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Archer Review: Archer Dreamland “No Good Deed”

Our favorite spy returned in a spectacular premiere episode in Archer Dreamland “No Good Deeds.”  In this visually stunning and noir themed premiere episode that did not disappoint although others might disagree. This one article had written that the show was taking itself too seriously and that it forgot to be funny. Not sure what show they were watching because I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe they couldn’t get the humor. My overall opinion was that I enjoyed the show from start to finish so much that I watched it three more times. Also, got to play the app that goes along with the show which was fun cracking a case while watching the episode.  So, let’s dive right into this episode, but before we continue, you are warned there are SPOILERS throughout the remainder of this review.

The episode starts where season 7 ended with Archer floating in a pool presumed dead. The next scene is a funeral scene but not for Archer but for Woodhouse and everyone is attendance expect for Archer.  The voice actor for Woodhouse had passed away some time ago, so this was the show's way of showing respect for their cast member. The next scene we see Archer in a hospital bed, and we see Lana and Malory watching over him and wondering if he knows that Woodhouse is dead and of course when and if Archer will wake up.  The camera zooms into Archer's face till just his eyes show, and then he opens his eyes. The character is internalizing what’s happening around him which is when we enter Dreamland a world of his making.

In this world, Archer is private investigator trying to solve the murder of his partner Woodhouse. Who has been shot down in an alley and the lead detective on the case is Detective Lieutenant Figgis along with his partner Detective Sergeant Poovey who is usually the muscle.  Figgis ask where Archer was at the time of Woodlouse’s murder and Archer replies with your wife.  Which is totally classic Archer so even though this is the world of his making our beloved characters personalities are not far from the those we have come to know. Archer decides not to trust them to solve Woodhouse’s murder, so he does his own investigating.
He decides to visit Woodhouse’s drug dealer for answers. Who’s is played by Krieger who is also a bartender.  Archer tries to play tough guy, but he is knocked out by the club’s bouncer. He proceeds to carry him into the club to see the club owner Mother. During that scene, we catch a glimpse of Ray who is a band leader. The entire dialogue between Malory know as Mother who is a crime boss, and club owner and Archer was fantastic. It was non-stop back and forth banter but here’s what was discussed; she has information about the death of Archer’s partner. To get the information, he needs to do something for her, and that something is surveillance on a shipment from a rival crime boss, Len Trexler. Which this immediately makes Archer step back due to his reputation, but he hears and catches a glimpse of Lana Kane. She plays sexy lounge singer in this reality and Archer says yes to the deal and then immediately goes to meet Lana.
It was cool to see Lana and Archer meet for the first time in this reality. She wanted nothing to do with him, so the interaction was short but still entertaining. The next scene shows Archer going back to his office, and he finds a letter from Woodhouse talking about his murder, but Archer says he’ll read it another time. We find Archer on the road to do some surveillance, and once he gets there, he decides to climb for a better viewpoint. Once Archer climbs, he starts having memory flashes of time in the army so his subconscious self his working through a traumatic event and the flashes continue further on in the episode.  He sees a crooked cop getting a payoff, and Chinese women are brought off a ship onto a truck in handcuffs. So, Archer teams up with Poovey and jumps onto the moving truck.  Archer and Poovey quickly take out the guards in back, and Poovey shoots them because they see her face. They also take out three guards in the front this time not killing them because they decide to put on a mask. We see Barry return but not as a cyborg though, and Archer does end up running over his leg which was hilarious.
Next scene is Archer telling Poovey she is responsible for the girls and must find them jobs. Meanwhile, Archer finds that his safe has been broken into and that Mother has found out about his rescue mission. Since it put her operation in danger, Archer now owes her which means he does whatever she demands. Not happy about the turn of events he returns to his office and a client walks through the door. Cheryl as Charlotte Vandertunt returns and is pretty much the same character expect that now her family’s money is from publishing instead of railroads. She then asks Archer if he will murder her and he responds ok and points a gun at her.  This episode ends here, and the next episode will pick up from this point.  Prepare yourself for another wild and hilariously adventure this Wednesday on FXX at 10:00 pm Archer Dreamland “Bernice.”
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