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The Geekcap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We open three months right now on a ship hovering above Earth. A monitor is beeping wildly with drops of water and blood, a crate, and a cross necklace floating in zero gravity. Once we see a SHIELD emblem on the sleeve on an unseen person, the entire ship is engulfed in flames

In present day Bogatá, Columbia, the police are transporting a cartel of weapons before being stopped by an invisible force that shatters their car windows. When they attempt to confront the force, their guns quickly vanish and seem to fire back. In a flash, the gun crates are gone. Unbeknownst to the police, the crate of guns is now in the hands of a Colombian woman, who’s wearing the same cross necklace.

Coulson and May take a look at Rosalind Price’s old place which still has the blood stain from her death. May consoles Coulson, knowing that it must be hard to come back, but Coulson simply states that they couldn’t be at their base for this meeting. In comes President Ellis who has become more interested in handling the Inhuman situations since even Fox News has kept talking about it. Coulson states that his team is doing something about it.

Back in Columbia, Daisy and Joey make their way through the Colombian police under the guise of officers exploring the new alien threat. Joey helps translate Spanish although he believes he’s not so good at projecting authority but states that it does remind him more of home such as times when his mother would cook on Sundays. The two speak to Colonel Ramon about the “alien” threat with Daisy reassuring the officer that they have a team ready to find the threat if it is indeed bad.

The President then gives Coulson the go-ahead to continue his mission with SHIELD all the while pretending that the organization doesn’t exist due to bad public memory. In the public eye, he will elect a new head of the ATCU to be the face of the administration’s response. Unfortunately, the President is less than helpful on Gideon Malick, saying that the man has built up too much power and influence to be taken down and he never had time to get inside his head. While May sees this as a loss, Coulson says he may have thought of a different method.

In Columbia, Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter investigate the scene of the crime, taking note of local protesters. Hunter says it doesn’t compare to the super-powered people where all it takes is a tainted fish taco to take out the police in less than four minutes. Bobbi notes that the police believe they were attacked by something invisible which Hunter finds fascinating though claims he wasn’t think of anything bad. He then remarks how even he tried a fish oil pill and hoped for x-ray vision, but of course, for nothing bad. When Mack looks at him oddly, Hunter responds that he was not the only one who thought about doing it. Bobbi, however, says that she only thought about it and didn’t do it, simply because “rehab’s a bitch.”

Back at the lab, Lincoln and Simmons help to create a new containment unit for the Inhumans based on the new powers that keep appearing. Although Simmons’s formulas are working fine, she still desires Fitz’s opinion and can’t seem to stop staring at him.

Mack discovers a trail of skid marks on the ground to explore. He traces the skid marks to the worn shoes of the Colombian women who spots him. In a flash, she takes his gun and, in two more, knocks him in the back of a truck. Mack then wakes up duct-taped in her bathroom as she argues with a relative about what to do next.

At the base, the team try to find where Mack is using surveillance footage that shows a mere glimpse of the woman in action running at approximately six meters per 1/13th second. Simmons begins modifying the containment unit despite having no way of getting her in one. When Simmons explains that the containment unit modifies itself based on the random Inhuman abilities, Lincoln actually responds that the powers are not random but an evolutionary necessity based on the moment a person gains abilities, or at least that’s how it was explained to him. Even though it may see random, there may actually be an intellectual design.

Coulson calls on Fitz to help him with a project and asks how Lincoln’s doing in the lab. Fitz remarks Lincoln has been helpful in explaining Inhuman biology to Simmons and keeping her occupied since Will’s death which Fitz still feels guilt for causing. Coulson responds that sometimes there is no choice but the hard choice, and that they both did what was necessary. Coulson fires up the brain machine and states that there is still one person out there who knows about Gideon Malcik, and they need to get inside his head.

The woman admonishes her relative to “get rid of the problem today” while she takes care of the complication in their bathroom. When she begins to question Mack, he attempts to make his escape by knocking her out but finds himself trapped when she slams the door before snapping back into place. He discovers that she can only speed back and forth “like a yo-yo” but still cannot beat her.
The team at the base then prepare to take Werner von Strucker under the machine. Simmons notes that with his limited brain activity, it doesn’t seem like it will be possible. Coulson is still adamant about trying to find a way to reach Malick.

Malick, in the meantime, is dealing with the situation in Columbia. Since Dr. Garner killed many of the Inhumans in stasis, they require a new way to replenish their stock for their new leader. Giyera has doubts since the being can barely stand at this point and hasn’t even spoken. A guard than says that the being has been asking for Malick. When Malick approaches the being, we see the emaciated near-death body of Ward who states that he’s hungry.

Mack is still held hostage by the woman who questions him knowing that he is not with the local police. While neither can properly understand the other, they eventually come to a crossroads when Mack states that she was the criminal who stole the weapons. She states that she is not a criminal and that her powers were a gift from el Dios, God. Mack replies that they were actually a gift from el pescado, fish. When she recalls that she was eating fish prior to her terrigenesis, she begins to believe Mack right before Daisy, Bobbi, and Hinter come to his rescue. With an expertly-timed shield, they manage to incapacitate the woman and bring her back to the base.

