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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk"

Despite Mxyzptlk’s demonstration of power, Kara rejects his offer of marriage and plans with Mon-El and J’onn to get rid of the fifth dimensional being. As Mxy goes through more dangerous means to gain Kara’s attention, Kara and Mon-El clash over how to handle him with Mon-El favoring more lethal means. He tries to take on Mxy by himself to kill the being but is forced to be rescued by Kara who agrees to marry Mxy in order to protect the city. Meanwhile, Alex wants to spend a nice Valentine’s Day date with Maggie, but Maggie snaps back at the gesture, revealing that Valentine’s Day was the day her parents kicked her out of their home. In the meantime, Winn grows closer to an alien named Lyra from the planet Starhaven after she rescues him from two thugs, though the two go through a rough patch as Lyra moves incredibly quickly.

Kara tricks Mxy into meeting at the Fortress of Solitude, once again refusing his proposal but limiting his damage from innocent people. She fights off his attacks and quickly sets an atomic cauldron to cause to the Fortress to explode, killing her inside. To stop the explosion, she informs Mxy of the code to stop the explosion, but the code turns out to be Mxyzptlk’s name backwards, the one way to send him back to the fifth dimension. Meanwhile, upon Kara’s advice, Maggie decides to make things up to Alex by giving her a fancy dress and spending Valentine’s Day together, and Winn sets up a new official date with Lynn, though she still has fast tendencies. Later on, Mon-El apologizes for his attitude to Kara, admitting that he has never felt like this before now. With no further distractions, Kara and Mon-El finally share a real kiss. 


  • Starhaven is a planet referenced in the 30th and 31st centuries of the Legion of Super Heroes.
  • Parasite makes a quick appearance fighting Kara and Mon-El.
  • During the fight with Parasite, the crowds make a reference to the classic phrase “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!”
  • Mxy makes a number of references including ones to Superman, Aladdin, and Hamilton.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Attack on Gorilla City"

After Jesse informs the team about her father in Gorilla City, Barry plans to travel to Earth-2 with Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian to rescue Harry. However, outside the Gorilla City, they are quickly apprehended by Grodd who dampens Barry and Cisco’s powers from escaping. Through Harry, he orders the team to kill Solovar, the gorilla leader threatening to attack Earth-1 or risk the destruction of their world. Barry then takes part in a fight to the death against Solovar in a large arena, but, despite the order, he refuses to kill Solovar, sending himself back to the prison. There, Grodd reveals that while Solovar did not plan to attack Earth-1, he plans to himself with the gorilla population. Meanwhile, Wally and Jesse stay behind in Central City to protect the people, though Jesse seems unsure about their relationship when Wally asks her to stay on Earth-1.

Using Caitlin’s powers, the team freezes Barry to appear dead, leading Grodd to remove his body from the prison. Once out, Barry speeds, Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, and a rescued Harry out of the prison where Cisco successfully vibes them back to Earth-1. At STAR Labs, Harry rests from his encounter with Grodd and meets his other doppelganger in HR who admits to being a fraud on his Earth. Meanwhile, Jesse reveals to Wally that after what they’ve been through, she has decided to stay with him on Earth-1, leading to a kiss, and Julian, after their own adventure in Gorilla City, asks Caitlin on a date. Unfortunately, back in Gorilla City, Grodd prepares a gorilla army to invade Earth-1, using Gypsy to open the breaches. 


  • Barry references the gorilla attack on Central City as one of the headlines in the future.
  • Julian’s outfit is a homage to Indiana Jones, and he additionally makes a reference Planet of the Apes.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Self-Control"

At the base, Fitz and Simmons try to come up with a plan to escape the base as the LMD models for Coulson and Mace plan to ambush every Inhuman in their system by bringing them to the base. However, the plan grows more complicated when Simmons discovers that Fitz is also an LMD android, replaced along with Mack during the last mission. He fights her to near death, but she manages to escape just as Daisy discovers a room filled with models of her, proving her not to be an LMD. They reunite and begin to fight off the models and salvage some remaining agents to plan leave the base on the Zephyr. However, the May LMD blocks their way with a pile of explosives. Despite their predicament, she allows them to pass, aiming to take out the Coulson LMD for her own confusion of feeling alive.

