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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Medusa"

Kara, James, Winn, Alex, Eliza, and Mon-El get together for a Thanksgiving dinner. James plans to tell Kara his secret about being the Guardian while Alex plans to come out to her mother, but both are interrupted by a dimensional breach opening and closing above the table. The next day, Henshaw sneaks into the bar and plants an aerosol bomb that kills every alien in the room, just as Mon-El escapes and becomes infected. Kara attempts to prod Lena for information regarding her mother, but Lena is unsure of Lillian’s connections and becomes angry at Supergirl’s later accusations. In the meantime, Kara attempts to navigate through the possibility that Mon-El might have deeper feelings for her, especially as he kisses her in his weakened state. The DEO, including Eliza, struggle to find a cure for the virus in the bomb, later revealed to be a Kryptonian device called Project Medusa designed by Kara’s father.

As Lena seemingly assists her mother in spreading the virus, Kara and J’onn try to stop it, fighting Henshaw in the process. However, Lena double-crosses her mother and replaces the virus in the device, causing the result to be harmless. Lillian Luthor is imprisoned, and the virus is reverted to the DEO where Eliza creates a cure for Mon-El as well as J’onn’s gradual White Martian transformation. Although Mon-El seems to not remember his kiss with Kara, she neglects to remind him. Unknown to either of them, an alien threat is desperately tracking Mon-El, threatening any world that gets in their way. Following the potential attack on the city, Maggie eventually confides her feelings to Alex who reciprocates them with a kiss. At the end, the dimensional breaches are revealed to be Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon from an alternate Earth who come to ask Kara for her help in a new fight on their world. 


  • Barry returns to Supergirl’s world for the first time since the episode “Worlds’ Finest.”
  • Cisco acts uncomfortable around the word “friend” referring to Barry, hinting his feelings regarding Barry have not changed since The Flash episode “Killer Frost.”
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The Flash "Invasion!"

As Wally continues to excel in speed training, Iris and Joe are less enthusiastic to have him in the field and implore the others to downplay his advancement. An A.R.G.U.S. investigation run by Lyla Diggle soon reveals an invasion of aliens referred to as the Dominators. With the massive threat, Barry recruits Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and Thea Queen from Star City to help in the fight, later tracking and finding the Legends and Supergirl as well. As the rest of the heroes train against Supergirl to fight the aliens, Stein and Jax confide in Barry and Oliver the message they heard from Future Barry, leading Barry to explain his actions in Flashpoint. Though Oliver implores him to keep this a secret until the threat is clear, Cisco later finds the message and admonishes Barry for once again keeping secrets, forcing him to reveal the changes to the rest of the team who are less enthusiastic to hear about Barry’s actions.

The team later attempts to rescue the President kidnapped by the Dominators but fall for a trap that leads to every hero but Oliver and Barry to be mind-controlled against them. With the situation desperate, Wally rushes onto the scene to help Oliver fight the others as Barry distracts Supergirl, though Wally is quickly knocked out. Barry soon tricks Supergirl into attack a Dominator device which frees the heroes from its control. Meanwhile, Caitlin brings Stein back to his home in 2016 where he is surprised to see the woman from his vision who is revealed to be his daughter. Though Wally expects to be berated by Iris and Joe for taking action, they simply express their relief to see him okay and allow him to train with HR. As Supergirl scans the city for more devices, Sara, Diggle, Thea, Ray, and Oliver are each engulfed by a light and taken by the Dominators.


  • Lyla remarks that the Dominators were first seen in 1951. Could this hint at the future episode of Legends of Tomorrow?
  • The area Barry finds to have them practice looks eerily similar to a certain Hall of Justice.
  • Thea refers to Supergirl as “more powerful than a locomotive,” the classic description for Superman himself.
  • Supergirl is revealed to live on Earth-38.
  • Oliver and Diggle confront Vigilante who recently made his appearance in the previous Arrow episode.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Deals with Our Devils"

After Eli Morrow’s escape, the team investigates the area where Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie seemed to have vanished. Though many believe them to be dead, Daisy refuses to deny the possibility of something stranger happening, inspiring May to take the Darkhold to Radcliffe for studying. Mack insists to the Director that they need to interrogate the remaining Chinatown crew, believing them to be connected to Eli, but the Director refuses to act on the thought until they study Eli’s technology. Meanwhile, Simmons is brought in to study and assist an Inhuman still in a terrigenesis cocoon after seven months, who is, in fact, Senator Nadeer’s brother. Unknown to any of the team, however, Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie are alive in the same dimension occupied the ghosts, except they are not seen or heard by the others. From this dimension, the spirit of the Ghost Rider escapes Robbie and inhabits Mack, taking him to face the Chinatown crew for vengeance himself with Daisy trailing behind him.

