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The Geekcap: Legends of Tomorrow "Legendary"

The Waverider arrives in Star City 2016. Because of the randomness of time without the oculus, Rip has decided to bring everyone back to the meeting point. The team argue that the mission isn’t finished if Savage is still alive, but Rip states that since they can’t find Savage, and can’t kill him with Carter and Kendra, they are better off returning to their regular lives. However, because of the randomness of time now, he could only get them to May 2016, five months after they left. They continue to argue on staying, but Rip reveals he already made the choice by showing that the Rip they were speaking to was a hologram. The real Rip takes off on the Waverider, leaving the others behind in the present. Each member then returns to their old lives.

Sara returns to the Arrow lair where she finds her father waiting by the computers. He informs her about an attack by Damian Dahrk, which Sara remarks is business as usual. However, Lance tearfully informs her that in the time she was gone Laurel has been killed by Dahrk. Sara breaks down as she hugs her father.

Rory returns to crime, giving a new partner Snart’s old cold gun. However, he finds that the new recruit wastefully uses the weapon and therefore incinerates him. The crime is interrupted by Ray who asks for a talk. Ray formally apologizes for what happened to Snart, believing that he was the one destined to die. Rory thinks nothing of the situation, but Ray sees it as an opportunity for them to have a new partnership, especially when they both have the same goal in mind. Meanwhile, Stein reunites with his wife, though she notices that he has been noticeably quiet about his sabbatical. Stein reveals that he believes that his work was not yet done.

The team then reunites at the meeting point where both Ray and Stein come up with a machine to contact the Waverider. Rip, listening to recordings of his wife and children, receives the message from Gideon and returns to recruit the team, despite his previous reservations.

In 1944, Kendra escapes from Savage and runs into a French soldier. She implores him to escape but then recognizes his helmet. Kendra takes the soldier’s helmet and writes down a message to place inside the lining. Savage then arrives and kills the soldier to take back Kendra back to the ship.

Back on the Waverider, Sara immediately attacks Rip for knowing about Laurel’s death. He warns her about messing with the timeline, but she demands that Rip takes her back to save her sister. Moving quickly, Rip knocks her out and has Rory takes her to her room to sleep it off. The rest of the team then try to find a way to locate Savage without the oculus. They notice an old World War II helmet that was moved from its original spot. Rip understands it as a temporal change when something occurs in the past that ripples in the future. Inside the helmet, they find Kendra’s message with her location in France of 1944.

In 1944, Kendra wakes to find herself strapped to a chair in the ship. Carter wakes up next to her, still disoriented but seemingly recognizing Kendra. Savage interrupts the two to take blood from Carter. Kendra orders him away from Carter, but Savage explains his plan. Kendra and Carter’s blood arise from the meteorites that fell upon the region in 1700 B.C. Those meteorites, he reveals, contained Thanagarian materials which granted Carter and Kendra powers. Now, with their blood, Savage plans to erase time back to 1700 B.C. where he can ultimately rule.

Rip finally confronts Sara on Laurel’s death. Sara once again asks to go back to save her sister, but Rip further explains. Taking Sara resulted in Laurel’s death, but returning Sara to the timeline would have resulted in Laurel, Lance, and Sara’s death. Sara argues that he can’t be sure that it will happen, but Rip insists that they can’t risk it. Sara tearfully states that she can’t continue knowing that Laurel has died. This leads to Rip admitting that she can because she is the strongest woman he knows. She the agrees to help save Kendra.

The team arrives just as Savage attempts to attack some soldiers. Firestorm meanwhile finds the ship and rescues Kendra, freeing Carter in the process. The rest of the team fights off against Savage, holding their own while Firestorm leads Kendra and Carter to the Waverider. When a soldier confronts them, Firestorm takes hold of his weapon, causing it to dissolve in his hands. Jax marvels at what occurred which Stein explains was transmutation, changing the molecular structure of an object. The team escapes to the Waverider, except for Kendra who was shot by a soldier and fell to the ground.

Stein: Concentrate!
Jax: Why are you always saying that like I'm not concentrating?

On the Waverider, Carter attempts to explain what he knows to help the team. He recalls Savage describing the meteors as Thanagarian technology and how Savage stole their blood. Whatever Savage has planned, they also realize it involves the meteor that was spotted in 1958. Meanwhile, Jax hopes to practice the transmutation move with Stein since he was shocked at the action earlier. Using Ray and Kendra’s lucky vase, the two as Firestorm attempt to transmute the material, but the vase instead shatters to pieces. Stein encourages Jax to keep trying since the third time’s usually the charm. From that revelation, Stein realizes just what Savage wants to do.

