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The Geekcap: 12 Monkeys "Bodies of Water"

In a grand room, Olivia drinks a liquid from a basin. Then, she encounters a vision in the red forest and enters the house. She questions the Witness on the events that occurred since they went against the original plan foretold to them. A message on the wall assures her that “time evolves” and then tells her to find Cassandra Raily. Olivia responds that the doctor has nothing to do with their mission now only to be assaulted with walls filled with the word “no.” She wakes to find the Pallid Man who, unlike her, comprehends the changing timeline ahead of them. She orders him to find Cassie.

Meanwhile, in 2044, Jones shows Cole the red sky outside their base, predicting the end of time. They confront the Daughters, but they state that Jennifer will only see Cole. He meets the older Jennifer for the first time and discuss the situation before them. The Army of the 12 Monkeys is killing primaries to cause paradoxes, putting Jennifer in danger. She maintains that in this period she is safe with the protection of her Daughters, but she does warn that even one more dead primary could throw the world off balance. However, the two figure that with Jennifer from 2016 they can locate other primaries to secure them. Cole offers to go back, but Jennifer stops her. She remembers the encounter in the past, but it wasn’t Cole who came for her. It was Cassie.

Cassie is less enthusiastic about going back for Jennifer Goines, but Cole explains to her that she has to as reported by Jennifer. Ramse actually agrees with Cassie considering Jennifer’s sporadic behavior while Cole continues to defend her. Cassie agrees to go and, off Cole’s concern, states that she will put a report in the newspaper for him to come after her if things go horribly.

Eckland walks out to find Jones smoking on the roof instead of being present at the splinter. He states that she was never one to miss a splinter in the time he’s known her. Jones instead remarks on how the events now are simply proving how fruitless their actions have been. Eckland simply barks at her to cut her self-wallowing and to come back into the lab, something that surprises Jones. She asks if he usually talked to her that way to which Eckland replies that he did. Before they leave, he spots one of Deacon’s men running back into the facility.

The man arrives stating that he escaped one of Deacon’s enemies the Foreman. Deacon, however, questions how he escaped when the other four men died. Believing that the man betrayed him by running, Deacon shoots his soldier, leaving him to die in the hall. Ramse witnesses the event, horrified that Deacon was allowed to kill openly inside of the base.

Deacon then confronts Cassie on what happened. She argues that he can’t openly kill people like that, but he states that he needs to eliminate people who would betray him. He’s more confused that Cassie would go back to help Jennifer since she earlier was willing to kill her. Cassie simply takes the serum and prepares to splinter. Cole confronts Deacon on killing the man, but Deacon instead cracks about Cassie having to go back to fix Cole’s mess.

Deacon: Hey look, it's time-Jesus.

In 2016, Jennifer lives a peaceful life with no visions thanks to a regulated system of pills. She meets with some friends at the Emerson Hotel’s bar, much to the disappointment of them. With Jennifer’s money, they should be able to go anywhere, but Jennifer hints that she’s waiting for someone. She then leaves to speak to the bellboy. Upon her usual request, he reveals today that there is someone in room 607. Jennifer quickly runs to the room, only to be shocked and disappointed to see Cassie. Cassie quickly tries to take Jennifer, but the woman refuses after living a life without the visions. Cassie warns her that the army is killing primaries and already killed Tommy Crawford who recognized Jennifer’s name. The two are interrupted by one of Jennifer’s friends who immediately attacks Cassie. Cassie then fights back and evacuates Jennifer out of the hotel.

Cole then confronts Jones about Deacon’s recent killings. Jones states that while she is not okay with the killing she must appease Deacon for the West 7 protection. With the state of things now, she believes they are vulnerable to the outside world. Ramse then argues that they are vulnerable inside if they keep playing by Deacon’s rules. Jones refuses to hear more about it, but the two men believe that it would be for the best if Deacon were no longer on the base.

Cassie drives Jennifer, though both women are still upset at being forced together by older Jennifer. Jennifer still states that she no longer sees the visions due to her drugs. They then stop at a gas station where Cassie goes through Jennifer’s belongings and drugs. Cassie theorizes if they stop Jennifer’s intake that they can restart the visions but then realizes that they need a trigger to activate them. 

Cassie explores Jennifer’s old asylum files and spots something referring to Jennifer’s mother. At the memory, Jennifer then stops and starts seeing a vision of an old woman. Since the trigger has proven to start the vision, Jennifer agrees to visit the site of her trauma, her family’s summer house, after they stop for some snacks. At this change, Olivia and the Pallid man start to track the women after discovering Cassie’s plan to find the primaries by mentioning Tommy Crawford.

At the Goines summer house, Jennifer recalls her time there. She states that the place has been preserved since it emerged from her mother’s wealth rather than her father, ensuring someone else owning the place. Jennifer spots the woman again as they enter her childhood room. Inside the bedroom are various disturbing drawings including the witness. Jennifer reveals that her mother hated them as she too was mentally disordered. Her mother, however, went further than Jennifer and tried to drown the young Jennifer as a child in the bathtub. After that, her father had the woman committed, the same old woman she keeps seeing. At this revelation, Cassie also confides in Jennifer that her own mother died when she was ten. Jennifer remarks that neither one of them got to say goodbye to their mothers.

