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The Geekcap Roundup

The Flash "The Present"

Four years ago, Julian worked on tracking the Philosopher’s Stone where he discovered something shocking within an ancient box. In the present, Barry questions Julian upon discovering the stone’s similarity to one used by Dr. Alchemy to create metahumans. When Julian claims to not know anything on Alchemy or Savitar, Barry travels to Earth-3 to find Jay Garrick for advice on the god of speed. Through more research from Iris, they learn of Julian’s connection to the stone just as Julian uses it to summon Savitar. Jay takes on Savitar while Barry secures the stone in the same ancient box and learns Dr. Alchemy’s identity. The team apprehends Julian, and, after Barry reveals his identity, he reveals to experiencing blackouts after the death of his sister and subsequent visions of her still alive. Meanwhile, Wally continues to train with HR, eventually becoming faster than Barry though Joe still disapproves of his actions.

Cisco then begins to see visions of Dante which leads him to opening the box and bringing back Savitar. Before Savitar can kill Barry, Cisco manages to reseal the box, noting that it seems to mess with brainwaves. In the encounter, Julian realizes that the voice he hears comes from Savitar rather than Alchemy, giving the team the idea to have Barry communicate with Savitar through Julian. Savitar, however, give Barry an ominous warning about the future, prompting he and Jay to toss the box into the Speed Force. There, Barry manages to race five months into the future to see Savitar murder Iris before his eyes. Though Barry fears the future, he and the rest of the team continue to celebrate the holidays as Joe makes his move with Cecile and the team presents Wally with his speedster suit. In the end, Barry also presents Iris with his gift: a new apartment for them to share.


  • Mark Hamill reprises his role as the Trickster, this time on Earth-3.
  • In addition to that, he also shares an additional scene with John Wesley Shipp reprising his role as The Flash, albeit Jay Garrick.
  • Of course, we can't ignore the irony that Tom Felton's character explained the origins of the Philosopher's Stone!

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Law of Inferno Dynamics"
Eli gathers the remains of the gang for a new plan, forcing SHIELD to partner with Daisy and Robbie to face him. Daisy, Robbie, and Elena scope out the area until a rim of fire blasts Elena, forcing Robbie on his own to confront his uncle. Using his abilities, Eli traps Robbie in a plutonium container created out of material deriving from the other dimension. FitzSimmons quickly discover the threat of the plutonium as a nuclear bomb which is already causing earthquakes that can be sensed by Daisy. With Los Angeles threatened, Coulson and his team work together with Mace as Coulson reveals Radcliffe’s android project and Mace reveals his bargain with Senator Nadeer for Simmons’ help with the Inhuman. Together, they go after Eli with Coulson being captured as FitzSimmons create an EMP device below run by AIDA with Daisy monitoring the quakes. The device will also reactivate the portal to send the material back where it came from.

Mack, Elena, May, and a suited-up Mace arrive to save Coulson, leaving Robbie as the Ghost Rider to handle his uncle. While Coulson throws Robbie a chain for rescue, Robbie refuses the chance and begins fighting Eli just as a portal opens and takes them both. As the fight clears, Daisy is revealed to the public with her powers, but Mace quickly comes to her aid, referring to her as a hero and agent of SHIELD who has been undercover for work against anti-Inhuman forces. From there, Daisy rejoins SHIELD as the team returns to the base. Mack and Elena finally consummate their relationship by kissing while Mace secretly agrees to keep Radcliffe’s program going. However, it’s revealed at the end that AIDA is actually keeping May captured while a LMD counterpart is on the base.


  • Jeffery Mace makes his first field appearance with a costume that shows some similarities to Captain America down to the red, white, and blue symbols on his chest. It’s a perfect look for a man who has served as both Captain America and the Patriot in the comics.
  • Coulson reveals to Daisy that he believes she would be ideal for the position of Director. She scoffs replying “maybe in the comic book version.” Of course, Daisy Johnson has served as Director of SHIELD in the comic books!

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "What We Leave Behind"
With Evelyn’s help, Prometheus gathers the locations of all of Oliver’s team, leading to an attack on Curtis at the mayoral Christmas party. Despite Felicity’s warnings, Detective Malone continues his search with the anti-crime unit to track down Prometheus. The rest of Team Arrow use their own resources to look for the killer but soon discover Evelyn’s betrayal as she helps Prometheus escape. Four years ago, Oliver and Diggle, with some additional help from a still-unaware Felicity, track down a corrupt CEO named Justin Claybourne who was on Oliver’s father’s list for hiking prices for TB medicine and weaponizing the disease. In the present, connected the Prometheus’s weapons, the team soon suspect that Claybourne is actually behind this. However, upon further discovery from Malone, they discover Claybourne had a son, one that would likely want revenge on Oliver for killing his father.

Prometheus kidnaps Malone, forcing Oliver to return to the site where killed Claybourne to find him. Prometheus taunts Oliver by threatening to take everything away from him piece by piece, leading Oliver to shoot him. Unfortunately, it’s revealed that this figure was actually Malone forced to don the costume as a device echoed Prometheus’s voice. After his death, Oliver warns the team to stay clear of him from now on, but they insist on staying. Still, Curtis’ husband Paul leaves him upon discovering his work with the Green Arrow, and Diggle is eventually recaptured for his escape from federal prison. Meanwhile, Oliver copes with the harshness by spending a night with Susan. The next morning, Oliver is then shocked to go to the lair and find Laurel Lance. 


  • Felicity references that people who are dead tend to reveal to be alive “every Wednesday,” the same day the show airs on the CW.
  • Oliver remarks that Prometheus seemed to have learn a move from a "woman in Russia" who taught him. Could this be the already cast Talia Al Ghul?
  • Oliver's original identity The Hood makes a reappearance.

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Legends of Tomorrow "The Chicago Way"
In Chicago 1927, Darhk and Thawne offer their services to Al Capone with the help of their new associate Malcolm Merlyn. The Legends soon find the interference following Capone killing Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, resulting in Capone becoming mayor. To learn more, Heywood and Ray go undercover as agents while Sara, Stein, and Jax investigate a speakeasy. At the speakeasy, they find Darhk, but, before they can fight, Thawne speeds through the room and kidnaps Stein and Sara before the agents can retaliate. With Stein and Sara in captivity, they meet Malcolm Merlyn who offers Sara a new life without the crashing of the Gambit in exchange for the amulet in the Legends’ possession. Meanwhile, Rory keeps having visions of Snart taunting him for working with the Legends as Stein questions whether to tell Sara about his daughter.

When Sara refuses the offer, Stein admits to his own change in time with his daughter. As Sara objects to his actions, Darhk takes him to be tortured by Thawne. As Ray and Heywood work together to find evidence to stop Capone, the rest of the team rescues the others and beat Capone’s men. However, Thawne sneaks onto the Waverider disguised as Stein to find the amulet and allows Malcolm and Capone’s men onboard. The Legends fight off the villains, but before Thawne can finish one of them off, an alarm goes off, forcing him to run. To get them off the ship, Sara exchanges the amulet for Stein’s location. She rescues him from Stein’s men and promises to protect his daughter. In private, Darhk, Thawne, and Malcolm gather the amulets to create a map to the Spear of Destiny, but they require the skills of Rip Hunter, who is revealed to be living as an American film director in 1967.


  • Ray's undercover name is Bob DeNiro, after famed actor Robert DeNiro
  • Rory refers to the team of him and Amaya as Bonnie and Clyde.
  • The Spear of Destiny, though a real mythological object, did appear in the comics owned by Hitler. 

Photo Credit: DC/CW

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