Friday, December 16, 2016

The Total Evaluation Of Women's Wrestling

The Total Evaluation of Women’s Wrestling

By Sylvester Barzey

I was sitting with my New Day Unicorn and my box of Booty O’s on Monday (We did it! New Day Rocks, New Day Rocks) when I had to shut everything around me out and get lost in what might have been one of the best promos I’ve seen all year! I’m talking about Sasha Banks vs Charlotte in an Iron Man Match at Roadblock! Many may say this back and forth rivalry has run its course because they are stealing TV time from other stars. Some may even call it boring, but I’m not one of those people. In fact, every last one of those people has made The List!

I saw what you posted on Twitter! You just made the list, buddy!

There is nothing boring about what’s going on in Women’s Wrestling right now. This is hands down the best time to be a female in the industry because every company is making moves to showcase their female talent in a big way. We’ve had the first ever female Hell in a Cell Match, Lucha Underground had a female Champion! Do you understand how big that is? Sexy Star is the first female Lucha Underground Champion. If that doesn’t say the sport is changing, I don’t know what does.

Let’s take a look at The Total Evaluation of Women’s Wrestling and see what the future holds as the evolution continues.

We’re not gonna get into who started the WWE Women’s Revolution because we all know it was AJ Lee. Instead, let’s look at how WWE’s push to change their Women’s Division has created a ripple effect throughout the industry. The modern era of Women’s Wrestling has stepped away from the days of “Puppies” and Swimsuit Contests. WWE disconnected from that era and took a big step into the future when they killed the Diva’s Division and rebranded it the Women’s Division.

With this re-branding came far more exposure than anyone expected. We’ve seen women main event Raw in two amazing matches, Smackdown Live let their superstars break out the tables at TLC which lead to Alexa Bliss being crowned the new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, and let’s not forget Lucha Underground and TNA, where female stars not only shine as bright as their male counterparts, they also throw down in intergender match ups.

The Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Trifecta
A Hell in the Cell Match
A Falls Count Anywhere Match
A 30 minute Ironman Match

Say what you want about WWE, but they are killing it when it comes to breaking the glass ceiling in the wrestling industry. All of this is paving the way for moments like the rumored 20 Woman Royal Rumble Match next month. This is all just speculation right now, but the internet is blowing up with fan images, predictions, and just all around excitement! I’ve been a wrestling fan since I could walk over to my dad and drop an elbow on him and I’m gonna be a wrestling fan until the casket drops. I can honestly say with every fiber of my being that I’m more excited about what’s been going on in the world of Women’s Wrestling than anything that’s been going on with the guys lately.

Yes, The Final Deletion was Awesome
Yes, Goldberg Beating Brock Pissed Me Off
Yes, AJ Styles’ heel turn is one of my favorite moments of the year

But I’m A Boss Guy who gets royally blissed off if you try to run to the bathroom during any of these awesome matches in this new era of Women’s Wrestling.

Just like I called Zack Ryder winning The IC title, I am going to call these things into existence as well:

Sasha Banks will Main Event WrestleMania at some point in her career!

Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch will hold the IC title! (Watch your back, Miz)

And if there is a Female Royal Rumble this year, my girl Naomi is gonna make the women’s locker room feel the glow and be the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble winner.

The game has changed boys and girls.

So get with it or get left behind.

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