Friday, April 8, 2016

The Geekcap: Legends of Tomorrow "Progeny"

Rip approaches Rory who is still in captivity. He apologizes for forcing Snart to nearly kill him and asks that he forgets his anger at his former partner. Rory rejects his act and instead states that he wants to kill them both. Rip then reveals to the team that they are in the year 2147 where they are hoping to track Vandal Savage before a hostile takeover. With the United States now under a single unit known as the Kasnia Conglomeration since 2080, the team must infiltrate a corporate board meeting. Before they enter, the group takes a look at the 22nd century which Rip refers to as the world’s zen for about five years until a dictator named Per Dageton unleashes a devastating virus. Ray spots a variation of his ATOM suit flying and then stopping a criminal as an autonomous yet somewhat tyrannical robot.

At the board meeting, Rip sneaks into witness the meeting where the group discusses how to deal with the world outside the conglomeration. While the world is chaotic outside, they refuse to be wooed into chaos themselves, despite the edge of Vandal Savage among them. Rip trails Savage until he spots him talking to a young boy named Per Dageton, the same one who grows up to unleash the virus. Rip and Snart then deduce that the only way to save the future is to murder a child.

The team immediately has their own qualms about murdering a child with Snart and Rip arguing for the benefits. Rip states that there is no way they could alter the timeline which is set in motion after the Per Dageton’s father’s death. Once he unleashes a pandemic, he quickly conquers the remains of humanity, and once he achieves that, Savage kills him. Rip, however, downgrades their mission to simply kidnapping the boy which is not much better to some of the members. They plan to split up into a team to kidnap the boy while Ray plans to learn about his robotic technology.

In the midst of this plan, Kendra remembers back to 1920 with Carter. The two lived in marital bliss until Kendra feels that Savage is close to finding them. Carter offers to take some time off, but Kendra is insistent that they could be in danger. Suddenly, a small boy, their son, comes to see his father return home. He briefly asks what’s wrong when Kendra replies that everything is fine and that she loves both of them very much.

In their separate missions, Snart and Sara tail the boy surrounded by body guards while Ray, Jax, and Stein explore a museum. Snart and Sara successfully take out the body guards and kidnap the child while Ray learns that about the museum’s origins from his own great-great-great-great granddaughter. Ray is shocked that his technology will be used for destruction and even more surprised to know that he had a child. However, he then remembers that the last person he had relations with “ghosted” him before he left 2016, perhaps even having his child. Without a father, Ray believes, his family ended up creating technology for mayhem.

In another flash to the past, Kendra remembers her and Carter preparing to leave in 1920. Carter easily creates forgeries for them to leave town, but Kendra is left mourning the fact that they are leaving another life behind them. She regrets leaving a life and friends behind them for continuously looking over their shoulders for Vandal Savage forever, especially for the sake of their son. Carter reassures her that there is another thing that will last just as long: his love for her.

Sara, Snart, and Rip keep Per Dageton under sedative while contemplating their next move. Unfortunately, Rip finds through Gideon that removing the boy from the time line does not change Savage’s rise to power, and that killing him might be the only way to have an effect. Sara is wary about this and believes that Rip could make a difference by simply talking to the boy. After all, if someone like her with two trips to the League and bloodlust could change, so can a child. She then pays a visit to Rory, remarking that the situation of nearly killing a kid reminded her of him. Rory refuses to be lenient to anyone, but Sara still defends Snart since, in the end, he chose not to kill his partner. Rory merely responds that killing a child is not very hero-like.

Per Dageton’s father searches for his son, leading him to find the legends as people who do not register on a list fifty years old. Savage emerges and says they are not from this time, and they currently have his son. The father questions how could they know Per Dageton is still alive, but Savage replies that the legends are weak. At that moment, Rip nearly prepares to kill Per Dageton but simply wakes him up and takes him to another ship. He leaves without informing the team and cutting off their communication, preventing the team from stopping whatever he plans to do.

The team realizes that they would be unable to track Rip’s location and then question what Rip is planning. Ray doesn’t believe that Rip would kill a boy, but Stein is fearful what Rip would do for his son. Kendra has a final vision to the past when she remembers telling she and Carter telling their son the story of Vandal Savage and their reincarnated histories. Ray then asks her what she has been seeing when she reveals that she keeps seeing Carter. She then feels guilty over her relationship with Ray considering her old feelings for Carter. At this notion, Ray reveals that he likely left his own child in 2016 which led to the creation of robots that will eventually destroy the world. He fears that she will think less of him, but the two instead feel conflicted in their relationship. Sara, meanwhile, talks to Snart and tries to convince him to talk to Rory since he obviously feels guilty.

Rip finally brings Per Dageton to a lake where he talks about his son who he reveals to have been killed. Per Dageton realizes that he was brought there to be killed but remarks that Rip does not have the resolve to kill him. Rip eventually gives in and instead beseeches to the boy. If there was goodness inside him to spare the child, there must be some goodness in Per Dageton to become the man his father wants him to be.

Back at the Waverider, Savage’s forces led by Per Dageton’s father attack the ship, forcing the legends to fight back. Ray attempts to fight the robots but cannot master their advanced technology. Firestorm agrees to fight them off while Ray and Kendra shut them down from the source. Once Ray and Kendra arrive, however, they are encountered by his descendant who plans to have them arrested. Ray then reveals that he is his ancestor, only to have her reveal that her ancestor was Sidney Palmer, Ray’s brother who likely went to work for Felicity at his company and sold his technology. Kendra then beseeches to the woman that if she is indeed a Palmer, she will do what’s right. Together, they shut down the robots.

Stein: He's right. We have super powers.

At the fight, Savage holds Sara hostage to force the team to stop. However, Rip arrives with Per Dageton and demands an exchange. Against Savage and his son’s wishes, Per Dageton’s father agrees to the trade, the groups part ways. Snart finally goes to talk to Rory since everyone seems to want them to talk. Rory says that talking will not help the situation, so Snart agrees that the two should fight out their feelings.

Kendra and Ray then confront each other on their relationship. Ray reveals that he did not father a child with Kendra remarking on how much she loves that he never gives up. She ultimately states that they should continue their relationship, and that while Carter is her past, Ray is her future. At the Conglomerate, Savage then sets Per Dageton down the path to eventually murdering his own father and letting Savage take over Kasnia. Gideon reports to Rip that instead of years later, Per Dageton eventually spreads the pandemic in a matter of days. While he may have done the right thing in sparing a boy’s life, Rip still wonders whether it was worth the consequences.

Snart and Rory continue their fight. When Rory’s about to win, he suddenly stops, no longer desiring revenge on Snart. He then informs the team that since he was not able to retrieve Rip for the Time Masters, they will eventually send the Hunters. Once that happens, they are all doomed.

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