Rip and Stein discover that Savage wants to detonate the Thanagarian meteors in three different time periods using a ritual with Carter and Kendra’s blood. With the power from the meteors and the paradoxical actions, he could effectively send the time stream back to 1700 B.C., the time of the first temporal displacement. Using coordinates from the distance between Earth and Thanagar, Stein figures that the three time periods to find and set off the meteors would be 1958, 1975, and 2021. With Savage’s power of immortality and a time machine, he can effectively set them off at the same time using his past selves. As they speak, Savage meets with his past self from 1958 to plot to detonate the meteor from that period. Fortunately, the radiation from having contact with the meteor should be enough for the team to kill him once and for all.

In order to stop Savage, the team breaks up into three groups to stop the meteors. Ray and Rory track Savage to Harmony Falls 1958, the site of the crash. Sara and Firestorm follow Savage to Norway in 1975. Finally, Rip and Carter find Savage and Kendra in St. Roch 2021. Once Savage activates the ritual, the team attacks. Ray and Rory take on Savage together while Sara fights Savage one-on-one. Carter tries fighting Savage on his own but struggles in the fight. Seeing Carter hurt, Kendra bursts from her restraints and takes on Savage, stabbing him. The fight continues across the three timelines, leading to Rory torching Savage and Sara snapping his neck. In 2021, Savage starts to bleed out, but he still taunts Rip on how killing him will not bring back his family. Rip tosses him into an electrical system, effectively killing the dictator.

Although the fight is finished, the meteors begin to go critical. Ray stops the meteor in 1958 by using his new technology to shrink the blow. In 1975, Firestorm combines Jax and Stein’s concentration to transmute the meteor into water. However, when the team meet up in 2021, neither are able to stop the third meteor as their power has been spent. The team believes that they could fly the meteor out, but none of them have the speed or power to eliminate the threat. Rip then arrives with the Waverider to drag the meteor out on its tractor beam. Unfortunately, his idea is to fly the meteor into the sun with him on the ship.

Sara: Aw, man. You got my boots wet!

The team try talking him out of the mission, but Rip simply thanks them for their dedication and states his was proud to be their captain. As he flies into the sun, he sees a vision of his wife and son one last time. However, he later emerges and converses with Gideon who is as unprepared to die as he is. He then prepares for one last time jump.

Twenty minutes before he left, Rip returns with the meteor destroyed in a temporal displacement. He picks up the team and agrees to take them back to where they desire. However, he plans to stay with the Waverider. With the oculus destroyed, someone needs to protect the timeline. As a former Time Master, Rip sees himself as an ideal guardian. With that in mind, he offers the rest of the team the opportunity to rejoin him.

In the present day, everyone considers the offer as they return to their lives. Sara visits Laurel’s grave with her father, offering flowers in her honor. Sara believes that she should stay and fight Dahrk in Laurel’s name, but Lance helps to remind her that Laurel was the reason for her to go on the Waverider in the first place. Stein returns to his wife, but she and a returning Jax then convince him that he is meant for bigger things, such as protecting the timeline. Rory, however, arrives in a 2013 Central City bar to see Snart alive and well. Snart is confused as to why Rory called him, but Rory simply tells him that he is the best man he knows, a hero even if he doesn’t know it. Snart shrugs it off, so Rory returns to Rip and Ray outside a bar. Rip reminds Rory that he could visit Snart anytime he likes in the past to see him again.

The team meet up once again in 2016 to rejoin Rip’s mission. However, Kendra and Carter decline the offer, desiring to live a life without Vandal Savage following them. They come to say their goodbyes and fly off, leaving the team for a new adventure. Just then, a second Waverider appears in the distance and lands near them. A man emerges from the ship and asks them for the date. Confirming that it is May 2016, he warns them against getting on the ship for the risk of death. Rory is skeptical of the man, but the figure states he was sent by Rory himself. He introduces himself as Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America. 

Notes of Tomorrow

  • The three different timelines of the fight also take place in "Pilot, Part 2" and "Night of the Hawk."
  • Rex Tyler is also known as Hourman, a hero with a chemical drug that grants him superhuman beings for one hour at a time.
  • Rex also references the Justice Society of America which, as we all know, is the precursor for the Justice League!

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