In an undisclosed location, AIDA creates a new body for the Superior, leaving his mind intact to control it, and kills Radcliffe to place him inside the Framework for protection. Together, AIDA and the Superior utilize the Darkhold. Meanwhile, on the Zephyr, Simmons and Daisy decide that the only way to locate and save their team is to plug themselves into the Framework itself, though they risk themselves and their bodies in the real world by staying in too long. Inside the Framework, Daisy wakes up in a world where she is in a relationship with a still-alive Grant Ward, Coulson is an anti-Inhuman science teacher, Fitz is a science mogul, Mack keeps his daughter, Simmons is dead and buried, and May oversees a new Triskelion for Hydra. 


  • The Triskelion was previously destroyed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Grant Ward, who was previously killed in season three, makes a quick appearance in the Framework.
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Legends of Tomorrow "Camelot/3000"

In Detroit in the year 3000, Rip Hunter fights and kills a scientist who is revealed to be Doctor Midnite of the JSA. After discovering the death, the Legends track another section of the spear to 507 Britannia where they discover the Knights of the Round Table lead by Guinevere who serve under King Arthur. Meeting King Arthur, the Legends also find his aide Merlin to really be Stargirl who reveals to have been place there by Rip Hunter after a mission in 1956 to guard a portion of the Spear of Destiny. Unfortunately, the Legion quickly take control of Arthur and several knights using future technology and threaten to destroy Camelot unless they surrender the Spear. Guinevere then leads the remaining knights to defend the kingdom while Stein and Mick attempt to reconfigure the technology to stop the soldiers. With greater pressure, Amaya attempts to steal the piece of the Spear hidden in Excalibur from her old friend.

After catching Amaya stealing the piece, Stargirl reveals that she has developed feelings for Arthur, agreeing to let Amaya and the Legends defend it as long as she can continue to protect him. Ray agrees to fight for Camelot and faces off against Darhk in the woods. Though Darhk seems to fatally shoot Ray, he survives with his ATOM armor hidden underneath medieval suit. Stein and Mick successfully reprogram the mind control technology using Mick’s intensity and free the soldiers and Arthur. Alone on the battlefield, Rip is taken by Sara back to the Waverider, despite his previous crimes. In his new cell on the Waverider, Rip is threatened by Jax should he threaten anyone else on the ship. Left alone, however, Rip takes control of Gideon.    


  • Guinevere mentions that she will miss Sara Lance “a lot,” a reference to Guinevere’s lover Lancelot.
  • Ray creates his own “saber of light” in Camelot where it is implied that he could become king.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "The Sin-Eater"

In a prison transfer, China White, Cupid, and Lady Cop overpower their guards and escape to Star City. As Dinah is sworn into the SCPD, Quentin joins Oliver and the team in tracking the group after having a personal connection with Lady Cop. In the meantime, Susan continues her investigation of Oliver possibly being the Green Arrow, leading to Thea and Felicity hacking into her information and causing her to be fired for plagiarizing material. The team goes after the three women searching for Tobias Church’s $100 million deposit. Unfortunately, the chase after the women is made worse after the ACU turn their sights against the Green Arrow after learning about his role in Detective Malone’s death. Five years ago in Russia, Oliver and Anatoli continue to plan a way to take out Gregor, though Oliver expresses a need to return home after he helps his friend.

Oliver attempts to plead with the ACU chief to stop the hunt for the Green Arrow, but he refuses to budge in the evidence which the team believes was provided by Prometheus through his mother in Opal City. However, once Oliver and Chase explain their need to cover up the crime to protect the city from panic, the ACU joins Oliver and his team in stopping and arresting China White, Cupid, and Lady Cop. As Green Arrow, Oliver apologizes for Malone’s death and gives the chief a hint to his real identity. Lance gives a farewell to Lady Cop, who turned on Lance and the law after his work for Darhk, and gives Dinah some words of encouragement on being the new Black Canary. However, while the ACU decided to work with the Green Arrow, someone secretly leaked Oliver’s cover-up of Malone’s death to the press, a scandal that could lead to his impeachment.


  • Dinah receives an official mask in this episode.
  • China White, previously mentioned in "Bratva," makes an appearance in this episode along with Cupid from "Broken Hearts" and Lady Cop from "Beyond Redemption."
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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