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The Geekcap: Arrow "Monument Point"

In Kalingrad, Russia, the military finds that their warheads are being armed beyond their control. Lyla informs the team on Rubicon’s systems. Designed by Amanda Waller herself, it overrides nuclear codes and is nearly unhackable. The team now has only twenty-one hours before a nuclear destruction. Oliver believes that Felicity can break through it, but Felicity believes that there is someone more qualified for this protocol: Noah Cuttler, her father. Despite her misgivings, she searches for his location after his escape from Iron Heights to hope for help, though even Diggle is against the idea of trusting another evil plan. Oliver, meanwhile, asks for Diggle to help search the city for a nexus chamber. With the massive amounts of death, Damian Dahrk can only gain more power. By finding the nexus chamber in Star City, they can hopefully stop his power should that happen.

On the island, the military and prisoners are attacking each other in chaos. Oliver and Taiana search through Reiter’s files and find a location that could take them off the island. They quickly run for the spot.

In the underground city, Thea is stuck guarded by ghosts before being interrupted by Malcolm Merlyn. She asks why this is happening when Malcolm explains that Dahrk is planning Genesis. The world is facing extinction, but he found a way to secure his and Thea’s safety there. Thea, obviously, questions his sense in letting the world die, but Malcolm believes it’s the world that is crazy. Thea also asks about Alex who Malcolm reveals was conditioned by Ruve for his assistance. Thea then demands to see Alex in exchange for some brief compliance.

Thea: Predictability is your flaw, too. Every time my life starts to suck, you show up.

Lance arrives at the loft to visit Donna. Donna, however, reveals she found a file at his house while she was visiting. The file, he states, will help him argue for his badge back, but Donna sees that he would have to state that he did not know that Laurel was the Black Canary. Lance tries to explain that it’s a complicated procedure. Donna, however, only sees it as a lie. She remarks that after loving a man who only lied, Lance was supposed to be someone different and reveals that she loves him. Lance replies in kind but doesn’t answer about the file.

In Dahrk’s lair, he recruits Murmur and Brick for a mission. After helping them escape Iron Heights, he wants them to show their appreciation by tracking down one person who could stop Rubicon: the Calculator. Oliver and Diggle search the area located by Felicity but find it empty. Through surveillance footage, they find that Cuttler escaped an attack from Brick and Murmur.

Meanwhile, the underground town is infiltrated by Anarky who is looking to kill Damian Dahrk.
Although they couldn’t find Cuttler before, Felicity finds that he did survive and connects some of his coding through the name Ravenspur. In addition to that, she finds through his work some possible connections to Damian Dahrk in a few possible spots for Oliver and Diggle to search.

On the island, one of the soldiers state that Reiter has given them new orders by radio, revealing Reiter to be alive. Oliver then orders Taiana to help the people escape the island while he stops Reiter. Taiana refuses to leave without Oliver, but Oliver responds that she said it takes a monster to kill a monster. Only he can kill Reiter while she must ensure the people’s safety.

Donna tells Lance that she is going to meet Felicity. Lance, however, gives her the file he just signed. It reads the same except for the end which provides a statement from Lance revealing that he knew about Laurel’s identity. Although Lance fears he will never see his badge again, Donna replies that she is proud of him for doing the right and that Laurel would have been proud as well.

Felicity arrives at her office to be greeted by Mr. Dennis, one of the members of the board. He’s come to discuss her recent avoidance of work, but she is too distracted with the threat of a nuclear attack. When Donna arrives, Felicity quickly sends Dennis out to get to work. She asks Donna about Ravenspur which Donna reveals is a cabin located in Cyprus Cove. She and Cuttler spent time there before, and Donna reveals not so subtly that it was also the place that Felicity was conceived. Donna worries that Felicity is doing something related to Cuttler, but Felictiy tries to reassure her that she’s okay. Felicity then hugs Donna out of fear of what could happen.

Oliver and Diggle search a location for the nexus chamber. In the meantime, Oliver informs Diggle that Lyla is worried about him, believing that Diggle is still shaken after shooting Andy in defense. Oliver rebukes Diggle for lying to Lyla, though Diggle feels that Oliver is in no position to comment against his lie. Oliver, however, states that he is in the position to comment on how harmful lying can be to a relationship and advises Diggle to tell the truth on Andy’s death. Felicity then calls Oliver to inform him that Cuttler is in a cabin in Cyprus Cove.

At the cabin, Cuttler is quickly met with Brick and Murmur. He tries to escape using his own shotgun but is eventually cornered. Brick offers him a fighting chance by offering a gun, a game that Cuttler recognizes from Iron Heights. In an instant, Cuttler is saved when Oliver and Diggle arrive and fight. Felicity takes her father in a getaway van, and the group head to the lair.

