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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "The Martian Chronicles"

Kara and Mon-El try to refigure their relationship after Mon-El has admitted his feelings while Alex chooses to skip out on a night with Kara to spend it with Maggie. In the meantime, J’onn tries to offer M’gann protection from the White Martians, knowing they are coming after her. When she arrives at the DEO, another M’gann follows, revealing the to be a disguised White Martian named Armek, M’gann’s former mate. The DEO is quickly locked down with the alien inside, taking the form of an agent. With the real M’gann’s help, they are able to discover Armek impersonating Winn, using his intelligence to rig the building to explode with everyone inside. The agency along with Supergirl and Alex search the building for the real Winn, leading to a heartfelt confession between the sisters. Unfortunately, that search leads to a captive Alex, revealing Alex to be another White Martian infiltrator.

Supergirl fights off the Alex imposter while J’onn and M’gann fight off Armek. After a long struggle, they both successfully defeat the White Martians as Winn narrowly shuts down the reactor just in time. Inspired by J’onn, M’gann reveals her new desire to return to Mars to find other White Martians like her that are open to a new way, even though it may be dangerous. She shares a tender moment with J’onn, reciprocating his feelings, before returning to her planet. Meanwhile, Alex spends a night with Kara, reassuring her connection to her sister despite her new relationship. This conversation leads Kara to question her own relationship with Mon-El, wondering whether her feelings run deeper than she thought. However, the next day she finds Mon-El planning a date with Eve Tessmacher.


  • Armek was a notable member of the White Martians who fought against the Justice League in the comics.
  • J’onn refers to M’gann as Miss Martian, her comic-book alter-ego.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Untouchable"

Barry and Wally continue to train for the future, but Wally keeps having problems phasing through walls. In Central City, Barry, Julian, and Joe investigate a rapidly decomposing body on a crime scene, but later studies at STAR Labs suggest metahuman activity on it. After closer look, the team connects the crime to Clive Yorkin, a metahuman who was previously a police officer in Flashpoint given powers in this world by Doctor Alchemy. Yorkin’s abilities allow him to rapidly disintegrate anything he touches, and now he seems to be going after officers from Flashpoint, putting Joe in danger. In the chaos of Joe threatened by Yorkin, the team reveals the future where Iris may be killed by Savitar. As they track down Yorkin, he ends up touching Iris, causing a disintegrating effect on her arm. Caitlin is forced to use her powers to slow the process.

With Cisco’s vibing, they track down Yorkin as he goes after Joe on a train. Barry and Wally arrive on the scene with Yorkin disintegrating the train as it heads towards rubble. Barry manages to phase the entire train before harming the people while Wally is finally able to phase through Yorkin to deliver an antidote. With the metahuman taken down, they cure Iris and celebrate Wally’s success in learning to phase. Although Joe is apprehensive about the future, Barry continues to vow to protect Iris from Savitar. Afterwards, Julian and Caitlin discuss their mutual guilt over the things they have done and later agree to meet each other for a drink. While Wally is practicing phasing, Jesse Quick arrives through a breach, informing him that her dad has been kidnapped by Grodd.


  • Alex Désert originated the role of Julio Mendez in the original 1990 series The Flash.  
  • Jesse’s arrival foretells the two-part episode Gorilla City. 
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "BOOM"

Coulson and Mack search Spain and find a woman named Agnes who was used as a model for AIDA after her previous relationship with Radcliffe. She reveals that they used to be close until an inoperable brain tumor forced him to confront his failure to help her. With her help, Coulson and Mack hope to track down Radcliffe and find May. Meanwhile, Ivanov and Watchdog leader Shockley plan to lure SHIELD out by threatening an Inhuman, using Radcliffe’s supply of Terrigen crystals to create one. Shockley attempts to use one on Senator Nadeer because of her brother’s terrigenesis, but the result reveals him to be an Inhuman instead, giving him explosive abilities the kill the senator. Fitz, Simmons, Mace, and Daisy work to find the Inhuman, despite Simmons discovering that Mace’s serum has a potentially lethal side effect.