Back in 2044, Deacon plans with his army to take on the Foreman before Cole and Ramse arrive. They state that they spotted an anomaly outside the base near the Foreman and need to check it out for Jones. Deacon eventually agrees to join them on the drive.

With Jennifer seeing the visions again, the two go over Jennifer’s old drawings to see connections to any primaries. Jennifer recognizes one drawing related to a man named Kyle Slade who was likely a primary. Cassie recognizes another drawing referring to Fear City, otherwise known as New York in the 1970’s. Cassie then suggests for Jennifer to take her pills as a reward for finding information, but they are interrupted by the arrival of the Pallid Man. He reveals that the date is actually 1975, where they have or will confront each other again. He and a follower point guns at the two, forcing them to surrender. Cassie instead fights back, threatening to shoot Jennifer and ruin their plans to kill primaries. However, the Pallid Man correctly assumes that Cassie does not have the nerve to kill someone like Jennifer. The two women are then taken.

Pallid Man: We sent 2 Messengers there after him…will send. It’s all this time travel…It’s tricky to follow…rewarding when you do.

Cole, Ramse, and Deacon ride a military vehicle outside of the base. Deacon once again denounces Ramse for his role in the plague, claiming that his kill list is larger than his own ever was. Deacon also questions why Cole left the West 7 for Ramse, but Cole replies that it was out of loyalty, something Deacon never understood. Deacon instead waits for the lab to provide a world better than the one they have now.

The Pallid Man arrives to tell Olivia of his acquisition of Jennifer and Cassie. However, he believes that he should be the one to confront the two. Olivia still takes charge and confronts the women. She orders Jennifer to be taken out as she continues Cassie’s immersion from earlier by forcing her to drink the tea. Cassie, however, proves to be more defiant by stating that if she sees the Witness she will gladly tell him how she delayed the virus and took out most of his messengers. Olivia slaps Cassie before her visions begin.

Jennifer is taken by her old friend before she slams her head against the woman to escape. As she runs, she then spots a large map labelled “Word of the Witness.” On the map are multiple markings with various names and images including notes for James Cole, Cassandra Raily, Thomas Crawford, Kyle Slade, and Jennifer Goines. To her surprise, her name also declares the time of her death to be September 23, 2044.

In 2044, Cole, Ramse, and Deacon search a seemingly abandoned facility for the anomaly. There, Deacon finds the Foreman. When he tries to shoot, however, he finds his gun empty of ammunition. Deacon then sees that Cole and Ramse have betrayed him to the Foreman. They leave him to be taken down by one of his enemies.

Olivia guides Cassie through the red forest where she enters the cabin. There, she spots the Witness for herself. Suddenly, his appearance shifts, and she finds herself seeing a burnt image of Aaron. Before they can go further, Olivia is interrupted by loud music, a distraction from Jennifer. While Olivia searches for the noise, Jennifer comes to rescue Cassie. With Cassie secured, Jennifer then confronts Olivia for trying to hurt her friend. Olivia tries appealing to Jennifer, stating that she always saw Jennifer as a daughter. Jennifer recognizes the emotion but states that, unlike her real mother, she can say goodbye to Olivia. She stabs the woman and pushes her into an empty pool before escaping with Cassie.

At the lab, Jones rebukes Cole and Ramse for sending Deacon to die. The men still believe it was for the good of the base. Suddenly, the two hear footsteps in the hall and witness a bloodied Deacon walking towards them. He reveals that he fought and killed the Foreman and barely escaped with his life and their weapons, including a knife that once belonged to his brother. However, he states as long as Cole and Ramse didn’t tell his man, he won’t say anything about it as well. He then hands the weapons over to Ramse, a sign of respect to Ramse’s plot. Before he leaves, Deacon also requests that Cole pick up some whiskey the next time he splinters to the past.

The Pallid Man then comes to Olivia who remains alive but otherwise paralyzed. Instead of helping the woman, however, he remarks how this is now his chance to take charge as he goes to the Witness. With this new development, the Witness allows him to take charge, stating that it is the man’s birthright.

Cassie waits at the hotel bar before feeling an anomaly in the place. She quickly orders a whiskey before Cole arrives to see her. He’s surprised to see that she has remembered but is also surprised to know that she protected Jennifer. Cassie recognizes that the day was likely the older Jennifer’s way to help them connect and reveals the next location to try in New York 1975 to find Kyle Slade. 

However, she elects to stay and take care of Jennifer who is suffering a concussion after fighting the woman. Cole lets her stay before asking if anything else happened. Although Cassie recalls seeing Aaron in her vision, she doesn’t tell Cole. Cole, meanwhile, takes a bottle of whiskey for Deacon.

With the visions returning, Jennifer continues sketching images of Kyle Slade. In 1975, Kyle Slade recognizes that James Cole will finally come for him. 

Notes from 2044

  • Aaron makes a startling return in Cassie's vision. Was it just her mind playing tricks on her or does he have more to do with time than we realized?
  • Cassie apparently watched a documentary on the origins of hip-hop. Jennifer's right, she is full of surprises!
  • The Word of the Witness contains various markings about the past and future, including a reference to the phrase "These Arms of Mine" which also happens to be the season one finale title!
  • Jennifer's death will apparently be on September 23, 2044.

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