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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Trials of the Darksaber”

Welcome back rebel fans to another recap of Star Wars Rebels, “Trails of the Darksaber”, an episode focused on Sabine’s inner struggle and breakthrough.  This episode dives into a piece of Mandalorian history as well as Sabine’s fallout from her family and people because of the discovering of the Darksaber. In a previous episode, the Darksaber was found by Sabine who claimed it and quickly disregarded the weapon. So, let’s dive right in with this recap and from this moment on a SPOILER ALERT is in effect for the remainder of this recap.

The episode opens with Kanan and Fenn Rau aboard the ghost when Kanan reveals the Darksaber.  Kanan also mentions that Sabine had found the weapon but has not spoken of its importance. Fenn Rau starts to give a little history lesson concerning the Darksaber and what it means to his people.  The Darksaber belonged to the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tau Rizsla, and this weapon is a symbol of leadership and power.  This weapon compares to that of Arthur and Excalibur, and this weapon belongs to a leader of Mandalore.

With this knowledge, they confront Sabine about what this could do for the rebellion to have Mandalore fighting alongside them against the Empire.  Like all great heroes, they are reluctant to answer their calling but no matter the reason for hesitation they do respond to the call. Sabine is putting the rebellion before herself and is willing to train with Kanan and Ezra. So, that when challenged for the Darksaber she can defend and win.  I will also add that Ezra’s comments about her not being able to do it might have also influenced her to prove him wrong.
The training begins with Kanan, Ezra, Fenn Rau, and Sabine finding a place to train safely. Once the training starts, Kanan gives Sabine a stick to practice with saying she’s not yet ready to duel with the saber.  Sabine quickly asks if Ezra was treated the same way and the answer was no which didn’t sit well with her. Neither did being talked down to by Ezra has he taught her the basic fighting poses.
These lessons started to seem like her annoying little brother showing her the ropes and bragging about his abilities.  When the two of them started to duel, and Sabine grew frustrated with losing to Ezra.  Fenn Rau seeing her frustrations pulls her to the side and gives her a weapon made for Jedi combat.
Sabine uses it on Ezra who is caught off guard and taken done a peg by Sabine. Kanan then jumps in and takes her down and utters the words, “The Jedi won the war with Mandalore.”  This line brings the Knights of the Old Republic into canon or least part of it which I know excited a lot of fans.  A story that deals with the war between Mandalore, the Jedi, and the Sith. This show does a great job bringing in the many pieces of literature about the Star Wars universe and making it canon for the show and the films.

The duel between Kanan and Sabine leads her to say that he is a “lousy teacher,” and she walks off to cool down.  This leads Kanan to call Hera for advice on how to get through to Sabine and Hera replies with, “...let her use the Darksaber.”  This advice is what sparks Sabine’s breakthrough and insight into a pain she’s been holding onto from the beginning.  Kanan hands her the Darksaber, and they start to fight, and little by little she reveals pieces of herself and story. The saber becomes an extension of her arm which allows her to beat Kanan.  She yells out that the weapons she made for the Empire were used against her people. When she turned to her family for support against the Empire, they decided to shut her out instead.  This breakthrough gave viewers insight into Sabine’s past and her relationship with her family. It also is going to give her the strength to face her family in the next episode that airs tonight at 8:30 on Disney XD, “The Legacy of Mandalore,” this promises to reveal more about Sabine and some more Darksaber action.

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