Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Geekcap: Supergirl "Better Angels"

Supergirl and Alex are forced into battle with Supergirl trying her hardest to reach to her sister. Unfortunately, she proves no match for Alex’s kryptonite weapons. Suddenly, a weak J’onn arrives with the women’s mother Eliza who beseeches her daughter. Hank protects Eliza’s mind, but Alex is still aiming to kill Supergirl. Eliza then states that Alex was always the strongest one of them, and her father would be proud to see the woman she became if he were alive. Her mother’s words are enough to shock Alex out of Myriad, surprising even Non and Indigo.

The group then return to Cat’s old station where they fill in Alex and Eliza on Supergirl’s plan: to broadcast a message of hope to inspire the people out of Myriad. Maxwell Lord theorizes that Supergirl’s message of hope can kickstart a part of the human brain to fight against Myriad’s programming, much like Alex breaking through after hearing her mother. Supergirl proclaims to the city that while their loved ones may be in danger, while an evil force is out to steal their free will, while they have no idea if they can win, they must maintain hope. For someone like her who has lost everything she lost, Supergirl says, they need to hope. The group then infiltrate the broadcast signal to have the message play throughout National City’s stations and even phones. One by one, the city breaks free of Myriad’s control thanks to Supergirl’s message. Non and Indigo, meanwhile, plot a new plan outside of Myriad, one that involves the destruction of the entire human race that Supergirl now protects.

Supergirl: Now, in each and everyone of you, there is a light — a spirit — that can not be snuffed out. And won’t give up. I need your help again. I need you to hope.

National City returns to normal as Kara, James, and Winn return to work at Catco. Winn first apologizes for the things he had said, but Kara understands that he had no control over what he said. Jimmy also confronts Kara on what happened right before, when they kissed. Kara immediately feels distressed at kissing him without his free will, but Jimmy reveals that he was aware of what happened. Before they can go further, Cat interrupts them to return to work.

Back at the DEO, Lucy and the agents clean up the residue from the fight with Supergirl. General Lane arrives to ascertain Superman’s condition since he is now being kept at the DEO. Lucy states that they will keep him until he comes to, like they are taking care of J’onn. General Lane, however, states that they will now take J’onn into custody since he is still a fugitive from the agency. Lucy argues against this decision, believing it to be a similar form of hatred the Kyrptonians had for the humans, but General Lane is adamant to lock up the Martian. Lucy then speaks to J’onn, who ultimately agrees with the general’s decision since he ultimately understands a father’s desire to protect his daughter.

Alex cleans up her lab with Supergirl’s help when they are visited by Eliza. She asks Alex what was the real reason for Alex and J’onn’s visit. Alex reveals to her mother that Jeremiah is actually alive. Once the coast is clear, Alex plans to search for him in Project Cadmus with J’onn. However, Lord then arrives to deliver less comforting news. With reports of several citizens getting headaches, Lord discovers that the Myriad wave is still active. If left to grow as it is, the wave will eventually grow to take out every one on the planet.

The DEO work to track the source of Myriad’s wave with Lord calculating that they have only four hours before destruction. Whatever the risk it may be, Supergirl states that she will fight Non and Indigo to take out Myriad. Lord, however, admits that without any allies on her side, the feat might end up being a suicide mission. Supergirl, nevertheless, accepts her fate so long as Lord not disclose this information to Alex.

Back at Catco, Kara then speaks to Winn, stating that she is thankful for him always being by her side in both her first day of work and her first day as Supergirl. She’s then called in by Cat where she tells her boss that she was always a role model for being one of the kindest people she knew in the midst of a prickly exterior. Cat immediately questions if something is wrong with Kara, but Kara maintains that she’s simply seizing the day. James then talks to Kara in desire to finish their conversation from earlier. Kara, however, refuses to talk further about their kiss, stating that these interruptions prove they likely were not meant to be. She then leaves without offering him any further argument.

