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Archer Review: Archer Dreamland “Bernice”

Archer returned with an all-new episode titled “Bernice.” The name will mean more once we start reviewing the episode. I enjoyed the premiere, and this follow-up did not disappoint. This episode brought in plenty of laughs and left us wanting more by ending on a cliffhanger. So, without further a due let’s review this episode. A SPOILER ALERT is now in effect for the remainder of this review.

The episode starts where the premiere left off with Archer pointing a gun at Charlotte. She immediately starts to beat him up with her purse, because she wants them to fake her murder not kill her.  She continues by insulting him and his office and explains payment and it includes her body which she says is nonnegotiable.  Archer wasn’t up to the task and blames it on a rough night and his ear hurting. Which leads her to say with much excitement I have codeine. Both start consuming it like candy while eating at a diner. 

They begin to discuss this half-concocted plan. Archer explains that she needs someone with similar features and dental records to make this work. Here's when things get even weirder as Charlotte shows him a dead body in her truck. She shows Archer the dead maids teeth and moves her around like a marionette. Disturbing but oddly very funny and Archer’s facial expressions during this scene make the moment even more humorous.  Charlotte tells Archer how the maid's death was her brother’s fault because he got her pregnant. And that led her to get an abortion that resulted in her untimely death. To put Archer's mind at ease, she promises to give another 10,000 to the maid’s family. It doesn’t help for closure but maybe clears her conscious. So, the plan now is to drive the body off a cliff to make it look like Charlotte got in a fatal car accident.  But first, the maid must look the part, so they drive to Charlotte’s hotel.
Meanwhile, Barry is in a hospital bed with no feet, while Len Trexler tries to give him a pep talk. He calls a number for Barry and Krieger is on the other line. It looks like cyborg Barry may make an appearance in Dreamland. Len Trexler meets Figgis and Poovey to talk about his stolen shipment of Chinese women, and he wants them back as soon as possible. Back with Archer and Charlotte, they start to argue over what to do with the body. She refuses to dress the body outside and says they must bring it inside.  Crazy right but they do it, and the bell hopper didn’t even think they look suspicious he just opens the door. Archer gives the maid a name which is the title of the episode Bernice.  But then Charlotte starts to argue again about going through the revolving door instead because it releases less air conditioning.  And Archer replies, “the regular door is wide ass open.”  So, the point is mute.  The back and forth between these two characters was so entertaining to watch and kept me laughing.

They make it up to the room and Archer starts putting makeup on Bernice which looks horrible. The two argue again and then start making out and end up in bed together in the next scene.  Charlotte begins to talk about whoever ransacked his office knew he would be there at the time.  They both get dress and head over to Dreamland because Archer believes Mother is behind what happened at his office. Once they arrive Figgis and Poovey are already talking to Mother because they think she is to blame for the missing shipment.  Mother turns down the allegations, and the two leave and Figgis purposely bumps into Archer and calls him a dick.  Which Archer says, “slang for detective so not an insult.”
Archer tries to accuse her but that’s quickly shot down, and she tells him to come back at midnight for another job. He says yes and then goes to retrieve Charlotte to leave. But before they could go they bump into Lana Kane which makes Archer all nervous. Charlotte sees that he likes Lana and proceeds to yell out that she had sex with Archer.  Leaving Archer mortified and contemplated throwing her off the cliff instead.  As the two of them are driving, she continues to annoy him by repeatedly saying there’s someone following them. But Archer ignores her and pulls over to the spot where they’re going to push the car over. Archer exits the car and is immediately run over, and Charlotte rushes to his side. It causes another army flashback, and Charlotte shoots three times at some unsuspecting tourists whose headlights weren’t working.
Archer says your crazy, and I’m thinking duh she’s nuts. Archer gets the body out of the trunk and Charlotte is holding the lighter fluid. Then headlights turn on from behind revealing Figgis and Poovey have been following them, and the episode ends. It is great because the viewers and I can't wait to see what crazy things happen next. The next episode will air next Wednesday on FXX at 10:00 PM Archer Dreamland “Jane Doe.” Can’t wait to see more of this season’s comedic and epic moments unfold.
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Created by: Jasmine Yard
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