Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Luthors"

The trial against Lillian Luthor continues after Lena testifies against her own mother. Despite the tension, Kara encourages Lena to visit her mother in prison, where Lillian reveals her daughter to be the result of Lionel’s affair with another woman. Unfortunately, James Corbin, Metallo, breaks out during his own testimony with a new supply of kryptonite and escapes with Lillian. Even worse, surveillance footage suggests that Lena herself supplied Metallo with the new kryptonite, leading to her own arrest with the city against her. Kara alone defends her friend despite everyone believing the evidence, but her faith is tested when Metallo arrives to prison to break out Lena for Lillian, fighting off Guardian in the process. Meanwhile, Kara experiences strange feelings after learning that Mon-El’s latest date did not turn out as well as he hoped.

Lillian takes Lena to a secret facility constructed by Lex, using Lena’s Luthor DNA to access the supplies. Back at the DEO, Winn discovers that Hank Henshaw tampered with the surveillance footage, making it appear Lena was responsible. The kryptonite in Metallo turns out to be synthetic and unstable that could threaten to explode and kill anyone around him. Nevertheless, Kara flies to rescue Lena but falls prey to Lex’s technology. As Metallo’s kryptonite threatens to explode, J’onn arrives to help Kara and Lena escape, but Lillian also escapes with the aid of Hank Henshaw. With the new evidence, Lena is exonerated and thanks Kara for her support. Kara and Mon-El then take time to speak honestly about their feelings towards each other when a rift opens in the universe revealing a man named Mr. Mxyzptlik who proclaims his love for Kara. 


  • We get a first appearance of a young Lex Luthor from a flashback.
  • Lex’s technology include a Black Mercy, his battle suit, an axe, and a mystery project. 
  • James references Clark and Lex’s friendship, a connection that was preciously explored in Smallville.
  • Lillian, Lex, and Lena play chess in the flashbacks. Could this be a hint to the organization Checkmate?
Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Man Behind the Shield"

The team trace a location for Mace in Nome, Alaska, but they only discover Mace’s uniform left behind near a collage of Coulson’s activities, warning of a potential trap. Looking further, Daisy notices a mining facility in the collage purchased by Ivanov that connects to a mission Coulson took part in some time ago. With that clue, the team travels to Russia where they discovered corpses from Coulson’s original mission and a phone. Ivanov calls to inform Coulson that these men were killed by Coulson in that mission years back as he continues to torture a de-powered Mace. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons research Radcliffe’s construction of the Framework by designing their own, though their model can’t measure up to Radcliffe’s level. Some time ago, Coulson traveled as a Level 4 agent with Level 3 specialist Melinda May to Russia in a mission to retrieve an 084.

Using a connection to the soldiers and Ivanov’s submarine, they are able to locate Mace’s location as Fitz and Simmons discover a massive code being used for Radcliffe’s Framework that overtakes several locations. The team then moves into the area with Coulson and Daisy confronting Ivanov and Mack rescuing Mace. Daisy fights off Ivanov while Simmons searches the area for AIDA and Radcliffe, but the two seem to have escaped on the submarine. Meanwhile, in the flashback, Russian soldiers lead by Ivanov attempt to block Coulson from taking the 084, but he is rescued by May, leading to their escape. Returning to the base, however, Simmons realizes that Coulson appears to have buried an LMD report on the base. Searching into it, she and Fitz find that Coulson, Mack, Mace, and Daisy have been replaced by LMD models.


  • May references her date with a shrink who likely ends up being Dr. Andrew Garner.
  • Coulson references “bio” working as an excuse, the same point he used in the episode “Melinda.”
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Spectre of the Gun"

Felicity continues to search for Justin Claybourne’s son, Prometheus, by searching for Claybourne’s old mistress. While speaking with Thea at city hall, Oliver comes under the attack of a shooter who brazenly kills seven people. Following the attack, Oliver is pressured as mayor to act in response to a shooting. The team is ultimately split on how to deal with the crisis as Rene argues for owning guns, Curtis argues for gun control, and Felicity tries to end the debate as they search for the shooter. To their surprise, however, the shooter turns out to be a random man named James Edlund who lost his wife and daughters to a shooter. In a flashback, Rene deals with complications regarding his wife’s drug use while raising their daughter. Meanwhile, Diggle assists Dinah in branching out a new life in Star City by helping her get an apartment.

Oliver works with a councilwoman to reignite a city registry with an opposing councilwoman while the rest of the team track Edlund’s next move. Upon discovering Edlund’s history with a shooter killing his family, Oliver then confronts him before he can shoot again and convinces him to turn himself into the police. In the flashback, Rene takes his daughter Zoe out to a hockey game and returns home to a dealer threatening his wife. He fires back with his own weapon, but his wife is still killed in the process. The conflict lead to Rene losing his daughter to child services but inspired him to work on the streets as Wild Dog. After learning the story, Curtis vows to help Rene earn custody of his daughter back. The episode ends with Oliver holding a vigil for the victims outside city hall. 


  • Dinah now works for the SCPD.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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