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The Geekcap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Spacetime"

In an alley outside a grocery store, a homeless man named Charlie whittles a wooden bird next to a small fire. A man comes out of the store to address him, saying that he can’t stay there since they are about to open. Charlie packs up his things but casually asks the owner if there was a job available for him. The owner refuses to hire him and says that the best thing he can do now is clear out for the customers. However, he has a soft spot and attempts to offer Charlie money for some breakfast. Charlie desperately tries to ward him off, but the man touches Charlie’s hand and begins convulsing to Charlie’s horror. In the midst of it all, the man begins begging for “Daisy” to save him and states that this is where he dies.

On the Zephyr One, the team tracks emergency calls to the police, much the surprise to Lincoln, when they come across the same man begging the officers to bring him Daisy Johnson to protect him from Hydra. Since Daisy does not recognize the man, whose name is Edwin Abbott, they rush to the scene to find out what happened. When they arrive, Edwin quickly latches to Daisy as she introduces herself to the police. Daisy asks him how he knows her name, but he responds that he heard it just now. He then warns her that Hydra is going to attack, stating that he heard someone calling it out in the future. Daisy’s confused at his ravings, but Edwin points out that this happened because of Charlie, who’s still out by the alley. Suddenly, a Hydra ship appears onto the scene. SHIELD and the police shoot at the plane, but it lowers closer into the alley. Edwin looks to Daisy to protect him since this is where he was going to die, but he is then shot by a rogue bullet and dies instantly. Daisy quickly realizes that Charlie must be an Inhuman, one that Hydra is after, and rushes to the alley. She’s too late to stop another claw from capturing Charlie, but she touches his hand in the last instant and sees a vision for herself. In the vision, she sees a crying woman, Fitz and Simmons holding hands in the snow, Lincoln with blood covering his head, Daisy fighting people in a security room, Coulson shooting towards her, and finally, Charlie lying next to her on the ground as a wooden bird falls. 

When Daisy comes to, she sees the team and the wooden bird, realizing that she saw the future.
At the Hydra base, Malick shares a meal with the new and improved Hive who has rejuvenated since sacrificing the innocent victims. Malick remarks on the new look, but the Hive is more curious as to why Malick went to the trouble. Malick states that his ancestors have long since awaited the Inhuman’s return, but the Hive sees through that statement. With billions of dollars and plenty of industry at his disposal, Malick could have anything he wanted. Hive deduces that what the man truly wants is power. He states that with Charlie’s help, they intend to seize that power, utilizing Coulson’s disembodied robotic hand from Maveth.

Lincoln: I never saw the original Terminator.
Coulson: You're off the team.

Back at the Playground, the team reconfigure to try and interpret Daisy’s vision. They are unsure as to how and why any of the events occur with each debating whether or not the future can be changed. Fitz argues that since the human being in the third dimension (reality) cannot comprehend what happens in the fourth dimension (the future), it is set to happen as predicted. Meanwhile, Daisy is more determined to alter the future for the sake of saving Charlie, but May is less determined to focus on the future. Analyzing the situation, Coulson tries to come up with a strategy that involves keeping Daisy, who was at the center, out of the equation in favor of May, who was in none of them.

Coulson and Lincoln try to analyze information on Charlie with both of them remarking on the sense of time travel with things happening because they already happened. Lincoln states that since every Inhuman gains an ability based on a biological need, perhaps Charlie’s visions are meant to alter the future through Daisy. The two discover the man was Charles Hinton and find that he had a family. Lincoln warns Coulson that if the director did end up shooting Daisy, he would kill him.

Fitz and Simmons work with Daisy to try and determine the location of her visions as she remembers her moment with Charles. She believes she sees a staircase and a billboard with the location on the roof. Despite the confusion, she believes that whatever is supposed to happen is meant to happen that night. May interrupts the group and reprimands Daisy for trying to affect her future. Simmons confides in Daisy that she is trying to find Andrew. When Simmons questions May on whether they could change the future, May states that the only real feat would be changing the past.

The group is further interrupted when the team brings in a woman, Charles’s wife, the same woman from Daisy’s vision. She reveals that the two were married with an 18-month-old daughter before he walked out on them six months ago. She describes an instant where a while ago she heard him screaming and found him covered in some kind of crest. When she touched him, they both saw terrible visions, one in particular leading up to her mother’s death. Every time he came in contact with someone, he and the person would witness a death. While he would try his hardest to make a difference, every one of his visions would come true. Daisy then asks her about the wooden bird he carved which resembled a robin. His wife reveals that their daughter’s name was Robin, and he ultimately left because he would never be able to hold her without her screaming. His wife then begins to tear up, fulfilling the first part of Daisy’s vision.

