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Rebels Recap: Star Wars Rebels “Iron Squadron” & “The Wynkahtu Job”

Star Wars Rebels has had our main character Ezra learn and grow throughout the series, and in these two episodes, we will discover that our young Jedi still has much to learn.  So, we will discuss the episode’s events and those events effects on Ezra. The two episodes that we will discuss in this recap are, “Iron Squadron” and “The Wynkahtu Job.” Both episodes had different lessons for Ezra, and both were equally entertaining to watch. So, from this point on you have been warned SPOILER ALERT.

Let’s start with the episode, “Iron Squadron” first has it takes us on a journey to help save a lost loved one, a mission that means much to Commander Sato because his nephew lives and continues to fight under his father squadron’s name. Hence the name the Iron Squadron but Sato unable to reach his nephew right away allows the ghost crew to step in for the assist.

The mission starts off relatively easy with the ghost crew saving the civilians from the planet, but the iron squadron is not willing to flee their home. The iron squadron consists of three kids one being Mart Mattin the nephew of Sato and one droid has feisty as chopper.  The ghost crew witnesses them face a small Imperial vessel and win. Once the ghost crew boards they see the ship needs repairs.  Ezra meets Mart and tries to convince him to leave with them and that this was the best course of action, especially since they have yet to face the full power of the Empire.

Mart gets his crew to safety, but he stays behind to confront the empire and is outgunned and immediately calls for help. The ghost crew and Commander Sato come to his rescue.  Grand Admiral Thrawn makes a brief appearance taking a back seat and observing and learning more about the rebels. Once again, he allows the rebels to escape and already knows that they will meet again. Ezra learns that it’s ok to fight, but you must know when to fight and when to leave so that you can fight another day.

This next episode “The Wynkahtu Job” brings back some funny characters and another heist job.  Hondo returns with a mission that will benefit both parties but is extremely dangerous.  The mission is to extract some proton bombs and treasure from a ship that his falling into a storm that will wreck it.

But knowing Hondo there is another catch, and that would be his new partner Azmorigan. He wants to come on the mission, so Hondo doesn’t claim all the treasure for himself.  The mission leader is Zeb and Ezra is not too happy about Hera’s choice seeing as he brought this information to the crew. Ezra is still keen to be in charge even though his last mission was a disaster and did involve Hondo.

So, the ghost crew reaches the ship and boards and finds the bombs and treasure, but it’s never that easy on this show. They awaken the guards who are some scary droids that are hard to kill.  So now they are running for their lives from these droids and escape just before the ship explodes. They get to ghost ship with the bombs minus the treasure. Ezra is starting to learn to follow direction and not always be in control and not put so much trust in Hondo he is a pirate. I can’t wait for the next adventure and lesson on Star Wars Rebels.

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