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The Geekcap Roundup

Supergirl "Ace Reporter"

During an ordinary day, Lena asks Kara to accompany her to a conference on nanotechnology hosted by her ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer. There, Spheer debuts a new technology called Biomax which promises huge medical advancements, but a former lab technician warns Kara that the human tests were faked, making the nanobots dangerous. After he is killed after his warning, Kara follows a lead by Snapper Carr to a supposed human test subject where they are attacked by a swarm of nanobots. With no leads, she is forced to crash a date between Lena and Spheer with Mon-El to learn more. Mon-El secretly steals Spheer’s security badge, leading the tow to his office. From his research, they discover evidence of the nanobots’ destruction covered up by Spheer who injected himself with the technology. Meanwhile, Winn’s girlfriend Lyra joins Guardian on his nightly missions, though her aggressive behavior leads to a conflict between the couple.

Kara warns Lena on Spheer’s deception, giving her some of their evidence to indict him. To promote the truth, Kara apologizes to Carr and offers her own work to corroborate their knowledge of Biomax. While Kara is correct that there were no human trials, Carr finds that the company’s CFO Beth Breen stands to gain from Biomax failing, believing her to be behind the scandal. Lean confronts Spheer on Biomax and discovers Beth Breen to be controlling the nanobots as well as Spheer, working to extend the control around the city. Supergirl arrives to fight off the nanobots as Lena fights off Breen. Eventually, Lena gets the opening to shut down the mainframe, but the act also kills Spheer from his connection to the nanobots. Meanwhile, James ultimately agrees to let Lyra work with him so long as she follows his orders. Because of her work, Carr re-hires Kara to CatCo Media, and Lena is paid a visit by Rhea who offers a business proposition.


  • Jack Spheer was previously a villain under the alias Biomax with the ability to control others.
  • Mon-El is seen reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Photo Credit: DC/CW

The Flash "The Once and Future Flash"

Barry decides to travel to 2024 to discover Savitar’s identity. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a future with a Barry devastated by Iris’s death, a paralyzed Wally, a grieving Joe, an isolated Cisco, and Julian keeping Killer Frost prisoner in his lab after the latter joined up with Savitar with the city overrun by an even stronger Mirror Master and Top. Even worse, future Barry admits to not knowing Savitar’s real identity, advising Barry to return home. However, when Barry attempts to return home, he finds himself unable to open a breach, especially when Cisco reveals he has lost his powers after confronting Caitlin years ago. Barry once again confronts his future self who reveals that while he was able to trap Savitar in the Speed Force, he was still unable to save Iris. Meanwhile, the remaining team at STAR Labs struggle to consider what to do next when Caitlin escapes the lab as Killer Frost.

Under Cisco’s advice, Barry regathers the members of the team to help him reopen the breach to return him home. Gathering Julian, Joe, and HR, Barry convinces the group to work together again to take on the Rogues. Though the two nearly overpower Barry, his future self finally joins in, using a device made by Cisco to short-out the Rogues’ powers. Inspired by his past self, future Barry decides to reset the team. As a sign of thanks, he gives Barry a drive with information from Tracy Brand, someone who helped him trap Savitar, though he warns the technology wasn’t available until four years after Iris’s death. Together, they help Barry return to 2017 with a new plan to find Caitlin before she teams up with Savitar. Meanwhile, Killer Frost comes face-to-face with Savitar outside the city who offers to make sure Caitlin never returns. When she questions why she should trust him, Savitar removes his armor, revealing his identity to her.


  • Cisco refers to a future fight between him and Killer Frost.
  • Barry’s costume in 2024 more closely resembles his comic counterpart’s.
  • This episode was directed by cast member Tom Cavanaugh. 

Photo Credit: DC/CW

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "All the Madame's Men"

Daisy and May fight their way through the Hydra facility with Daisy blasting Madame Hydra to escape. With Madame Hydra injured, Fitz takes control and orders a manhunt for the two agents while the Resistance scramble to develop a new plan after the death of the Patriot. As Daisy and May try to find shelter, they are soon surrounded by Hydra soldiers, alerting the base. Coulson and Mack then leave to rescue their friend and, upon Daisy’s defense, allow May to travel with them back to the base. Meanwhile, Simmons finds evidence of Project Looking Glass located in Ivanov’s property on the Baltic Sea, leading she and Trip on a reconnaissance mission. From there, she discovers Aida’s real plan is to create a real body.

On Madame Hydra’s orders, Fitz continues preparation on Project Looking Glass to ensure her betterment in “the other world.” On Fitz’s orders, his father interrogates Radcliffe for Daisy and May’s location, but he refuses to give up information to someone he calls “a snippet of code.” Using May’s footage of the Patriot’s death, the team broadcasts the truth behind Hydra with Coulson revealing himself to be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The reveal leads to an uprising in the public with people rallying at the station to help S.H.I.E.L.D.’s cause. In the real world, Ivanov grows restless at his inability to kill in his new body, but Aida reveals her plan to override that restriction with her new machine. In addition, Ivanov reveals his men have located Daisy and Simmons on a SHIELD jet, ready to be shot down at his orders.


  • Sunil Bakshi makes a reappearance as a Hydra newscaster.
  • Ward reveals in this world that he was taken in by Victoria Hand instead of John Garrett.
  • Bill Paxton makes an appearance in an image on a newscreen.
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

Arrow "Dangerous Liaisons"

An ARGUS agent is found dead in an elevator shaft, leading the team to look into the murder as Felicity connects back to Helix. To her shock, she discovers Helix to be behind the murder as they plan to find and release their associate Cayden James from ARGUS. In exchange for her help, Helix offers Felicity a piece of James’s tech which could allow her to locate Chase anywhere. While Felicity explains her option to the team, Lyla refuses to cave in to Helix’s demands, leading Oliver and Felicity to be on separate sides. Meanwhile, Lance connects with Ramirez after discovering the situation surrounding his daughter. However, he is surprised to learn that Ramirez chooses not to visit his daughter even though he has a chance. To make things right, Lance sets up a meeting between the two and begins helping on the case to allow Ramirez visits.

The team attempts to block Helix’s breakout of Cayden James, but they are surprised to find that his location is actually in a black ops location miles from ARGUS. Helix begins attacking the correct spot, forcing Felicity to choose to help them escape and prevent her friends from stopping the plan. Meanwhile, Diggle confronts Lyla for essentially holding a man in prison without due process, but Lyla stands by her choice, believing Cayden James to be too dangerous to be set free, creating a tension between the couple. After the heist, Felicity returns to Helix to find it abandoned after Helix discovers her loyalty to her team. Nevertheless, she obtains a new code to help the team track Chase. To their surprise, the program reveals Chase to be inside the lair, and a large explosion goes off with Oliver and Felicity inside the chaos.


  • Cayden James is heavily mentioned without being seen. Could he play a role in season six?
Photo Credit: DC/CW

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