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The Geekcap: Arrow "Lost in the Flood"

Oliver and Diggle attempt to shoot Damian Dahrk, but the arrows and bullets dissolve on his body. Dahrk quickly flings them aside and causes the cave to collapse around them. He keeps them alive only for them to experience the destruction of the world after he regains control of Rubicon. Fortunately, Oliver and Diggle escape the rubble.

In the underground city, Thea continues to mourn over Alex’s body. She then finds a phone on his body and quickly messages to Felicity. Malcolm returns with some ghosts to the house to see Alex dead and asks about what happened to Anarky. She turns to see that Anarky has disappeared when she went to see Alex. With Anarky gone, the ghosts and Malcolm take Thea back into the house to ensure she won’t try anything rash.

Back at the loft, Felicity watches a news report on the destruction of Havenrock. Behind her, her father Noah Cuttler turns off the television and insists that they focus on trying to stop Rubicon after they bought themselves twenty-four hours. In the panic, Felicity hugs her father than quickly tries to get to work. However, they are interrupted by Curtis who came to talk to Felicity about the Havenrock destruction. She introduces him to her father whom Curtis recognizes as a man wanted by the FBI. In the rush, Felicity brings Curtis aboard to work on the Rubicon problem with Cuttler after she receives the message from Thea. She leaves to inform the team.

Curtis: You make so much more sense now!

Meanwhile, in a secret lair, Dahrk reunites with his wife as they discuss getting back the Rubicon system. Dahrk assures her that they have it under control by recruiting another escaped prisoner: Cooper Seldan, Felicity’s ex-boyfriend. However, Dahrk also realizes that they have the additional threat of Anarky in the underground city.

The team reunites in the lair where Lance questions what has been happening. Felicity informs him on the Rubicon system as well as Thea’s message. Oliver and Diggle unfortunately inform them that Dahrk appears to be unstoppable. Fortunately, Felicity uses Thea’s message to track the location to somewhere near the Glades. Oliver and Diggle move to find Thea, advising Lance to stay behind and give the city someone to watch over them.

On the island, Oliver and Taiana keep running with the idol. Taiana questions Oliver’s look of fear when he admits that her eyes began glowing just like Reiter’s, hinting that she may be contracting the idol’s power. Before they can go further, Reiter’s soldiers begin shooting against them. Oliver ducks for cover, but they hit Taiana directly. However, Taiana appears to have survived the shots, giving Oliver the opportunity to fire back at the soldiers. After the soldiers’ death, Taiana absorbs more power, finding that she enjoys the rush.

Back under the dome, the ghosts have Thea strapped to a chair. Malcolm warns against her acting defiant in the town. She once again refuses Malcolm’s orders, leading Malcolm to try other methods to ensure her compliance.

Oliver and Diggle reach the location but find that there is nothing there but an empty street. Diggle then reminds them that whatever is in that area should be relatively new considering Dahrk’s plan. Oliver spots a new sewer cover which actually leads to an underground tunnel. Felicity remarks that there were no plans for this system in the city files, but Oliver reminds them that Dahrk had control over city officials. Oliver and Diggle follow the tunnel to the underground town. There, Ruve advises Malcolm to deal with the Anarky problem, as well as the new arrivals of the Green Arrow and Spartan.

At the lair, Felicity loses the signal to Oliver and Diggle and receives a text message from Curtis advising her to come back to the loft. When she returns, she finds her mother has arrived and is now locked in argument with Cuttler. Donna says that she has been calling Felicity endlessly with no reply and wants an explanation for why she was with her father. Felicity tries to tell her something, leading Donna to believe that she is pregnant. However, Felicity then informs her that the world is in danger, and she needs Cuttler to save it. When Donna questions how she can do this, Felicity reveals that she has worked with the Green Arrow for the past three years. Under limited time, Donna stays as Felicity continues to work with her father.

In the underground town, Oliver and Diggle split up to look for Thea. Oliver eventually locates the house by spotting Alex’s body. He enters and finds Thea strapped to the chair. As soon as he sets her free, she attacks him and pulls a gun towards him, threatening to shoot. Malcolm arrives with the ghosts to take Oliver in, but Diggle returns just in time to offer Oliver and himself a chance to run. Diggle wonders what happened to Thea, but Oliver explains it was the yellow pills. Malcolm had likely drugged Thea to keep her docile and sent her against them. In the chaos, they escape into another house. Unfortunately for them, a family is present inside, and Ruve announces to the citizens to apprehend and kill the vigilantes.

On the island, Taiana becomes more wrapped into the power of the idol as she begins to understands Reiter’s motivation. She remarks that he wanted revenge for his village’s destruction just as she has a village she wants to protect of her own that is run by a government strong arm named Kovar. Oliver tries to assure her that they will return her to Russia if they can save the others, just as her brother would have wanted them to do.