Simmons, Fitz, Lincoln, and Coulson attach Strucker to the machine which Simmons claims is dangerous on a normal subject. Although Lincoln is less excited about the situation that Coulson describes as less pleasant than losing his hand, they turn on the machine and start the process. Coulson tells Strucker to focus on Gideon Malick, but the boy starts having flashes to being beaten to near death.

The remaining team begin to investigate the woman whom they now know as Elena Rodriguez, a woman who worked a clerical job by day and took art classes by night. With no known record, they question why she was found stealing guns. Hunter points out that Dr. Garner was a fine therapist before turning into an Inhuman killer. Additionally, Bobbi also finds Elena’s cousin, the accomplice Mack spotted with her, also with no record. When Elena wakes up trapped in her containment unit, Joey attempts to communicate with her about the situation, but Mack is simply happy that she’s on the other end of being trapped.

The being in Ward eats a leg of raw meat while watching screens of a history of destruction. Giyera remarks that they believed him to be dead, but the creature responds that the body was dead. It then states that while the humans have advanced, they have not changed. Fortunately, Giyera is no longer human. It knows that Giyera does not believe in its power but states that once it’s strong enough, everyone will know.

Strucker’s case continues to worsen. As a last result, Coulson turns to Lincoln to help him restart part of his brain, even with the risk of frying his circuits. Against his better judgement, Lincoln kickstarts Strucker’s brain, allowing him to reach back to another memory about Malick, a secret location at the back of a pawn shop.

Joey tries to reason with Elena, stating that if they don’t protect her from the world, they must protect the world from her. Elena reveals that she believes her power was a gift from God to end the injustice to her people, and that she and her cousin only stole the weapons away from the police she calls thieves in uniform who only have power with their weapons. With her power, she protects others. When Bobbi and Hunter track Elena’s cousin dumping weapons into the harbor, the team believes Elena’s story. However, Bobbi, Hunter, and Elena’s cousin are caught by the Colombian police who have their own Inhuman as reinforcement. The Inhuman uses his power to freeze the group and murders Elena’s cousin as an example before taking the other two.

SHIELD manages to recover Elena’s cousin’s body, giving her a chance to grieve while the team come up with a new plan. Mack then reconciles with Elena, stating that he too goes by his faith that they are here to help people, and that her powers are part of a bigger plan. In honor of her cousin’s death and to work against the corrupt police, Elena agrees to help the team. For starters, Elena explains that her powers are connected to her pulse, and that she can only go as far as her heartbeat. With Elena on board, Mack and Daisy come up with a plan.

Using Elena’s powers, she sneaks a pass card away from a guard, giving the team access inside the building. Mack tracks Hunter and Bobbi in the building, utilizing a new incapacitating weapon much stronger than duct tape. Joey begins taking care of the weapons by turning them into modern art, and Elena and Daisy take care of the guards with Elena speeding their weapons and Daisy blasting them. Mack finds Bobbi and Hunter, but the other three have to face the man with medusa-eyes. Elena tags him before being paralyzed, Joey melts his glasses, and Daisy blasts him to the wall, giving the Secret Warriors an official win.

Coulson moves to the pawn shop to find a secret landline connecting to Malick. With the SHIELD technology, they manage to connect the line to various Hydra locations around the world, planning to shut them down. Hydra, however, still has some ideas as a ship manages to retrieve the medusa-eyes Inhuman from Columbia.

Despite the success, Elena refuses to stay on SHIELD, stating that she is needed more at home. While Joey tries to argue for her to stay as an Inhuman, she responds that she is also a Colombian, office manager, and daughter, and the people in Bogotá need her. Daisy believes that the team could still work across the world and convinces Coulson to allow Elena to return home with a communications watch should she or they need her. Elena apologizes to Mack for kidnapping him as the two say their goodbyes with Mack remarking “I’ll see you soon, Yo-Yo.”

Fitz later congratulates Simmons on her work, but Simmons blurts out that she misses them. Despite working together, there seems to be a chasm between them. Fitz remains guilty about Will’s death, but Simmons replies that Will died saving her on the alien planet with Fitz killing a creature. They agree to start over with their relationship as Simmons introduces herself as Jemma Simmons, bio-chemist and Fitz as Leopold Fitz, engineer. Lincoln and Daisy also have a moment as Lincoln talks to Daisy about her letting Joey return home. Daisy states that since the President had changed the duties of the ATCU, Lincoln can return to his normal life. Lincoln, however, says that he prefers staying with Daisy, and the two kiss.

May and Coulson also reconcile after the situation with Coulson displaying a new, realistic hand. Although it looks and feels real, Coulson states that it feels just like the others. Coulson wonders why he doesn’t feel any better after returning, but May states that she understands: he has joined the Calvary. The two then watch as one of Malick’s companies seems to be taking damage from their influence.

Malick himself is starting to feel doubt considering the loss Hydra has taken. The creature in Ward then notes that he wants to believe but is unsure if he can. As if responding to the question, the creature begins to show some of its power.

In the final scene, the President reveals to Coulson the new head of the ATCU: General Glenn Talbot.

Notable Quotes:

Mack “I’ll see you soon…Yo-Yo.”

Daisy “You’re my new best friend.”

Hunter “Tell me you didn’t try one of those little fish oil pills? I had my fingers crossed for x-ray vision.”

Elena “I’m the criminal?”
Mack “Yeah, you. Whoosh whoosh.”

Simmons "I miss you."

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