Upon learning about the Darkhold, Agnes agrees to help, contacting Radcliffe for a meeting. While Coulson and Mack are tracking their meeting, Agnes decides to leave with Radcliffe when he reveals that he has been working on a cure for death itself using May. Although the two escape, Coulson becomes more motivated upon learning May has likely survived. Daisy encounters Shockley and, using her powers, induces an explosion, leading Fitz and Simmons to capture him in the midst of reforming. Mace sacrifices himself to provide a distraction against the Watchdogs for the others to escape, getting captured in the process. Radcliffe hooks Agnes up into the Framework where her consciousness lives on despite her body failing. In the distance, May seems to stir in her sleep. 


  • Coulson recalls the time he had an “Asgardian staff through the chest” from his time in The Avengers.
  • Radcliffe references working for Hive from season three, revealing to have procured some terrigen crystals.
  • Shockley’s powers resemble the powers of the superhero Nitro.
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Legends of Tomorrow "Turncoat"

Thawne sends a turned Rip Hunter to kill George Washington on Christmas of 1776 in order to cause a time aberration to bring the Legends to them to find the Spear of Destiny. Sara sends Rory and Ray to investigate the area while Nate and Amaya pose as a couple, and, immediately, they are caught off-guard by Rip’s attack, leaving Sara shot and Washington and Rory kidnapped. Even worse, Rip sets off an EMP that depowers the Waverider, Firestorm’s quantum splicer, and Ray’s suit, just as the British soldiers begin an attack on the ship. With Sara injured, she places Jax in charge of fixing the Waverider, leading him to order Nate and Amaya to rescue their friend and working with a miniature Ray to analyze the ship. Meanwhile, Nate and Maya grow closer together when a hypothermic situation forces them to share a tent for warmth, eventually bringing them to kiss.

Stein manages to operate on Sara without power as Jax fights off Rip and his men. Nate, Amaya, and Rory successfully rescue Washington and defeat the redcoats in time for Washington to deliver his battle plans. Although Rip discovers the location of the spear, Ray restores the power to the ship in his miniature state. While Jax aims to kill Rip for his villainy, Sara talks him down, allowing their former captain to escape with their part of the spear. Nevertheless, the timeline regarding the Revolutionary War is restored. Despite their connection, Nate and Amaya decide to remain casual in their relationship. At a Christmas party held on the Waverider, Sara remarks that they will defeat the Legion of Doom ultimately because they are a family.


  • A new statue of Rory now exists in the new timeline of Washington thanks to his actions with Washington. 

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Bratva"

After Oliver hosts a press conference thanking Chase for his working in freeing Diggle, Susan receives a report on General Walker escaping custody with a nuke trigger still missing. With the FBI tied up, Oliver takes a team of him, Felicity, Diggle, Curtis, Rory, and a newly-joined Dinah to Russia to find the general themselves. There, they are forced to rely on Anatoli for help as Felicity, Curtis, and Rory impersonate Bratva to track Walker. They locate a spot but are quickly ambushed by Walker’s men, managing to escape with one for information. However, to move through their mission, Diggle and Felicity are resorting to more desperate measures as Felicity uses her data cache and Diggle tortures their captive. Meanwhile, Rene stays in Star City to help Lance with his first interview after exiting rehab and restarting his duties as Deputy Mayor. In Russia five years ago, Talia helps Oliver track down a dealer supplying drugs to Starling City, leading Oliver to murder the dealer.

After talking with Dinah, Oliver advises Diggle and Felicity to be better than he was as a Bratva member, and the team, along with Anatoli’s assistance, confront Walker and his men. Walker sets off the nuke trigger, forcing Rory to try and stop the nuclear blast with his rags. Although he survives the attack, he finds that his powers have depleted and chooses to leave the team as a liability. Back in Star City, Lance succeeds in his interview after Rene talks to Susan about Lance’s impact on him. While Diggle agrees to work on his behavior, Felicity contacts her hacker friend to use the information. After spending a night with Susan, she later discovers his Bratva tattoo, connecting to her Russian research. Upon discovering a photo of a green archer in Russia, Susan concludes that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. In the flashbacks, Oliver helps Anatoli to kill Gregor. 


  • The team previously visited Russia in the season two episode "Keep Your Enemies Closer."
  • China White from season one is referenced in the flashbacks.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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