Malick and Hive confront the board members at a company called Transia on Coulson’s hand. Malick recognizes the technology as similar to an exo-skeleton being created by the company and offers to buy out the company itself. The CEO immediately refuses it as a waste of his time, but the Hive steps in to convince him further. He forces Charles to touch the man, showing a vision of the board members with their flesh being seared before his eyes. The CEO, terrified of the vision, agrees to the terms if they would leave. The Hive still sucks the lives of the board regardless. He then suggests that Malick try on the exo-skeleton prototype, believing that Malick desires true power.

Daisy still believes that she is needed on the scene with the advantage of her powers and foresight. May then offers Daisy to help train her in predicting what will happen in the security office by choreographing what will happen. They perfectly time every officer’s movement, but they still remain out of practice with Fitz and Simmons being a less than perfect stunt team. Daisy grows less optimistic about the situation, believing that he powers would have helped.

Malick tries the skeleton out, finding that he enjoys the strength it gives him. The Hive then insists that Malick can feel more power by killing the CEO, feeling the life drain from the victim like Coulson did with him. Malick crushes the CEO’s skull.

The team continues to rehearse, though Fitz believes it’s pointless since Daisy is destined to go. Nevertheless, May and the team finally give a perfect time just as security finds the building for the Transia company. When May prepares to leave, the base is interrupted with the surprise return of Andrew who has surrendered himself to SHIELD. He states that he believes that Lash is taking over, and his next change will probably be his last. He wants to say goodbye to May.

With the new arrival, Coulson refuses to let May go to the field. With no other field agent, Daisy is forced to go with the request that everyone else stays behind to ensure a team. Fitz plans to take control of the security field to keep an eye on what’s happening, but Coulson still demands that the minute the mission is over that she returns to the base without trying to be a hero.

May confronts Andrew after placing the potential vaccine into Andrew’s I.V. Even Andrew recognizes the cure as a long shot, but he wants to reconnect with May regardless in these final moments. He believes that a little of Lash was always in Andrew and vice-versa, allowing him to be talked down by May initially. Still, he fears that his last change will force him out for good. He then offers himself to SHIELD, believing that despite his murderous actions that Lash was fighting for a higher purpose.

Coulson: For god's sake, Skye, come home.
Daisy: It's Daisy, sir.
Coulson: Dammit, Daisy. Right.

The group attempt to spy on the building to find Hydra. Right before the feed cuts off, however, they spot Ward still alive, though Fitz immediately understands what’s happening. Once the vaccine is fully taken, Andrew once again says to May that she was part of the best moments of his life. At Transia, Daisy, as rehearsed, fights off the security officers. Right before an officer shoots her from behind a one-way mirror, Coulson arrives to take him down, his reflection fulfilling the illusion of him shooting Daisy. Coulson abandons his demand that Daisy stay off the roof and instead orders her to rescue Charles who is being taken since the rest of the team must find Ward.

The Hive and Giyera sneak out of the building with the Hive stating that Hydra is to kill any SHIELD agents only if they are human. Fitz and Simmons remain outside the building, noting that there’s not a cloud in the sky to fulfill the vision of snow. Lincoln works to find Ward in the building while Daisy rushes to the roof.

May remains behind with Andrew, noting that Daisy, like the two of them, are trying to change the future. On the roof, Daisy finds Hydra forcing Charles onto a helicopter before being slammed by Malick and his exo-skeleton. She tries blasting him back with her powers but instead hits a billboard, causing it to ignite. Lincoln spots Ward but is quickly knocked out by Giyera telekinetically throwing a fire extinguisher. Andrew then makes his final transition into Lash as May looks on mournfully.

Malick beats Daisy mercilessly, but Charles stops him by giving him his own vision of the future. The distraction is enough for Daisy to blast Malick aside, but Charles is badly hurt. Daisy recognizes that instead of her saving him in the vision, he was meant to save him. She returns his wooden bird carving, and Charles reveals that he wanted to protect his daughter from his power but fears that she may one day have it herself. Daisy vows to protect his daughter before having a final vision of the future involving a crate, blood in the air, a cross necklace, someone in space, and an explosion. Fitz and Simmons finally realize that the snow in the vision was actually remnants from the smoldering billboard. Nevertheless, they hold hands.

At the Hydra base, the Hive plans to invade the space where the exo-skeleton is being manufactured, though the Hive states that is not their main goal. Malick then calls Giyera to remind him that he works for him. Giyera notes that for some reason, Malick seems scared.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

  • May: You're hurting my brain
  • May: (to Simmons) Fall down. Simmons: Oh, sorry.
  • Coulson: Yeah, day got weirder.
  • Simmons: I think we're supposed to hold hands now.

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