Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Geekcap Roundup: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "No Regrets"

Coulson and Mace find and apprehend a Hydra prison bus to allow them to infiltrate a reeducation camp. Despite Coulson’s warnings, Simmons attempts to reach out to Mace, but he doubts her story about their reality being false. However, she becomes concerned when she learns about Mack’s daughter in the Framework. Meanwhile, Daisy is tortured for the location of the Resistance by Fitz and Madame Hydra, who offers Daisy a chance at a new life away with Lincoln in exchange for surrendering. After refusing the offer, she soon learns from Radcliffe about a secret backdoor that could provide their escape. Despite working well into Project Looking Glass, Fitz expresses some mixed feelings after killing Agnes, something his father cautions him against in Hydra. In order to take on the Patriot, May volunteers herself to test a new serum to augment her strength against the Inhuman.

Using the bus, Coulson and Mace sneak into the Hydra camp to recover Mace’s infiltrator: Antoine Triplett. Simmons and Ward later join the group to provide an escape as Coulson leaves to rescue captured children. Unfortunately, May catches up with Mace, and the two square off in a fight that ultimately ends in a victory for Mace. May then calls for an attack on the building to kill the team but is surprised to learn that it contains child prisoners. Mace ultimately sacrifices himself to let the others escape, leading to his death in the real world as well. Despite seeing the team as terrorists, May allows them to escape, acknowledging Mace’s sacrifice. Following the team’s escape, May confronts Daisy in captivity. Knowing about Daisy’s status as an Inhuman, May tosses a terrigen crystal, causing Daisy to once again go through Terrigenesis.


  • Coulson refers to breaking out in “hives” seeing Ward, referencing his previous role as Hive.
  • Adam Kulbersh reprises his role as Hydra scientist Kenneth in the Framework. He’s revealed to be developing a strength serum like the one made by Daisy’s father Cal down to the hint of peppermint.
  • Coulson references Bakshi News, named after former Hydra agent Bakshi.
  • In a news report, there is a report of an Inhuman with lion paws, reminiscent of the Griffin, Yo-Yo’s father in the comics.
  • Hope’s history book references Daniel Whitehall, former head of Hydra.
  • Antoine Triplett makes his first reappearance since his death in season two. 
Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

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