Sunday, February 5, 2017

Comic Book Review: Super Powers #4 -The Legion of Doom

By: Jerry Montgomery
February 5, 2017

Super Powers #4
“Super Powers!”

Written by: Art Baltazar & Franco
Artwork by: Art Baltazar

The Super Powers title is best described as one that is fun, whimsical and just all around good entertaining reading for kids and adults of all ages. The characters featured are some of DC’s most famous and popular characters, particularly ones of the Justice League and on the opposite spectrum,  some of DC’s most dastardly villains. Batman vs. The Riddler, Wonder Woman vs. Cheettara, Superman vs. Brainiac. What more could a comic book fan ask for?

Super Powers #4 picks up where issue 3 left off as the Super Powers team takes on Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom, after they had defeated the towering Brimstone when he threatened to destroy the city of Metropolis. All in the name of Darkseid.  It took all of the Super Friends and emergency crews of Metropolis, with the help of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, to battle the rampaging giant. Finally, Aquaman arrived with reinforcements to defeat Brimstone with the help of a giant octopus. Our heroes can’t rest however, as Lex Luthor raises a new headquarters for the Legion of Doom onto the surface of the ocean.

In a secondary story that takes place on New Krypton, life is peaceful and everything seems ok. Even Brainiac and Zod are friends with Jor-el and his family. Or are they really? Kal-el is introduced to his little brother, Pryme-el too,  fresh from birth in the Negative Zone.  What’s going on though? He’s  green and growing at an alarming rate. Brainiac and Zod unhatch their evil plan and send Jor-el to the Fortress of Solitude on Earth, where he cannot aid his son.  In issue 4, Brainiac’s evil plan is brought to light and Superman and his Mom are in hot pursuit to save Jor-el and the World.

The Super Friends arrive to confront Lex and his Legion of Doom and it becomes an all-out slugfest with the Justice League vs. The Legion of Doom. Throw in the alien Starro and his minions, some Green Lantern squirrels, (Squirrels?) Sinestro and you can call it a battle royale!

The Verdict: This title is just all out fun all around. There’s humor for adults who can remember those old Super Friends cartoon shows and just enough action to keep the kiddies reading along. If you have watched any of your contemporary Cartoon Network shows and have enjoyed them, you are sure to enjoy this issue or any others in this 6 issue limited series. The action is great but none too violent or frightening and the characters defeats and victories are taken in light-hearted fashion, so it’s perfect for young comic fans.  Art Baltazar has done a great job in creating a retro style comic book that reminds me of why we came to enjoy comic’s in the first place.

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