so that means the suit is probably remote controlled as well. There’s a shot of Shocker fighting Peter and sends him through a bus and that leads to what could be the final battle between Spider-Man and Vulture in an abandoned warehouse (I’m glad to see that concept hasn’t gone away) and it looks like Coney Island where Vulture grabs Peter by his metal claws and lifts him up with his wings. It’s a really powerful image if I’m being completely honest. The last leg of the trailer has Adrian's line of “Don’t mess with me or I will kill everyone you love” shows shots of Aunt May and Peter kissing Liz Allen. That’s followed by an explosion at the Washington Monument, Zendaya’s character saying “My friends are up there”, a possible look a Spider tracer, a web trying to stop an elevator from falling, Peter saying “I gotta do this on my own” and that leads to a battle of The Vulture and Spider-Man on a plane at say 30,000 feet. It ends with Tony telling him to not to do anything stupid and that immediately cuts to Spider-Man trying to steer a plane with a web that as a busted engine. Tony says “Alright? ” Peter answers with a “Yeah”

This trailer didn’t really wow me at first but like any fan, I’m going to watch it multiple times over. I don’t know why it took so long to click (probably my multiple jobs and everything else in my life)  but this is what I’ve wanted to see in a Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2. There’s plenty of action but there are some real stakes that are involved like can Peter find the confidence to take out an adversary like Vulture when he feels like he’s behind the eight ball,  how can he juggle the two lives he leads as a teenager that’s also a superhero, What’s his relationship with Tony going to be like and what new things will we discover in this new pocket of the MCU? I’ll still be there opening night, probably in my Spider-Man shirt but I hope this is the final trailer for a film I’ve waited 2 years for.

Spider-Man:Homecoming hit's theaters on July 6, 2017

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