In the lair, Felicity quickly informs Cuttler of the situation and quickly orders him to decode Rubicon. Cuttler surprisingly agrees to help for the sake of saving himself from the world’s destruction. However, he states that he cannot do the act on their server and requires the system at Palmer Tech. Unfortunately, when Felicity arrives to her office, she is then escorted out by Dennis and security officers. The board has voted her out of position following her decision to almost give away the bio-implant.
Thea finally confronts Alex who is helping to organize people in the town. She tries to convince him of the situation, but he truly believes that he is helping the new world. Thea states that he is just brainwashed, but her beseeching is interrupted by Malcolm. He states that Anarky has been spotted in the dome heading to the CO2 center. If he were to tamper with the machines there, he could effectively suffocate everyone there. Against her better judgement, Thea must work with Malcolm to save innocent lives.

With Felicity fired, the team has no choice but to sneak into the building and steal the system themselves. Oliver shadows the security officers while Felicity and Cuttler sneak into her office and Curtis’s lab. In the midst of this, however, Cuttler chooses to discuss his relationship with Felicity. He states that, even despite his criminal acts, he understands that he was a bad father. Felicity continuously interrupts him out of a desire to finish the heist. Unfortunately, she trips an alarm, forcing her and Cuttler to quickly escape after copying the data. They escape in a getaway car driven by Lance whom Cuttler recognizes as the man who arrested him.

On the island, Oliver confronts Reiter who survived thanks to the power of the idol. Oliver tries to fight back but is powerless to his magic.

Under the dome, Thea and Malcolm track Anarky. Since Malcolm cannot trust Thea with weapons, he gives Thea the opportunity to confront Anarky with their previous experiences. She connects with Anarky, revealing that she was the one who burned him and understanding his desire to kill Dahrk. However, she draws the line on sacrificing the innocent lives under the dome. Before Anarky can do anything, he is shot by Malcolm. Thea rebukes Malcolm from ruining her appealing to him, but Malcolm points out the explosives, proving that Anarky was planning to bomb the area with or without Thea.

The team take the data to the Star City Data Center to hopefully hack into Rubicon. Diggle and Felicity work to secure the area while Oliver, as the Green Arrow, keeps an eye on Cuttler. Cuttler recalls to him the fact that he lived two lives with his family, one as a father and one as a hacker. Felicity saw only the criminal. Cuttler remarks that the Green Arrow would likely be a man who knew about dual lives. Oliver plainly responds that in his experiences dual lives never work. Cuttler makes it through the system, but he shortly finds that their location has been transmitted. An army of ghosts will shortly arrive to eliminate them. Oliver, Diggle, Lyla, and several ARGUS agents then fortify the center to fight the ghosts after Lyla receives orders from the president. With no time to lose, Felicity works with Cuttler to work into Rubicon.

Lyla: The fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys in Halloween costumes.

On the island, Oliver is nearly killed by Reiter, only to be saved by a returning Taiana. She shoots Reiter, providing a distraction for Oliver to fight. He orders her to grab the idol for them to escape. Taiana takes the idol, and Oliver sets off a grenade. After the explosion, Reiter once again survives.

Back under the dome, Thea returns to the house only to find Alex slumped over in the backyard. Anarky appears but states that Alex is not dead. He then questions why she continuously allows herself to be at the mercy of powerful men. The two then begin to fight just as a fight commences at the Data Center. In the midst of Thea’s fight, however, Alex awakens to see Thea in danger. To set an example, Anarky kills Alex to free Thea. Thea, in her rage, manages to defeat Anarky but comes to terms with Alex’s death.

Oliver and Diggle fight against the ghosts with Oliver narrowly beating Brick. Murmur, however, makes his way inside and shoots at Felicity and Cuttler. Cuttler manages to shield Felicity from the bullet while Oliver stops Murmur. Fortunately, Felicity and her father managed to stall the nukes for twenty-four hours before Rubicon continuously rewrites nuclear codes, forcing Cuttler and Felicity to manually overwrite them. Moreover, Felicity notices that all but one of the nukes had been stalled. 

That nuke is headed for Monument Point. Lyla then orders an evacuation but recognizes that there is not enough time to secure all the people. However, Oliver notices that City Hall has already been evacuated due to a gas leak. Diggle deduces that Dahrk wanted Ruve to win the election to secure the actual location of city hall which may be the location of the nexus chamber.

On the island, Oliver and Taiana continue to escape only to have Taiana stop. Her eyes glow with the idol’s power, worrying Oliver.

Felicity works to try and stop the missile in the air with limited time. With her father’s help, she figures that instead of fruitlessly attempting to break the system, she can instead change the location. Unfortunately, the new location is the nearby town of Havenrock. According to Lyla, the casualty total would be up to tens of thousands. Lyla tries to reassure Felicity that Monument point would have meant millions, but Felicity still feels guilty over the massive loss of life.

At the end, Oliver and Diggle make their way to City Hall. They find a secret entrance underneath the building and find the nexus chamber. There, Dahrk absorbs new power from the deaths of thousands.

Arrow Notes

  • Felicity's getting a little meta herself by referencing Brick as "last year's greatest hits"!
  • Monument Point is actually a location in DC Comics outside Washington D.C. It was later adopted as a town by the Justice Society.
  • In addition, Havenrock might also refer to Havencroft, a suburb outside the city of Monument Point.
  • The vision of Taiana is featured in this episode as the idol takes hold of her.
  • Could the Russian military actually have more connection to the city than we thought?  

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