Ruve implores Malcolm to find the vigilantes as Dahrk orders Cooper to find Rubicon. Felicity and Cuttler work against Cooper when Curtis comes up with an idea. Instead of trying to shut Rubicon down, they can flood it with too many access requests thereby shutting it down. Cuttler argues against it, saying that they need a better idea besides brute force, but Donna argues that they might as well try, believing it to be a creative choice. They begin to argue leading Donna to mention how he abandoned his family, but Cuttler reveals that she didn’t give him a choice in the matter. Before they can explain, Felicity loses control of her systems as Cooper activates her old virus to work into her computer. Cuttler recognizes the virus pattern, revealing that he kept track of Felicity from time to time, and begins to work against it. Cooper sends electrical surges to disrupt the loft, but it gives Felicity the opportunity to work back to his location. Curtis counters the attack, sending the surges back at Cooper and effectively destroying Rubicon. Cuttler congratulates Felicity, which leads to a disappointed Donna.

Under the dome, Oliver and Diggle quiet the family to stop them from turning them in to the ghosts. Diggle tries to force them into being quiet, but Oliver stops them, believing they are not in their right minds. One of the members actually responds that none of them have taken the pills. They chose to follow Damian Dahrk since the world has become an awful place while Dahrk provides hope for a future. The family questions how the Green Arrow with his hood and his weapons could inspire the same.
On the island, Oliver and Taiana fight off the soldiers with their deaths providing her with more power. Oliver then spots a wounded man and asks Taiana for help to carry him. Taiana, however, offers to kill him instead. She says since the man will only slow them down, they may as well kill him to make her stronger.

Back at the loft, Felicity finds Donna folding clothes in a bedroom. After seeing Felicity with her father, Donna finally reveals the truth about what happened. While Donna led Felicity to believe that he father left, Donna had, in fact, took Felicity and herself away from Cuttler. She states that she could not trust Cuttler to change his criminal ways and wanted to protect Felicity. Felicity, though surprised at the reveal, hugs Donna and assures her that she could never lose her.

Oliver and Diggle then tie up the family as Oliver ponders how Dahrk could inspire the innocent better than he could. Suddenly, the place is ambushed by Malcolm, Thea, and more ghosts. Diggle fights against the ghosts while Oliver is forced to fight his sister. Oliver tries to appeal to Thea, reminding her that she is stronger than this just as he’s seen of her every day in the field. Before Malcolm can kill Diggle, Thea arrives to shoot a dagger from his hand. The three corner Malcolm when Anarky appears on the screen. He reveals that he now has Ruve and her daughter held captive in the center base, and, unless Dahrk should surrender, he will kill the two and destroy the base. Malcolm warns the team that if Anarky had access to materials that could kill everyone under the dome, forcing the group to work together. Oliver states that his team will fight Anarky while Malcolm evacuates the people. Malcolm argues that the world outside could be destroyed by a nuclear holocaust by now, but Oliver maintains hope that the world is safe.

Oliver: I have hope.

Back on the island, Oliver fights Taiana for her gun, refusing to let her kill an innocent man. She demands the man’s power and tosses Oliver aside to snap the man’s neck.

The team make their way to the facility to fight Anarky who reveals that the base is powered by a dwarf star alloy. One stray shot could bring down the entire dome. Oliver and Thea nevertheless take aim and fire, causing explosions throughout the facility and the dome. Anarky then stabs Ruve and proceeds to fight the team. In the chaos, the people of the dome and Anarky escape, but Oliver goes to rescue Ruve’s daughter. When he goes back for Ruve, she dies after making him promise to protect her daughter. The team ultimately escapes the dome just as it creates a giant chasm in the middle of Star City. Felicity finally makes contact with Oliver who informs them that everyone is safe, but the city still needs saving.

On the island, Oliver takes the idol and finally gives Taiana an ultimatum. If she wants the idol, she needs to kill him. However, they are interrupted by Reiter, who is eager to kill both of them.
Dahrk remains alone in his lair after the loss of Rubicon and his family. Malcolm arrives to inform him that the channels are down due to Anarky, but Dahrk asks about gaining control of Rubicon. Malcolm reminds him that even if they took back the nuclear weapons, there would be no safe reserve for survivors. Dahrk, however, just wants the world to burn.

Donna finally confronts Cuttler on the events. Though he has proven helpful and honest in his care for their daughter, she orders him to leave since he is still a danger to Felicity. He accepts her decision and leaves the loft.

Curtis then talks to Felicity regarding Donna and Cuttler. Felicity informs him that Donna left Cuttler because he lived a dangerous life that she didn’t think he would change. Curtis remarks that the situation is similar to her own relationship with Oliver since she left Oliver because she didn’t think he could change. Suddenly, the group is interrupted by the appearance of Damian Dahrk who demands a favor from Felicity. 

Arrow Notes

  • The name Kovar is an interesting Easter Egg. It's the surname of the former Teen Titan Red Star! Could he be in Russia?
  • The dwarf star alloy, the material that makes up Ray Palmer's ATOM suit, makes an appearance once again.

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