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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "We Can Be Heroes"

After a risky night on the field, Winn tells James to finally reveal his identity as Guardian to Kara who is currently training Mon-El to become a hero. Livewire apparently breaks free from prison with the assistance of other electro-powered beings who fight off Supergirl and Mon-El, who notably abandons helping others to help Kara. Guardian arrives to help in the fight, but after being blasted aside, Kara learns his true identity. While everyone admits they knew of the secret, Kara demands that James stops his superhero activity, but James refuses to back down and notes Mon-El’s own lack of experience in the field. Soon they learn that rather than have escaped, Livewire appears to have been captured by rogue scientists looking to replicate her powers. Meanwhile, M’gann suffers a psychotic break, requiring J’onn to perform a mind meld to learn more.

Both Mon-El and James secretly go after Livewire without Kara’s help in order to prove their heroic value. After being beaten and captured, Kara quickly arrives to rescue her friends, leaving them to deal with the goons as she handles the villains. Kara ultimately lets Livewire escape, believing there to be some decency left in her, and the team returns to the DEO. While Kara continues to disapprove of James and Winn’s actions, she allows them to continue, slightly tinging their friendship. In a moment with Mon-El, however, she’s taken aback when he admits to remembering kissing her and reveals his feelings. Nevertheless, he maintains that he wants to continue working with her to be a hero. Using the mind meld, J’onn is able to pull M’gann back to reality. Unfortunately, he discovers that the White Martians have been psychically attacking M’gann, discovering her location on Earth.


  • Mon-El refers to himself as another Superman, likely a reference to Superboy who Mon-El resembles.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "Dead or Alive"

Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian continue to try and map out a way to defeat Savitar in May. In the meantime, a new metahuman known as Gypsy who arrives from Earth-19 to collect HR after breaking their world’s law of interdimensional travel. To protect HR, Cisco agrees to a trial by combat in order to keep HR on their world. However, training against Gypsy is proving useless, leading Barry and HR to confront Gypsy themselves for another way. Instead, Gypsy takes HR, forcing Cisco to take part in the combat for HR’s life. Meanwhile, Iris works with Wally to learn more about a potential arms dealer scoop for the news, ignoring the risk after noting that she isn’t meant to die for another four months. Unfortunately, their work leads to a compromising situation for the CCPD, ultimately putting their lives in danger.

Cisco and Gypsy finally face off against each other, using their powers to blast and move between different worlds. With Julian’s assistance, Cisco is able to hold his own against Gypsy and performs a devastating move that makes him the winner of the combat. After Cisco spares her life, Gypsy agrees to let Wells stay on Earth-1 with the arrangement that Wells never return to Earth-19 to maintain an idea that he is dead to her superiors. She then leaves for home but not before almost kissing Cisco as she vibes. Despite compromising the CCPD, the police are able to catch the arms dealer, allowing Iris to complete her story and feel a sense of accomplishment despite her possible death. Barry returns to STAR Labs to see Wally train and reveal his newest plan to defeat Savitar: having Wally facing him. 


  • The Electric Gang makes an appearance in this episode.

  • During Cisco and Gypsy’s fight, they appear in a CatCo office featuring an appearance by Miss Tessmacher from Supergirl.  

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Hot Potato Soup"

Russian agents kidnap Agent Billy Koenig after learning of Coulson’s delivery of the Darkhold to the brothers. In a submarine, Billy is interrogated by the Superior Anton Ivanov until Radcliffe finally analyzes his brain for the Darkhold’s location which can be used by the Watchdogs to potentially wipe out the Inhumans. Although Radcliffe is successful in deciphering Billy’s memories, Sam Koenig reveals to the team that he was given the Darkhold by Billy and then delivered the book to LT Koenig, the first Koenig agent of SHIELD. They locate her at a coffee shop with her brother Thurston Koenig, the third of the Koenig quadruplets, and take them both to the Zephyr One. Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack analyze the Radcliffe LMD to learn the real Radcliffe’s location which proves difficult when the model brings up knowing Fitz’s estranged father.