Cat: Okay, so that was either my eulogy, or your dictated 

suicide note. Is there something you need to tell me?

Supergirl returns to the DEO where she then speaks to J’onn. She dislikes the agency locking up J’onn, but he’s more concerned about why she’s acting this way. He had heard James talking to Lucy about her behavior. Supergirl then confides in J’onn about the mission, believing she is not likely to return home. Since she never had a chance to say goodbye to those she cares about on Krypton, she’s taking her time with the ones she loves on Earth.

The DEO tracks the wave to Nevada where General Lane reveals is the location of Fort Rozz, the same place as its original discovery. The general states that rather than attempt to move a giant alien ship, they merely activated its concealment programming to hide it. Supergirl plans to head to the location before J’onn announces that he will accompany her. General Lane objects to the fugitive’s help, but J’onn insists as an ally to Supergirl and the DEO. After J’onn easily breaks through his restraints, the two leave with Supergirl refusing to say goodbye to Alex. If she said goodbye to her, she would never leave.

The two arrive at Fort Rozz and are confronted by Non and Indigo. Non states that the other Kyrptonians have been placed in pods preparing for the journey off of Earth while they shall destroy Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter. The four fight as the rest of the city begin to suffer under Myriad’s wave. Indgio manages to stab J’onn, but the Martian is able to rip Indigo in two. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Non face off, eventually leading to a standoff with their heat vision. Supergirl unleashes her full power and overcomes Non, leaving him on the ground. However, the remaining half of Indigo reveals that since Fort Rozz is unable to launch, they cannot stop the wave.

With no other options and little time left, Supergirl informs Alex back at the DEO that she plans to fly Fort Rozz outside Earth’s atmosphere to save the planet. Alex warns her that outside the atmosphere, Supergirl may not be able to return. Supergirl insists that there is no other way and asks Alex to tell Jeremiah when she finds him that everything she did as Supergirl was made possible because she knew the Danvers. With great effort, Supergirl lifts the massive prison over the planet and tosses it into space, losing consciousness as she drifts out of the atmosphere. At the last instant, a pod, Kara’s pod that brought her to Earth, rescues her, piloted by Alex.

Supergirl wakes up in the DEO with Alex delivering the good news that she had saved the world to the adulations of the agents. General Lane comes to inform her that the president herself has also given J’onn a full pardon and reinstated his position as head of the DEO. Upon seeing Lucy’s disappointment on losing her work at the DEO, J’onn announces that, instead, he will plan to work with Lucy, refusing to keep anymore secrets. Secretly, however, General Lane gives Lord the Omegahdon, the power source to Fort Rozz.

Alex: You're not the only badass in the family.

At Catco, Kara chats with Clark, who is otherwise fine despite a massive hangover. He proclaims he is proud of her when Cat suddenly stops in with a box and starts packing Kara’s things. Kara at first tries to find out what she did wrong, but Cat leads her to a new larger office. Cat admits that Kara has been her best assistant for the past two years and reveals that she will now have a position in the company. When Kara asks what she will do, Cat responds that she could present a plan for her future for them to discuss before finally pronouncing her name correctly.

The group including Winn, Alex, J’onn, and Eliza head to Kara’s apartment where they celebrate Kara’s victory. They start to set the table where Eliza sets another place for Jeremiah when he shall return. James then arrives to present Kara with his favorite picture of her: one of her as just Kara. The two then kiss before Alex requests that Kara do the champagne “trick,” using her strength to squeeze the cork out of the bottle. Before they can drink, however, the group spot a flaming figure hurtling toward the city. Kara and J’onn immediately fly out to examine it, only to find another Kryptonian pod. Kara opens the pod and is shocked at what she finds.


  • With Project Cadmus still a presence and another Kryptonian pod on Earth, could we be hinting at the appearance of Superboy?
  • Also, Fort Rozz may have been sent flying into space, but the prisoners are still on the loose!

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