Unable to comprehend the Darkold, Radcliffe gives the book to AIDA, revealing her android components to May and a still unseen Coulson. With the book, she constructs a portal using unseen technology to open a rift to the other dimension, allowing Coulson and Fitz to return. On the other side, Robbie confronts the Ghost Rider in Mack’s body pleading him to go back to their original deal to go after Eli. The Rider refuses initially until Robbie promises to also settle the rest of the Rider’s scores as well as his own. The spirit leaves Mack’s body and returns to Robbie, throwing him back to the original dimension. After they return to the base, Robbie offers Mack a chance to help him settle his score against Eli. Following the rescue at the base, AIDA begins using the technology from the Darkhold to construct a human brain.


  • Mack holds an image that reads “Hope 4/18/16”. Who or what could this refer to?
  • The senator’s brother’s face is briefly revealed, but what are his new abilities?

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Invasion!"

Oliver lives in what seems to be an alternate universe where his parents appear to be alive, and he is currently engaged to Laurel Lance. However, he keeps seeing flashes of his old life brought on further by seeing Diggle acting as The Hood in Starling City with Felicity assisting him. Meanwhile, Felicity, Curtis, Rory, Ramirez, and Cisco attempt to track Oliver and the others down by using Cisco’s vibes and some stolen Dominator technology. Unfortunately, additional technology they need to stabilize the search has been stolen by a woman named Laura Washington. Oliver eventually confronts Diggle on the visions, leading them to remember the Dominators. However, the world fights back, sending Deathstroke to fight them and causing Sara to remember the truth as well. Though Sara helps snap Ray out of the world, Thea refuses to leave a world where her family is alive. To secure the technology, Felicity contacts the Flash and Supergirl to assist the vigilantes, much to Ramirez’s disgust.

To prevent them from leaving, the world sends Malcolm Merlyn, Damian Darhk, Deathstroke, and an army of ghosts to fight off the group. Thea returns to help her brother, and they succeed in fighting the others. Before they leave, Oliver once again confronts Laurel and sorrowfully explains that he and Sara have to leave. The group escape to a Smoak Technology building where they are able to return to the real world onboard a Dominator spaceship. With the help of their tech support on Earth, the Legends are able to track the group on the ship and successfully rescue them onboard the Waverider. Heywood and Amaya greet them as they begin to piece what happened to them. Because they were not metahumans, the Dominators looked to extract information from the group. Ray confirms this plan as he reveals a message from the Dominators claiming that their weapon is complete as they head towards Earth.


  • As part of the 100th episode special, all of the arrow symbols from the past five seasons appear in the title card.
  • Malcolm refers to Tommy working as a doctor in Chicago, likely a in-show joke referring to Colin Donnell’s role on Chicago Med.  
  • If you notice in the background, the city is still referred to as Starling City.
  • Lance calls the new vigilante The Hood, just like Oliver’s original name in the first season.
  • Oliver references Moira’s old husband Walter Steele as a possible replacement for CEO, just like he was originally CEO in season one.
  • Oliver’s reflexes catching the vase are the same reflexes used in the season four opening “Green Arrow.” Reflexes
  • The gift Thea gives Oliver for his wedding, the hozen, is the same gift Oliver first gave to Thea in the pilot.
  • The bow Cisco uses to vibe is Oliver’s old bow from season one.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "Invasion!"

With the Dominators threatening Earth, the Legends argue to travel to 1951 where the Dominators first arrived to learn of a way to defeat them. In the midst of this, the new President calls to request a meeting with some of the heroes, though Oliver asks Kara to stay behind in order to maintain a semblance of normalcy. Travelling to 1951, Amaya, Rory, and Heywood capture a Dominator but are then apprehended by a secret government agency. Back in 2016, Oliver, Barry, Ray, and Sara are confronted by the same organization and are forced to fight. Felicity and Cisco rescue the Legends as well as the Dominator, allowing the alien to escape as they return to Central City in 2016. There, the agency head reveal that the Dominators arrived after Barry broke their planetary truce in Flashpoint, portraying metahumans as a threat to worlds. Meanwhile, Stein struggles with knowing his actions likely created an Aberration in him having a daughter, Lily, and wonders whether he should correct it.

With a stolen technology, Cisco communicates with the old Dominator who promises to spare the Legends and Earth in exchange for Barry’s life or else threaten the planet’s existence with a bomb. Though Barry plans to turn himself in to save the planet, the others, including Cisco, stand behind him, willing to fight the Dominators to protect one of their own. Regardless, the Dominators set off a bomb to kill off the metahumans. Sara and Cisco attempt to stop the bomb with the Waverider as Firestorm transmutes it. With a weapon developed by Stein, Lily, and Caitlin, the other heroes take out the Dominators, forcing the rest to evacuate the Earth. For their efforts, they receive commendations from the President and celebrate together, with Oliver also giving his appreciation to Supergirl. As the others disperse, Oliver and Barry grab a drink and toast to their strange but full lives. 


  • Cisco develops a new device for small breaches to allow Supergirl to return, possibly for another crossover?
  • Kara refers to the team as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the original name for Marvel's Avengers. 
  • Ray remarks that Kara resembles his cousin, possibly a reference to actor Brandon Routh’s old role as Superman, cousin of Kara Zor-El.
  • Felicity makes another quip in "This looks like a job for Supergirl!" similar to the original phrase to refer to Superman.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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