LT reveals she returned the Darkhold to Billy who in turn placed it in the Labyrinth, a location only the Koenigs know. Fitz and Simmons successfully break through the LMD’s programming to discover a formulated brain created by AIDA after reading the Darkhold. Simmons reveals that she recognizes the design from Radcliffe’s scan of May’s brain, leading the team to discover the LMD May as a fraud. When retrieving the Darkhold, the LMD May takes the book as part of her programming just as Watchdogs arrive with Billy in toe. The two sides fight while Radcliffe escapes with the book, leaving the LMD May behind for SHIELD to grab. Having the Darkhold, the Superior reveals his real plan for its use: to destroy what he believes to be the source of the alien development, Coulson himself.


  • The Koenigs are revealed to be the first technicians behind the Life Model Decoy project.
  • The photo of Coulson in the Superior’s file come from Thor.
  • The Russian prime minister was first referenced in the season three episode “Parting Shot.”
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Legends of Tomorrow "The Legion of Doom"

Eight months ago, Thawne and Darhk recruited Merlyn to help them alter the timeline. Now they struggle to interrogate Rip to discover the location of the Spear of Destiny. Eventually, they discover a location encrypted on one of Rip’s teeth and travel to the destination of Switzerland 2025 using Rip to find it. However, Darhk and Merlyn begin turning on each other, each distrusting of Thawne’s constant disappearing and the failure to secure the Spear’s location. Meanwhile, the Legends argue how to use the Medallion, leading Stein to recruit his daughter Lily for assistance. Unfortunately, this leads to the team discovering her presence as an aberration, although she is able to decipher the Medallion’s ability to produce a map. In the midst, she discovers her existence as an aberration, voicing her sense of betrayal to Stein.

Thawne reveals that he is being hunted by the Black Flash due to his status as a temporal aberration, something the Legends figure out for themselves upon Stein’s memories of Thawne. The Legion of Doom discovery a disc of Rip’s memories located in 2025, but Merlyn and Darhk trap Thawne in a vault to prove their equality to him. As a token of their agreement, Merlyn and Darhk trap the Black Flash in the vault, allowing them to escape. Stein apologizes to Lily about the circumstances to which she accepts, though she disbelieves his claim on being part of a hero known as Firestorm. Meanwhile, the Legion work to restore Rip’s memories, but they decide to add a new twist to his character. On Christmas Day in 1776, a restored Rip Hunter enters the tent of General George Washington and kills the future first president. 


  • Instead of the cast, Damian Darhk describes the opening monologue.
  • The Black Flash, formerly the speedster Zoom, originally appeared in the season two finale of The Flash
  • The wall of speedsters the Legends know include photos of Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, and Jay Garrick.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Arrow "Second Chances"

Three years ago, Tina Bolland and her partner were captured by mobsters in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. Now, she roams the country using her powers to stop crime and track down the man who killed her partner. Oliver and the team search for Tina as a potential replacement for the Black Canary, but she refuses to work with them at every turn. After learning her identity, they reach out to her and discover her attempts to hunt down and kill the mobsters. In the meantime, Felicity attempts to hack into hidden files in order to find information regarding General Walker’s possible corruption scandal in order to free Diggle. Five years ago in Russia, Talia speaks with Oliver when she learns of his relationship with one of her students Yao Fei. He refuses to work with her on the grounds of wanting to kill Kovar, so Talia agrees to assist him for a proposition.

Oliver and the team then go after Tina’s target, a mobster named Sean Sonus who also has sonic powers. Confronting Tina again, Oliver reveals his identity to her and offers the team’s help to take down Sonus even without her joining them. They successfully stop Sonus where Tina shoots him despite Oliver’s pleading. Felicity eventually finds a source who recognizes her from her hacktivists days and provides information to help Chase get Diggle free on bail. In Russia, Talia assists Oliver in finding one of Kovar’s associates and returns to him Yao Fei’s hood with advice to become something else to help people with his experience. After the mobster’s death, Tina finally agrees to work with Oliver to work through her pain of her partner’s death, revealing her real name to be Dinah Drake.


  • The particle accelerator explosion from The Flash is shown in the episode.
  • Tina’s real name is revealed to be Dinah Drake, the name of one of the most famous holders of the Black Canary title. 
  • The Flash makes a brief cameo appearance in Captain Singh’s office leaving a post-it note.
  • Sean Sonus is also a villain known as Discord in the comics.
  • The actor who plays Sonus also portrayed the Dark Archer in Smallville.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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