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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore”

This time on Rebels Recap we will discuss the most recent episode of Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore.”  The episode centers around Sabine and her family which allows audiences to learn more about the character’s past and where the new journey leads.  An episode filled with betrayal, family, battles, and a surprising conclusion makes for a great episode.  So, without further a due let’s begin the recap and from this moment on SPOILER ALERT is in effect.

The episode starts with Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, and Fenn Rau on a mission to gain Mandalore support in the rebellion. They arrive on a planet called Krownest which is where her clan's stronghold is located.   Not sure if the welcoming party will be a positive one Sabine mentions they may be shot out of the sky, which sheds some light on this estranged family dynamic.  They are shoot down even though she tells them who she is and the ships crash lands onto the planet.  To keep an element of surprise Fenn Rau keeps hidden on the ship.

While Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan depart from the ship, they encounter her clan and Sabine’s brother, Tristan.  They are escorted to the stronghold to meet their leader and her mother, Ursa Wren.  Who immediately orders they be thrown into cells but is stopped when Sabine unleashes the Darksaber. She is granted an audience with her mother along with Ezra and Kanan if they surrender the lightsabers.  To avoid further violence, they give up the lightsabers and are brought into the stronghold.

Sabine can talk one on one with her mother about the past and what the future could hold if Mandalore joins the rebellion.  We learn that Ursa Wren was happy Sabine left because it kept her safe and that unfortunately, their clan did suffer from Sabine’s actions. Her father is imprisoned on Mandalore, and her clan is at the bottom of the leader board.  To keep some honor for their clan Tristian works with the Empire under Gar Saxon.

Sabine understands but believes she has the solution for her clan and the people of Mandalore by finding the right leader and joining the rebellion. She hands her mother the Darksaber as a token of good will and her faith in her and joins her brother in sparring match which is something they used to do in the past.  At first, I was a little surprised; she handed the Darksaber off so quickly after spending an entire episode training. But she was made it cleared that she does not want to lead but she will find the right person to lead and help her people against the Empire.
Ursa Wren sends a transmission to Gar Saxon and tells him that Sabine along with two Jedi are here and that she will keep them busy until he arrives on Krownest. Fenn Rau does over her the conversation and plans to help by retrieving Ezra and Kannan’s lightsaber along with the Darksaber. So, while Ezra and Kanan are being distracted by Ursa Wren, Sabine is being distracted by Tristian in their sparring match.

During their match, Tristan tells Sabine how difficult things been for the clan and that he has been working hard to gain back any once of respect the clan can receive.  He also lets it slipped that Gar Saxon is coming for the Jedi and Sabine runs out to help comrades against Saxon. Once he shows up Ursa Wren believes that he will keep his word and only take the Jedi leaving Sabine, but off course he betrays them and call them traitors and threatens to take them all out.

With a battle about to being Tristian decides to stand with his family and Fenn Rau makes a surprise entrance and gives the Jedi the lightsabers. The action begins, and it is Mandalorians vs. Mandalorians vs. Jedi, and it is epic.  Saxon being the absolute worst tries to shoot Ursa from behind, but Sabine steps in using Ezra lightsaber to block the attack. Fighting stops, and it becomes a fight between Sabine and Saxon for control and no one can interfere.  With one amazing move after the other Sabine wins but refuses to kill Saxon but he tries to kill her and is stopped by Ursa.

The final moments of this episode were a little sad seeing as Sabine decides to stay with her family.  She needs to find the right leader of Mandalore, save her father, and then she can rejoin the rebellion. But only when her people are united against the Empire can this union with the rebels come to fruition.  So, this won’t be the last we see of Sabine, but the next time we do see her, it could be on Mandalore.  Stay tuned Rebel fans for another episode of, Star Wars Rebels “Through Imperial Eyes,” airs tonight on Disney XD at 8:30 and see if Fulcrum is discovered by the Empire.
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